In a Strong Wind Even Turkeys Can Fly

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In other words, in a strong market even turkeys can fly. In a strong wind, even turkeys can fly. And only one day when the wind calms down can we invoke my favorite Warren Buffet quote of all time: “It’s only when the tide goes out that you learn who’s been swimming naked.”. ** Appendix for the overly anal: Yes, I know that some turkeys CAN actually fly. The wild turkey variety. A turkey is only a metaphor.

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The Accel 5 Mantras of Ecommerce in Turkey

Cracking the Code

I was lucky to enjoy the sun, warmth and excitement of Istanbul in the past couple of days to attend the Webrazzi Summit, which is the poster child of Turkey’s vibrant start-up scene. The Accel 5 mantras of e commerce in Turkey from Philippe Botteri I have been to Turley several times in the past 18 months, and find the region very exciting.

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How Many Thermometers Do You Need to Know the Turkey’s Done?


How Many Thermometers Do You Need to Know the Turkey’s Done? But as I was thinking about it a bit more, I think there are situations where you might want multiple thermometers to tell you about the done-ness of the turkey. Full credit to my colleague Jack Abbot for using this awesome phrase in an Engineering Management meeting I observed recently. It’s a gem. Filed! The context was around spending extra cycles creating more metrics that basically measure the same thing.

Thanksgiving Day

Steve Blank

Families gather from across the country to spend time with each other and feast on a traditional turkey dinner. Imu turkey can’t be beat if you’re trying to exceed any rational amount of salt intake.)

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Your Startup Idea Sucks Until You Validate It – Follow 6 Simple Steps

YFS Magazine

Launching a startup idea without validation is like roasting an expensive, 20-pound organic turkey for a dinner party, only to find out the guests are vegans. Plan business idea customer feedback customer validation startup ideas

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Yam Jam This Sunday; Music Feeds the Homeless

Austin Startup

For many years now the Austin technology community has been behind the annual Operation Turkey program, which feeds thousand of homeless in Austin (and around the country) every Thanksgiving. Tags: Events operation turkey yamjam The main source of funding to buy the food comes from the Austin Yam Jam ticket sales ( $15 pre-sale here ) which is an incredible lineup of musicians every year. This year, the lineup features: Van Wilks. Guy Forsythe. David Grissom. Lance Keltner.

The future "future of work"

deal architect

His sisters, each a year or two older had come back from similar trips to Portugal, Egypt and Turkey. John had just returned from a trip to Italy. His cousin was headed to Amsterdam today, and another was describing her.

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Rackspace’s 9th Annual Thanksgiving Day Food Drive Helps Families


Tania Jess joined her husband and daughter to volunteer at Rackspace Saturday morning to giveaway turkeys and food boxes. They wait for a line of cars to come through their stations in the parking at Rackspace’s headquarters and then they load up each car with a turkey and box of […] The post Rackspace’s 9th Annual Thanksgiving Day Food Drive Helps Families appeared first on SiliconHills.

Rackspace’s Thanksgiving Day Food Drive Helps Needy Families


By LAURA LOREK Reporter with Silicon Hills News A voucher for a free turkey and a box of food items from Rackspace came as a surprise to Robin Dysart. Crestview Elementary School sent the voucher home with her daughter. “It It means the world to us, we’ve been having some difficulties for the last few years,” […] The post Rackspace’s Thanksgiving Day Food Drive Helps Needy Families appeared first on SiliconHills.

Austin YamJam This Sunday

Austin Startup

Created by Austin technology veterans, Operation Turkey provides thousands of home cooked meals to the homeless on Thanksgiving day. One of the events that generates funds for that is the Yam Jam, an incredible day of music coming up this Sunday, October 26th at Simphony Square. Events yamjam

June Launches their Second Generation Oven for $499

Feld Thoughts

It can even cook up to a 12-pound turkey, not that I eat turkey. When Amy and I cook, we want it to be as hassle-free as possible. That’s where the June Oven comes in. I first learned about the June Oven in 2014 and was impressed with how the June Oven was using technology to make cooking easier and more time efficient. Not only did we invest in June, but I’ve owned a June Oven for over two years.

Why are digital music merchants ignoring emerging markets?

