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Why You Need to Take 50 Coffee Meetings

Both Sides of the Table

50 coffee meetings. It should stick in your head as a metaphor for networking. For getting outside of your comfort zone. For starting relationships today that won’t pay off for a year. It’s the entrepreneur’s equivalent of “ 10,000 hours.&#.

What Does A CEO Coach Do?

A VC : Venture Capital and Technology

Jerry Colonna , who should need no introduction to this community, did an interview with TechBerlin in anticipation of his workshop there next month.

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10 things I’ve never heard a successful startup founder say

A Smart Bear: Startups and Marketing for Geeks

I built this software for myself, and then it turned out a million people wanted it exactly how I originally envisioned it. After hiring a few people, being the CEO became a lot easier, and I was able to focus on high-level strategic plans instead of fighting fires. I wish we had spent less time talking to prospective customers before designing interfaces and writing code. The decision of whether to form an LLC, S-Corp, or C-Corp made a significant difference in my startup’s success.

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An Alternative Model for Startup Incubation

Instigator Blog

Recently I wrote a blog post on things to think about when starting a startup accelerator. I pointed out that most accelerator programs take between 5-12% or thereabouts for a fairly standard amount of money and time. Year One Labs is a bit different (more money and more time = more equity taken); our belief being that early stage startups need more time to bake.

What Startups Can Learn About PR and Crisis Management

Both Sides of the Table

I was recently approached by Fast Company to comment on “crisis management&# at startups in the wake of the Airbnb “ranksackgate&# story. I agreed to do the interview because the story was about what other companies can learn rather than about airbnb in particular.

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Israeli Startup Zerto Raises $15 million B Round for Disaster Recovery on the Cloud

VC Cafe

“ Disaster recovery is something you only want when you really need it &# said Ziv Kedem, Zerto’s CEO in a recent interview.

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4 Simple Ways To Accept Payments For Your Test Product Or Service


I'm in the line at Starbucks with my client and he's on the phone with one of his mentors. The mentor tells him that he was considering purchasing his (the startup client) product, but his assistant didn't know where to send the check. Does she have all the account details?" my client asks.

Weekend Ponderable: Too funny, too true

47 Hats

I can’t personally vouch for Peter Ireland’s services , but he has a solid grasp of the nature of a certain kind of “startup founder&# and a wickedly sharp sense of humor. That’s a good reason to watch this video and check out what else he has at his site. Enjoy: Opinion

My first week using ShopSavvy Wallet

Texas Startup Blog

While we haven’t officially launched ShopSavvy Wallet you can set yours up if you update ShopSavvy on iOS or Android. This week was the first week I spent a lot of time playing with the feature. Yesterday I spent a couple of hours at Barnes & Noble scanning books.

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My Content Amplification System

Duct Tape Marketing

My Content Amplification System This content from: Duct Tape Marketing Today’s post is in answer to a direct request I’ve received a number of times. Of course writing good content is only part of the business challenge. You’ve also got to get it read.

VC Song of the Day: Takin’ VC Money

Ask The VC

The blog posts today were boring (c’mon VCs – just because it’s August doesn’t mean that you can’t write exciting blog posts) so we’re giving you a song today. The song is Takin’ VC Money and it’s from Smixx. Takin’ VC Money (Money Cash IPO’s) by Smixx. VC Post of the Day humor music rap song takin' vc money

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The Best iPhone Photo App – 360 Panorama – Is Free. For Now.

Feld Thoughts

For a limited time, Occipital’s Panorama 360 is free. If you don’t know why this is such an awesome app, watch the short video demonstration below. We closed our investment in Occipital last week and I wrote about it in the post titled The World Is Just A Bunch Of Pixels.

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10 Top Content Marketing Tips for Your Startup

Startup Professionals Musings

These days every new entrepreneur understands that an innovative product or service is necessary, but not sufficient, to start a business.

Getting the Google Plus Conversation Right

Duct Tape Marketing

Getting the Google Plus Conversation Right This content from: Duct Tape Marketing If you still haven’t joined Google Plus click here – 150 invites Benson Kua via Flickr One of the most interesting things about Google’s new social network, Google Plus, is the conversation that participation generates.

Entrepreneurs Thoughts On VCs And Angels

Ask The VC

VCs can be real dolts (I know – I’m a VC – and I’m periodically a total knuckhead). Scott Kirsner of the Boston Globe has an outstanding article up on titled Entrepreneurs talk back: Straight-up feedback and advice for VCs and angels. In it, he has some choice feedback from entrepreneurs to VCs and angels. For a feel for the article, the first two (of about twenty) are priceless. -

What Skills Every New Internet Entrepreneur Needs


I had lunch with one of my favorite Internet entrepreneurs today, Mark Sawyier , the CEO of Off Campus Media. The company provides college students with apartment listings near their schools, and what started out as an idea five years ago is now a multi-million dollar business.

Human Consultants in Business are a Dying Breed

Startup Professionals Musings

Let’s face it, consultants have a bad image. Businesses want experienced people who get their hands dirty, rather than experts who give presentations, make recommendations, and disappear.

