Getting The Compensation Conversation Right

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b) I’d be willing to take less for the right opportunity. Of course there are no right or wrong answers. A couple of additional points: 1) Even if the candidate has expressed salary requirements during the screening process or during your discussions, I strongly recommend you have this written conversation as the final step before you make an offer. For example, perhaps your conversations along the way changed their perspective on salary requirements for the position.

Venture Capital Term Sheets: Conversion Rights

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Here are the issues I have addressed to date: common mistakes dealing with VC’s valuation liquidation preferences stock options exploding term sheets and no-shop provisions anti-dilution provisions dividends Board control protective provisions drag-along provisions pay-to-play and pull-up provisions In today’s post, I examine conversion rights of investors. Conversion Rights What Are Conversion Rights? What Are Optional Conversion Rights?

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Getting the Google Plus Conversation Right

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Getting the Google Plus Conversation Right This content from: Duct Tape Marketing If you still haven’t joined Google Plus click here – 150 invites Benson Kua via Flickr One of the most interesting things about Google’s new social network, Google Plus, is the conversation that participation generates.

Walker Twitter Highlights: June 6th – 12th

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” - @alexanderljung [link] (at 27:02) Walker Blog-Related In case you missed it, here’s my post regarding conversion rights of investors in a Series A term sheet: [link] How Do I Raise Seed Capital If I Don’t Know Any Investors? [link]. Twitter Highlights bubble conversion rights facebook Marc Andreessen seed financing Series A tech term sheets

What Are the Rights of Minority Stockholders?

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There is, however, another set of rights with which many entrepreneurs may not be familiar: State law rights. These are rights granted to stockholders pursuant to the respective laws of the company’s State of incorporation and are often the only rights that minority common stockholders have. Accordingly, I thought it would be helpful to examine these non-contractual rights. 1) Inspection Right. 2) Right to Bring a Derivative Claim.

If your VC meeting feels like it went well, it really didn’t.


This is a typical conversation I’ll have with portfolio founder about his/her meeting with another seed venture capitalist (VC). One thing I’ve noticed in the short time that I’ve been doing this job is that conversations with VCs that feel like they’re going well typically are not.

How to Run an Engaging Poll on Google Plus

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Related Posts: the startup garden Book Tour Social Media Management Tips Getting the Google Plus Conversation Right Google Plus Adds New Features 7 ways to get more blog comments. How to Run an Engaging Poll on Google Plus This content from: Duct Tape Marketing.

Online Business Networking Los Angeles


I see Visible Networking as a series of conversations around blog posts, and encouraging a group of people to actively participate. Yes, blogs has been touted as a place to have conversations, but Tony is doing Visible Networking by starting the conversation in a blog post, then continuing the conversation in the comments. And, since he's using a public blog anyone can join the conversation. Right now the conversation is about visible networking.

The “Foot-in-the-Door Technique,” or When Longer Forms May Work Better


Yet digital marketers have only recently recognized that applying this decades-old research to online forms can generate more leads and sales—and upend the conversion optimization best practice of “shorter forms equal more conversions.”. Shorter forms increase conversions, right?

Convertible Note Seed Financings: Founders Beware!

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What Happens If a Startup is Acquired Prior to the Note’s Conversion to Shares of Preferred Stock? 2) Conversion Right (Investor-Friendly). For example, let’s assume that the noteholders invested $500,000 and were granted the right to convert into shares of common stock at a $4.5

13 Unconventional Landing Page Strategies To Increase Conversions


We talk about creating high converting landing pages , getting traffic that converts , and making the most out of your conversion points quite a bit here. But what we don’t talk about are outside of the box landing page strategies you can use to increase conversions right away.

VC Term Sheets – Investors’ Option to Walk

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The Investors’ Right to Walk VC Term Sheets Are Non-Binding. VC Issues due diligence exploding term sheets founders Fred Wilson investors' option liquidation preferences no shop Rand Fish redemption rights startup vc VC term sheet venture capital

Blood In The Streets

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Six months ago Seth helped me buy a bike – I’ve been mixing it in all summer with my marathon training, discovered Strava, learned how to shift gears properly, had started to learn what gear I should be in, experienced several back to back 30 mile training rides, and started to learn about how doping worked since that seems to be the central theme of many cycling conversations right after detailed descriptions of accidents.

How Cash Distributions Work

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The equity conversion right remains in place even if the 5x cap is hit. We fully anticipate that any future funding from VCs will also require us to waive any rights we have to future cash distributions and we are prepared to do so. One unique aspect of the terms is the option for founders to make cash distributions to investors from profits as a return on their investment instead of selling out or taking their company public to create a liquidity event.

Shut Up & Social Listen

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At any given moment, there are literally millions of different conversations happening online, and some of these conversions could actually be related to your specific product or brand. Are you listening to these conversations? Listen For The Right Reason.

Out of the Crisis #9, the founders of Frontline Foods on the moral imperative to support frontline workers at scale

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You can listen to our conversation on Apple , Google , or wherever you like to download podcasts. In addition, the transcript of my conversation with Sydney, Ryan and Frank is below. Let's start with, are you all doing all right? Our house is kind of a disaster, I swear I clean it all the time, but it's very lived in right now. Right? And so I think that we're doing the work right now. So what were you doing right as the pandemic unfolded?

Transcript of Why Reviews Matter to Your Business

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Aaron Weiche: We definitely see a very strong signal from the biggest window into the web through Google, that reputation really matters, and they are bringing it to the conversation right in that search result, very high, and very visible for a user to interact with.

Venture Capital Term Sheets – Redemption Rights

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Here are the issues I have addressed to date: common mistakes dealing with VC’s valuation liquidation preferences stock options exploding term sheets and no-shop provisions anti-dilution provisions dividends Board control protective provisions drag-along provisions pay-to-play and pull-up provisions conversion rights In today’s post, I examine the redemption rights of investors. Redemption Rights What Are Redemption Rights?

Episode 3: Smart Bear Live!

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So be sure to make a free user account and participate in the offline conversation there. As we wait for our first callers to come on board, I wanted to start with a question from a conversation that Bob and I with Merck Coulbrougiff [sounds like] from Beta List [SP]. Do you have an opinion on whether it’s better to create something real in a week or something small and real or keep looking for the right thing that’s gonna let you quit your day job? Right?

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Advanced Testing Panel with Top Experts [Video]


Full transcript: Peep Laja: Right, okay. So let’s get right to it. Lukas: Right, so you decide up front how long you’re going to run the test, you run the test that long. ” Peep: All right, so let’s say that I estimate, whatever, 20% lift and I got the result in half an hour. Peep: All right. Peep: All right. Peep: All right. Peep: All right, so on the eCommerce side, lots of different types of pages. Peep: All right.

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