The Next Web

Yet many of the big digital content distribution platforms like Pandora and Netflix are not available in countries like Brazil, Turkey and India (Spotify just. Andrea Boetti is a Business Development Manager at Fortumo, helping web and app developers and digital content merchants build out their monetization strategies for emerging markets. Spending on smartphone content is shifting away from Northern and Western markets and heading South and East.

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Rackspace Hosting Holds 7th Annual Thanksgiving Day Food Drive


By ANDREW MOORE Reporter with Silicon Hills News Despite the 40 degree weather and high wind, two turkeys and the Roosevelt Rough Rider mascot continued to dance to the music in front of Rackspace Hosting’s San Antonio headquarters. The normally hot and stuffy mascot suits now failed to keep them warm. The thing that kept […] The post Rackspace Hosting Holds 7th Annual Thanksgiving Day Food Drive appeared first on SiliconHills. San Antonio

Dropshipping in 2020: Does it Actually Work?


After a couple of days, I found a wholesale supplier of clothing for children from Turkey, the price of which was acceptable to me even without a discount. After a while, I found a domestic manufacturer of goods for children and several other suppliers focused on goods from China and Turkey.” But even worse, when a wholesale supplier of products from Turkey, takes a photo on their own, in terrible lighting and against an unattractive background — it’s not so good.

Snapchat posts more photos than Instagram

Lightspeed Venture Partners

” Last week Forbes also noted Instagrams had its biggest usage over Thanksgiving : “ Instagram had its busiest day ever on Thanksgiving, with 10 million photos shared mentioning turkey day-related words, the company said. That’s a lot of turkey pictures.” We seed funded Snapchat , a terrific mobile photo sharing app, back in April when it had less than 200,000 installs.

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How Do You Negotiate More To Know What Your Brand Is Worth?


In our second mentorship event focused on women, we talk turkey. Your personal branding is determined by your ideas. You get to decide what your brand is worth. Taking this into the professional realm isn’t that easy though. Especially, for women – and women led businesses. Research studies show that women negotiate far lesser than men. Thus jeopardizing their brands and finances. All this when it’s merely a question of leaning in versus pure quality.

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YoungUpstarts - Untitled Article


If you’re an entrepreneur with a startup based in Africa, Asia, the Middle East or Turkey, check out the the Global Innovation through Science and Technology (GIST ) Initiative’s GIST Tech-I Competition as part of its vision to help build entrepreneurial ecosystems across those continents by identifying, coaching, and funding the most promising technology entrepreneurs. Looking to launch or grow your startup?

An Entrepreneur's Tryptophan

Growthink Blog

We've all hea rd it before - eating Turkey on Thanksgiving makes you tired. And the ingredient within turkey that's responsible for this is called Tryptophan. Mainly that people THINK they are supposed to be tired after eating turkey. Is this true? Yes, tryptophan can make you sleepy. That is, if you ingest a ton of it on an empty stomach. But that's not what happens on Thanksgiving. Rather, on Thanksgiving, people get tired from all the food they stuff into their bodies.

5 Benefits Of Expanding Your Business Into Global Markets


If you had a location in Turkey currently, you might find yourself in dire straits, but your location in China may more than offset the losses in Turkey’s current economic crisis. With the extensive focus on how the internet has divided Americans over the last two years, it’s hard to keep an eye on how it’s benefited businesses worldwide. Business is not local anymore, it’s global, and those looking to become Fortune 500 companies must expand beyond to really get ahead.

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How To De-Stress For Optimum Health


For example, you may not be ready to quit smoking cold turkey but might switch to an electronic cigarette instead. Operating a business can be extremely rewarding and equally as stressful. Ironically, thinking about how your stress levels are impacting your body, your business, and your relationships only adds more stress. Fortunately, you don’t need to do a complete overhaul of your life to improve your stress levels and overall health.

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How Effective And Organized Is Your Employee Gift Giving Program?


You don’t, for instance, need to go on a massive shopping spree for Turkeys during Thanksgiving. Services like Perfect Feast Corporate Gifts offer turkey, ham, and other holiday feast gift certificates. Since even a small change can have a large impact on the atmosphere at work, consider the value of giving thoughtful employee gifts when appropriate. This simple gesture is a real, effective, and authentic way to make your business a wonderful place to work.

