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Choosing a Programming Language and Framework for Your Startup


We had an interesting presentation at the LA CTO Forum by the CTO of a startup who chose Groovy / Grails as the framework for their startup. t prompted a good discussion around how CTOs go about choosing the programming language and framework for their startup.

On the (un?)importance of design

A Smart Bear: Startups and Marketing for Geeks

We recently underwent a Cinderella-like transformation: A total redesign of the WP Engine website from despicable steaming pile of hideousness to a designed, thematic — dare I say artistic? — sleek new look. Does it matter? It must have mattered. Look how bad it was.

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What to do When a Tech Giant Decides to Eat Your Lunch

Both Sides of the Table

An edited version of this post originally ran on TechCrunch. This version has some additional details on a portfolio company I’ve invested in, which are disclosed below.

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Does Your VP of HR Report To Your CEO?

Feld Thoughts

A decade ago I didn’t pay much attention to the VP of HR position. Today, I view it as a key role if you are growing headcount at least 50% year over year and have more than 20 people in the company. And, title inflation notwithstanding , I prefer to call it “VP of People&# since we are people after all, not “human resources&# or “HRs&#. Over the past five years, I’ve had the privilege to work with a handful of amazing VPs of People.

[Review] Guide To Getting Paid


The only thing worse than having no customers is having non-paying ones. And small businesses, with limited credit and cash flows, suffer from non-paying customers more than most.

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How to Attract and Retain Customers :: Small Business Marketing.

Duct Tape Marketing

The title of today's post mirrors the topic of discussion I am leading during today's New York Times Small Business Summit for AMEX OPEN.It's cert

From Happiness to Panic: Entrepreneurs Set the Tone

The Entrepreneurial Mind

One of the tools I use to teach is story telling. It is not the kind of war stories that have become infamous among some of us who used to "do" and now "teach." Rather, when I am trying to bring some concept or lesson to life for my students I tend to either use experiential exercises or stories from my own or other entrepreneurs' experiences. I find that both approaches can be effective ways to make key points memorable.

10 Ways Web Conferencing Boosts Business Efficiency

Blogtrepreneur | Entrepreneur Blog

Higher efficiency equals higher profits. One goal of a business is to have fewer employees doing more work in less time. Efficiency rates have skyrocketed in recent years with the amount of technology developed, but perhaps no recent technology has influenced efficiency more than web conferencing. Effective use of web conferencing by a corporation will

The Harder They Work, The Luckier They Get

Growthink Blog

The best entrepreneurs and executives are those that are able – through both great training and great talent – to move efficiently and profitably from ideas to execution , and then from execution back to ideas and then back to re-focused execution. The entrepreneurs to avoid are those overly focused only on ideas or only on execution. Those focused too heavily on ideas don’t quickly and rigorously enough subject their ideas to the rumble and tumble of the marketplace.

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Why you should Delay Writing your Brand-building Book

Active Garage

Resist the temptation to start your Author’s Journey to a brand-building book by immediately starting to write. The Author’s Journey refers to my series of 34 ActiveGarage posts describing the steps involved in writing a nonfiction book to build a personal brand.

Ignore startup history at your peril

This is going to be BIG.

It’s great to see so many first time entrepreneurs out there taking the big leap. At First Round , a lot of the companies we invest in have new founders at the helm. It’s exciting to work with them and incredibly rewarding to help them succeed. Our penchant for backing new teams also means we’re willing to meet with lots of first time founders on the way to backing that select few.

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Successful Businesses Build on Purpose

Up and Running

When you start a new business, you obviously start with an idea. But a critical ingredient for success is understanding your “why”. Why do you do what you do?

The Top Nine Challenges Of Growing an Entrepreneurial Business And How To Tackle Them


by Edward D. Hess, author of “ Growing an Entrepreneurial Business “ For many, achieving the American Dream means taking control of their destiny, quitting their 9 to 5, and opening the doors to their very own business.

Video of Dharmesh Shah at Business of Software 2010 Conference


I have now spoken at the Business of Software conference for 3 years in a row. It is my favorite conference both as a speaker, and as an attendee. The reason is simple -- the content is great and the attendees are awesome. The following is a full video of my 60 minute session. If you enjoyed my talk from Business of Software 2009 or Business of Software 2008 , you'll likely enjoy this too. I think it may be my best one so far.

PitchU Through Online Video With VenCorps And Kauffman Foundation


Crowd-sourced, collaborative venture capitalist firm VenCorps , in conjunction with Kauffman Foundation , is currently running PitchU , an online elevator pitch competition that gives away US$5000 cash to the best video pitch every month.