Distinguish Yourself #215 – Create the right building blocks along the way

Life Beyond Code

Think Lego blocks. I am sure you at some point in life you have played with lego blocks or something similar to that. You pick up a box of lego blocks and with less than hundred lego blocks you can design dozens of interesting structures.

A Customer As an Expression of Your Commitment

Duct Tape Marketing

A Customer As an Expression of Your Commitment This content from: Duct Tape Marketing Most businesses are started with the customer in mind and eventually, often through toil and trouble, get around to figuring out how to serve the needs of the owner.

Tools to Manage a Successful SaaS Business

Guy Nirpaz

Managing a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) business isn’t trivial. Successful SaaS companies are able to deal with a high volume of leads and turn those into a high volume of loyal customers with fast response and turnaround time.

Derek Sivers at Business of Software 2010. Video and transcript of talk

Business of Software Blog

We know that not everyone can get to Business of Software but we do want to be able to share some of the incredible stories that the speakers share. Most of the talks are posted online, with the permission of the speakers. Not everyone gets to sit down for an hour to listen to a talk though.    We are planning to post talks online with a transcript of the talks so you can watch, or if you prefer, read what was said. This is the first one.

Can Recruiters Work With Startups? - DShen's Blogs


Last week I had lunch with a prominent recruiter who was interested in working with startups. We had a great conversation about ideas and the issues, and at the end I told him I would poll my startups to see if there was any

Suster: What Startups Can Learn About PR and Crisis Management

Ask The VC

Mark Suster (GRP) has today’s VC post of the day titled What Startups Can Learn About PR and Crisis Management. As with many of Mark’s posts, it’s an excellent piece of long form writing that thoroughly dissects the issue of crisis management and makes a number of very significant recommendations which are summarized below. If You Don’t Shape Your Story, Somebody Else Will. Understand the Gravity of the Situation for Your Customers. Don’t Bury Bad News. Never Blame the Press.

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What Would Calvin Coolidge Do?

Growthink Blog

“After all, the chief business of the American people is business.

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From Sitelinks of Change to the 1

The Product Guy

Every week I read thousands of blog posts. For your weekend enjoyment, here are some of those highlights. What are you reading this weekend? On Starting Up… [link] Experience the 1 in 500. On Design & Product Experience… [link] Witness the sitelinks of change.

Landing A Gig at a VC Firm

Babbling VC

This is once again more of a public service announcement to help out those trying to "break" into a VC firm. I am not addressing principle, junior partner or partner level positions with this post. There is a completely different path to those positions. What I am addressing here are internships, analyst and maybe even investment manager positions. . First and foremost, find this post. Seriously, I mean it. You've already done half your homework by having done a google search to land here.

MBA Mondays Live and Skillshare

A VC : Venture Capital and Technology

If there was ever any confusion about why I blog, maybe this story will be illuminating. Six weeks ago, I wrote a blog post called Teaching. It was about a dream I had about teaching in front of a live classroom and it went on to talk about the value of in person teaching and learning.

5 Smart Tactics for Rapid Business Growth

Blogtrepreneur | Entrepreneur Blog

Growing fast isn’t always what’s best for a company. In fact, some companies have actually failed because they expanded too rapidly. But most companies welcome growth, because it can be a great thing when the time is right. In fact, every business that wants to continue thriving should have growth goals. Whether you want to


The Pixel Perfectionist

The Product Guy

Don’t debate the debaters, but instead, influence the influencers. Product managers are leaders and influencers of features, ideas, and epic tasks. Some have direct and backed authority, many others have variants that are partial or merely implicit.

Read My Lips: We Are Not Walking Away from WebOS

Venture Chronicles

Today comes news leaked from an internal HP all hands meeting that the company is not abandoning WebOS, 15 months after acquiring it for $1.2 billion. This is how we get all our news about HP these days, leaked memos and meeting soundbites.

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Wilson: Financing Options: Bridge Loans

Ask The VC

Don’t compete with Fred Wilson (USV) on Mondays for the best VC Post of the Week. He wins again with Financing Options: Bridge Loans as part of his MBA Mondays series. Ok – I know it’s not Monday anymore. So you get the best post of Tuesday also, which is from Nic Brisbourne (DFJ Esprit) titled Software patents – a brake on innovation. Another smart person weighing in on how messed up the software patent situation is. VC Post of the Day bridge loans financing

Ten Tenets To Live By When Starting a Business

Startup Professionals Musings

If you expect to succeed in the thrill-a-minute, roller coaster ride of a startup, let me assure you it takes more than a good idea, a rich uncle, and luck. In fact, the idea is often the least important part of the equation.

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Google+ invites

How to Change the World

Here are 150 Google+ invites. Follow my posts here. I make about twenty per day, all manually. No one posts to my Google+ account but me


Kindlegraph My Books

Feld Thoughts

I’ve always loved getting books signed by the author. As an author of two books, it makes me smile a huge smile when someone asks me to sign a copy of my book for them. With Kindlegraph , I can finally sign my Kindle books. I met the founder, Evan Jacobs, at Glue a few months ago. He had just started putting books up on it and I immediately told him that I was game to put Do More Faster up. I tweeted about it and signed a few.