How Diversity Can Increase Innovation And Growth In Your Business


Since emigrating from Turkey to San Diego with her husband and business partner Serhat Pala, Zeynep has amassed great success. by Zeynep Ilgaz, Chief Executive Officer of Confirm BioSciences. It’s no secret that many industries like tech and biopharma have struggled with diversity. In the annual 2017 Fortune 500 listing, including ten ranked biopharmaceutical companies , not one was led by a female CEO or had a female Chairman of the Board.

Got A Million Dollar Idea?


Ask yourself what the quantifiable basis is for which you’ll determine if you have a winning idea or a turkey. by Paul Szyarto. Making a million dollars in today’s economy is more difficult than ever. Years ago, you create a product, service or solution, propose it to the market and become a millionaire. With some hard work and moxie, the American Dream was within reach. Since the Great Recession, however, the new reality is slow growth – if there is growth at all.

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From Iranian Refugee, To Successful But Unfulfilled Corporate Employee, Then Self-Made Info Entrepreneur – The Farnoosh Brock Story by Yaro Starak

Farnoosh Brock fled with her family from Iran to Turkey when she was eleven years old. Press play to begin streaming the audio or right click the text link and choose save as or save link. Download the MP3 [ 60 Minutes - 29 MB ]. Subscribe to this Podcast in iTunes.

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Never Be Caught Short On Taxes Again With This Simple Trick

Mike Michalowicz

Work with me here: on Turkey Day, we don’t eat off the tray that holds the entire turkey. We allocate turkey from the serving platter to individual plates. If you think of your revenue as the turkey, you need to allocate that revenue to different accounts that serve different functions. Death and taxes … the two things that are certain in life … and it’s as much fun to talk about one as it is the other.

Happy Holidays

Jason Ball

It’s that time of year, and I’m heading off into turkey, present and (hopefully) gadget land for a few weeks. No real posts (unless total boredom sets in) until 2009. Happy Holidays everyone! Picture credit: gun show ).

Affordable Employee Gift Ideas for Small Business Owners

The Startup Magazine

Rather than unload a bunch of hors d’oeuvres onto the office whether your employees are hungry or not, opt to give them a certificate good for popular grocery items including turkey, ham, and assorted fruit. Apart from the occasional real-life Scrooge, small business owners are happy to show gratitude to their employees.

Heads up, EMEA startups: Check out the Webit Congress StartUp Challenge

The Next Web

Later this year, you’ll be able to find The Next Web (more specifically, me) at the huge international Webit Congress in Istanbul, Turkey. While the organizers are putting together an impressive speaker list with more than 180 people on it so far, we’d like to direct the attention of startup founders from across Europe, the Middle East and Africa to the event’s startup competition.

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Customer Appreciation Ideas To Keep Existing Customers Happy


Turkey or ham vouchers, for instance, around the holidays is a great idea. Most business owners are aware that no matter what industry you’re in it’s your clients/customers that ultimately determine your success. Unfortunately, however, most entrepreneurs fail to realize the importance of showing their appreciation. More than giving great products and services, brands must do more to let their customers know they really appreciate their business.

One simple trick to take back your life… (from your phone)

Jason Ball

I’ve gone cold turkey by swapping my SIM card out of my iPhone and into a Nokia 3310. This is a *great* option and better than cold turkey – I *do* leave the house on short errands with only my watch on. My New Year’s resolution was simple: spend less time on my phone. Easy to say, hard to do.

12 Important Lessons For Your Business Growth Spurt


Originally from Turkey, Zeynep Ilgaz and her husband co-founded Confirm BioSciences and TestCountry , where Ilgaz serves as president. by Zeynep Ilgaz, co-founder and president of Confirm BioSciences and TestCountry. Your little business has been in the “cute stage” for a while now, and you love it dearly. But growth and diversity are critical for any business hoping to reach its full potential.

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The First Step, No Matter How Small, Is Crucial To Success

crowdSPRING Blog

Ulukaya was born in Turkey and was an accomplished feta-cheese-maker. Hamdi Ulukaya , CEO and founder of Chobani , recently talked about how he started Chobani. It’s a wonderful story and well worth your time to watch how an immigrant entrepreneur with a vision others thought was crazy, built a business that grew from zero to a billion dollars in just five years. He lived in Upstate New York when he saw an ad for a closed Kraft yogurt plant. Ulukaya initially threw the ad away.