A sign that mobile payments are coming

Jeff Hilimire

Typically the cab drivers I get aren’t incredibly, how shall I put it… technologically advanced. Like, most of them have phones that I haven’t seen since the show 90210.

allensblog: I'm Sure This is Wrong

Allen's Blog

While reading this opinion piece in today's WSJ on "fracking" to recover shale oil and natural gas, the thought occurred to me: why are we rushing around, spending billions of dollars developing our domestic oil and gas

Mini Saga #87 – Path

Life Beyond Code

Being focused is important but one should also learn to spot alternative (and better) paths along the way. Mini Saga #87 – Path. Jim’s childhood friend Charlie was happy and surprised by Jim’s success. What Jim dreamt of doing where he ended up were totally different.


Public Service Announcement – Great Post by Chris Dixon


Just read a great post by Chris Dixon called “So you want to raise seed capital… ” . Here it is. Enjoy. Dealing with VCs Public Service Announcements Startup Life

Change the currency

Start Up Blog

I heard a great little story today about how to overcome barriers when pitching business, changing minds or influencing in general. Changing worldviews is hard, often impossible. But there are two possible routes we can take when trying: Route (A) We can try and change peoples view on a topic- change the unchangeable. R oute (B) We can change the currency. This route is invariably more successful because it re-directs peoples perspective. Car sales people do it all the time.

Profit Hot 50 List


Profit , Canada’s entrepreneurial magazine is once again calling for nominations for it’s Hot 50 list. The 2010 list included some great Canadian startups including Shopify (with an 1,174% growth rate, Cakemail and Xtreme labs. More info below in case you have one of Canada’s hottest companies. Get your application in before June 30. WANTED: Hot Young Companies. If you run a young, fast-growing business, then you belong on the PROFIT HOT 50!

Hatsune Miku – Crazy Popular In Japan & Coming To America


I hadn’t heard of Hatsune Miku until having lunch last week with NetProspex CEO Gary Halliwell who told me about this singing synthesizer program with a 3D hologram and concerts. Announces Fembots

ArcticStartup , the Estonian company that is building a new way to help online retailers sell clothes, has announced the female shaped robot. The robot, which is used to photograph the merchandise an online retailer is selling, will essentially drive up sales as customers are able to see how different sized clothes fit different sized people. Online retailers face the most returns with goods. This is usually due to badly fitting clothes. According to, one in every four items is returned.

What's Wrong With Today's Board Meetings: Part 1


As customer and agile development reinvent the startup, it's time to ask why startup board governance has not kept up with the pace of innovation. Board meetings that guide startups haven't changed since the early 1900's. It's time.

Yandex Invests In Zenmoney


Yandex, has invested in one of the applicants and finalists that took part in its Yandex Start event on March 15th - Zenmoney is a personal finance startup developing an accounting and planning application.


Hiring web developers

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Mind a short plug?


Mind a short plug? If you like these insights, you can purchase a full hundred and one of these in either soft or hard cover, by purchasing BERKONOMICS – the book – direct from my web store just by clicking here. Soft cover $20.00 or hard cover $30.00.

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Elements of The Social Business

Austin Startup

This is a blog post I wrote for the Dachis Group blog today. In the almost two years I’ve been with Dachis Group there is one question that I’ve been asked over and over again. What is social business?” I’m sure my colleagues have had the same experience. The challenge I have is that social business is comprehensive in nature, and therefore defies trite explanations. My dilemma would be made simpler if “social business” were [.]. Editorial social business


Zimride: Front-end Engineer - K9 Jobs - Posterous

K9 Ventures


The Freestyle Entrepreneur

by John Ingrisano. The Freestyle Entrepreneur. I was in a serious buying situation at a used car dealership several months ago. One thing above all else killed the deal: The salesman kept telling me I was wrong. He may have read, Winning by Intimidation. However, to the best of my knowledge, there is no book titled, Selling by Intimidation. I went in with a fair amount of research under my belt and a strong desire to get a fair, win/win deal.

Walker Twitter Highlights: June 6th – 12th

Scott Edward Walker

I’m using Twitter as a form of micro-blogging to share interesting blog posts, articles and podcasts relating to entrepreneurship and startups, M&A and legal issues. If you missed this past week’s Twitter updates, below are my five most popular tweets (via ) and my blog-related tweets. If you’d like to see all of my tweets (or an RSS feed of them), you can do so here.


The Freestyle Entrepreneur

by John Ingrisano. The Freestyle Entrepreneur. I was in a serious buying situation at a used car dealership several months ago. One thing above all else killed the deal: The salesman kept telling me I was wrong. He may have read, Winning by Intimidation. However, to the best of my knowledge, there is no book titled, Selling by Intimidation. I went in with a fair amount of research under my belt and a strong desire to get a fair, win/win deal.