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Getting The Compensation Conversation Right

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b) I’d be willing to take less for the right opportunity. Of course there are no right or wrong answers. For example, perhaps your conversations along the way changed their perspective on salary requirements for the position. Following are Chris’ thoughts on negotiating compensation with a prospective employee.

Getting the Google Plus Conversation Right

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Some still attribute this to the newness factor, but it’s one of the things that really makes Google Plus exciting right now.

Venture Capital Term Sheets: Conversion Rights

Scott Edward Walker

Conversion Rights What Are Conversion Rights? Indeed, preferred stock, as the name suggests, is preferable to (and more valuable than) common stock because it grants certain key rights to the holders, one of which is a conversion right. There are two types of conversion rights: optional and mandatory.

Walker Twitter Highlights: June 6th – 12th

Scott Edward Walker

” - @alexanderljung [link] (at 27:02) Walker Blog-Related In case you missed it, here’s my post regarding conversion rights of investors in a Series A term sheet: [link] How Do I Raise Seed Capital If I Don’t Know Any Investors? [link]. If you’d like to see all of my tweets (or an RSS feed of them), you can do so here.

What Are the Rights of Minority Stockholders?

Scott Edward Walker

There is, however, another set of rights with which many entrepreneurs may not be familiar: State law rights. These are rights granted to stockholders pursuant to the respective laws of the company’s State of incorporation and are often the only rights that minority common stockholders have. 1) Inspection Right.

Keep Track of Employees With 15Five

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To keep tabs on his employees more than 500 miles away, Chuck Longanecker, CEO of Digital Telepathy, uses a Web app called 15Five. Here's how it works.

Shut Up & Social Listen

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Are you listening to these conversations? Listen For The Right Reason. photo credit: Beverly & Pack via photopin cc. Find Advocates.

13 Unconventional Landing Page Strategies To Increase Conversions


But what we don’t talk about are outside of the box landing page strategies you can use to increase conversions right away. Image.

8 Tools to Amp Your Productivity

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If only you could have more of that feeling, right? Because sometimes you just need a new app to add more minutes to your day.

The Role of a PPC Expert in Web Development

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That’s how you should develop your next website … Struggling AdWords accounts are facing two issues; High CPCs and Low Conversion Rates.

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6 Reasons a VC Will Turn You Down

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If it isn’t, I may end the conversation right there. Other questions soon follow. Who are the characters? Are they compelling?

Exclusive: Inside the Mind of Google's Great Idea Man

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Is this an active conversation? Right now we're focused on building a great gaming experience. In 2000, he did just that.

Writing Non-Sucky Copy for Websites, Marketing Collateral and Newsletters – Joanna Wiebe

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Like were all playing the silent game and trying to say nothing until our business just disappears right? Make it sing, make it sing right?


Online Business Networking Los Angeles


I see Visible Networking as a series of conversations around blog posts, and encouraging a group of people to actively participate. Yes, blogs has been touted as a place to have conversations, but Tony is doing Visible Networking by starting the conversation in a blog post, then continuing the conversation in the comments.

Fenwick & West - Internet/Digital Media and Software Industries Silicon Valley and Seattle 2010

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Convertible notes have the advantages of not requiring that a company valuation and other terms be negotiated, and do not create a series of preferred stock that may have separate voting rights under some circumstances. Percentage of deals in which valuation on conversion is capped: 83%. By Barry J. overall declining from $29.9

If your VC meeting feels like it went well, it really didn’t.


This is a typical conversation I’ll have with portfolio founder about his/her meeting with another seed venture capitalist (VC). And that’s it.

Advanced Testing Panel with Top Experts [Video]


Full transcript: Peep Laja: Right, okay. So let’s get right to it. Lukas: Right, so you decide up front how long you’re going to run the test, you run the test that long. ” Peep: All right, so let’s say that I estimate, whatever, 20% lift and I got the result in half an hour. Peep: All right.

Blood In The Streets

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It’s never is ok to have a brain fog slowly lift and realize you are bleeding all over yourself. It’s a calm moment when you are in that state where it takes another five seconds to realize what just happened. No pain, no panic, but no understanding. Just observation. “Something just happened. I’m bleeding. What happened?

How Cash Distributions Work

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The equity conversion right remains in place even if the 5x cap is hit. We fully anticipate that any future funding from VCs will also require us to waive any rights we have to future cash distributions and we are prepared to do so. One unique aspect of the Within the A few things to note. equity amount.

Hiring at Scale | Patrick McKenzie, StarFighter | BoS USA 2015

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Do you know that an average, like recruiting — if you get their recruiter to hire a candidate for you right now, the going rate is about like $25,000? If you didn’t do any prospecting calls for sales this month, there’ll be some month in the near future where you have no sales at all, right. 6 nerds). Video. Just ask.

VC Term Sheets – Investors’ Option to Walk

Scott Edward Walker

The Investors’ Right to Walk VC Term Sheets Are Non-Binding. What does this mean? VC Term Sheets Are Conditional. What does this mean?

Venture Capital Term Sheets – Redemption Rights

Scott Edward Walker

Redemption Rights What Are Redemption Rights? A redemption right is another feature of preferred stock and permits the investors to require the company to repurchase their shares after a specified period of time; it is, in effect, a “put” right – that is, the investors may elect to put their shares back to the company.

Episode 3: Smart Bear Live!

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So be sure to make a free user account and participate in the offline conversation there. As we wait for our first callers to come on board, I wanted to start with a question from a conversation that Bob and I with Merck Coulbrougiff [sounds like] from Beta List [SP]. Patrick: Right. ’ Patrick: Right. Right?