After Ringing the IPO Bell

Seeing Both Sides

2) Don''t Let The Turkeys Get You Down. When Ronald Reagan left office, he provided a final note with words of wisdom for incoming president Geroge HW Bush: "Don''t let the turkeys get you down." And, believe me, when you''re a newly public company executive, there are a lot of turkeys out there. Many Wall Street analysts are total turkeys. Wall Street analysts and hedge fund managers can be annoying, short-term minded turkeys, but they''re smart and often right.

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Top 5 Tips For Staying Inspired During The Holiday Season 


The pie crust shield, multi-event kitchen timer, turkey deep fryer and digital thermometer are just a few inventions that were inspired by annual holiday feasts. by Nicole Lininger, Director of Corporate Communications at InventHelp ®. Great inventors typically don’t just have one or two terrific ideas — they are always thinking of new and better products. If inventing is in your blood, chances are new ideas occur to you during your daily life as well.

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Reasons For Surge In Mexico’s Private Equity Industry


As well as this, their private equity investments have surpassed the likes of Russia and Turkey – meaning that the nation is slowly but surely becoming a real force. For years Mexico lagged behind a lot of other Latin America countries when it came to private equity. The country just couldn’t attract funding to this area of the financial industry and at one point, it took just 5% of the Latin America market. Now, things have been transformed.

Do Less. More.

Both Sides of the Table

And as I like to say, “ In a strong wind even turkeys can fly.” We are experiencing a frenetic time. I rarely talk to any startup entrepreneur or VC who doesn’t feel it and somehow long for simpler times despite the benefits we all enjoy from increased enthusiasm for our sector. For entrepreneurs there’s too much money sloshing around.

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Why Uber Should Go Public

Both Sides of the Table

The competitive nature of these populations and ultimately countries meant that while each was always vulnerable as societies they progresses much better and faster than the autocracies of China and Turkey. “It has been said that democracy is the worst form of government, except all those others that have been tried” – Winston Churchill.

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Two Amazing Women Setting Out on Their Startup Journey

Both Sides of the Table

my wife bought activity sets to put together little collages of turkeys and Pilgrims and talk about Thanksgiving. Note: if you’re a parent please check out their website. Kara called me on a Tuesday. She was leaving IAC to start a company. “Tasha, clear some space on my calendar tomorrow. ” “I want you in my offices tomorrow, Kara. Does that work for you?” ” Kara came. She didn’t tell me she was bringing anybody. I didn’t ask her for a deck.

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4 Reasons Why Starting Your Own Business May Be The Best Option For Foreign Students In The US


An immigrant from Turkey, Serhat has founded and run various businesses in the United States with a great degree of success. by Serhat Pala, President and founder of RhinoForce. The United States is the Land of Opportunity for many. This includes the almost 820,000 foreign students who were enrolled in US universities in 2013.

From Loyalty Programs To Fan Clubs, A Paradigm Shift


In 2000, we launched a loyalty program for a bank in Turkey, Akbank. Banks in other countries saw what was happening in Turkey and quickly followed with their own deployments using our software. However, it gradually became apparent that other banks didn’t seem to get as good results as the banks in Turkey. by Aneace Haddad, CEO & Founder, Taggo. Loyalty programs have not changed much since the first airline loyalty cards took off more than 30 years ago.

How You Know You’ve Got the Right Startup Model?

Both Sides of the Table

Turkey or China? If you’ve watched any industry in the last 20 years where technology has begun to transform how the industry works the results are always predictable driven by what Clay Christensen appropriately called “ The Innovator’s Dilemma ” (one of the most influential books that changed my thinking about markets).

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What is the Primary Reason For Startup Failure?

Startup Professionals Musings

The people around me are all turkeys.” When I heard a friend make the statement “Your startup can’t fail if you don’t quit,” I realized that every entrepreneur should adopt it as their mantra. Pivoting or dealing a new hand is not quitting. If we all repeat this mantra, perhaps we can improve the statistic that over half of new startups fail within five years. Nothing is more discouraging to future entrepreneurs than a failed startup. Why do most startups fail?

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Top Java Engineers Attracted by DHL ESS, the first and only DHL Freight R&D team based in Sofia, Bulgaria

Transformify - Recruiting

The system operates in France, and from the beginning of 2020, also in Turkey. Most people associate DHL with logistics, and few are aware of the fact that DHL ESS team develops Enterprise Software Solutions. What is even more interesting is that DHL Freight opted to base its first and only R&D team in Sofia, Bulgaria. "