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My New FiberHouse in Kansas City

Feld Thoughts

I bought a house in Kansas City on Monday. It’s next door to the Homes for Hackers and KC Startup Village. It will have Google Fiber in it. I hope it becomes an integral part of the nation’s first Google Fiberhood. I’m not going to be living in it. Instead, I’m going to let entrepreneurs live / work in it. Rent free. As part of helping create the Kansas City startup community. And to learn about the dynamics of Google Fiber. And to have some fun.

Building Your MVP as a Non-Technical Founder


I did a presentation this week at Coloft that looked at how Non-Technical Founders can go about getting their MVP built. It had a passionate group of 50 people attending. I promised to do this post as a follow-up to the session to provide additional links and information.

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Beware of Ballers on a Budget

Both Sides of the Table

The other day I was at a Mercedes dealership. Unfortunately my wife was hit head on in December by a woman who lost control of her car. It was time to get a new car and my wife’s requirements were: The safest thing on the road. As many air bags as possible.

The computing deployment phase

Chris Dixon

Technological revolutions happen in two main phases: the installation phase and the deployment phase.

Trust Can Scale

Feld Thoughts

Following is a guest post from Chris Moody. Chris is president and COO of Gnip , one of the silent killers in our portfolio. Once the main stream tech press starts noticing Gnip, they will be blown away at how big they got in such a short period of time by just executing.

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Create the Best Product

Feld Thoughts

I’m mid 2011 I wrote a post titled Competition. Things in my universe had heated up and many of the companies I was an investor in were facing lots of competition.

Equity basics: vesting, cliffs, acceleration, and exits

The Startup Toolkit

false As a cheatsheet, the “normal” equity structure is: Founder terms: 4 year vesting, 1 year cliff, for everyone, including you. Advisor terms ( 0.5–2.0% 2.0% ) : 4 year vesting, optional cliff, full acceleration on exit. Getting equity structures right.

10 R’s of Motivation Every Entrepreneur Should Know

Startup Professionals Musings

One of the keys to maximizing the productivity of your team, as well as yourself, is motivation. It has been estimated that the average team member at any given time works at less than 50% of his capacity.

Ask forgiveness, not permission

Venture Hacks

AngelList “corporate policy” is that team members should ask forgiveness, not permission. We would rather have someone do something wrong than ask permission to do it. Or better, we would rather have someone do something right and not need permission to do it. This is the most common outcome. We would rather have people ship to production whenever they want, than go through an internal review process. We can fix it on production. We prefer the customer’s review process.

The Naked Entrepreneur Interviews

Feld Thoughts

Sean Wise, a professor at Ryerson University in Toronto, has an awesome web interview series called The Naked Entrepreneur Show. Sean is the interviewer for a 30 minute studio show that is entirely produced by students at Ryerson.

How To Get Photographic Memory Instantly

Mike Michalowicz

Before you read this post I need you to make me a promise. I need you to promise that you will share this post with at least one friend if you are able to achieve something that you knew (believed) was impossible.

Master mobile navigation

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7 Steps to Achieving Entrepreneurial Lifetime Goals

Startup Professionals Musings

Successful entrepreneurs are usually hard-driving, and highly focused on some specific goals, like being the dominant player in a given domain, or the low-priced provider of their product.

Engine. Where Startups Come Together

Feld Thoughts

I’ve regularly blog about patent trolls harassing startups and impeding innovation, the experiences of immigrant founders, and the battle for a free internet. While I’m fortunate to have this blog, and other writing opportunities as a platform to give voice to these stories, I also realize that to really have a meaningful impact, we need the startup community to be involved in government. That’s where Engine Advocacy comes in.

The 4 Steps To Negotiating Winning Business Deals

Mike Michalowicz

If you don’t know how to negotiate the right way , you don’t know how to negotiate at all. Are you the person who always gets their way, no matter what? You are a horrible negotiator. Do you offer your best deal right off the bat, only to get cut down even further? You too, are a horrible negotiator.

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Top 10 Mobile Apps for Entrepreneurs on the Go

Blogtrepreneur | Entrepreneur Blog

Smartphones have pretty much taken over our world. Most entrepreneurs spend just as much time, if not more, on their phones than their actual computers. Thankfully, our phones can be used in a number of ways to improve our businesses and simplify our busy lives thanks to mobile apps.

Why MANY smart people defend themselves aggressively

Life Beyond Code

The question: Have you seen any of your smart people defending them or their actions aggressively? The BIG question: Have YOU defended yourself or your actions aggressively? I was recently at a pitch session where one of the founders gave a sub-optimal pitch and got sub-optimal ratings for his pitch.

Searching For A Better Way To Make Airline Reservations

Feld Thoughts

I travel constantly – at least 50% of the time and sometimes as much as 75% of the time. My partners at Foundry Group all travel a lot – think 100,000 miles per year for each of this. We committed to this when we started Foundry Group as our strategy was to invest across the United States while being based in Boulder. We knew that we were signing up for a lot of travel.

1-man startups

Venture Hacks

The AngelList team is roughly organized into 1-(wo)man startups. That means we expect you to treat your project like a startup. You come up with the idea, do the design, write the code, release it, market it, support customers, collect external and internal feedback and then get to work on the next version. We also expect you to work directly with our business partners like SecondMarket, VC funds and incubators. We don’t hire people who just want to code.

How Your Customers Actually Read Your Emails


This is a guest post by Chris Hexton from Vero. Have you ever thought about how your customers actually read your emails? As in, how they approach them… mentally? How important is the subject line? Do headings in emails matter? Which links are customers most likely to click?

The 6 Disciplines of the New Sales Professional

Duct Tape Marketing

The art of selling has evolved tremendously over the last few years. This is in large part because markets have immediate and deep access to the kind of information once delivered as a primary function of the selling process. photo credit: lissalou66 via photopin cc.

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70 Israeli Companies and 35 Made-In-Israel Mobile Apps Exhibiting at MWC 2013 in Barcelona

VC Cafe

Most of the mobile industry players (hardware, software, networks, etc) converges to Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona once a year to show off their latest innovations, sign deals and set the new horizon in mobile. The Israeli Pavilion has long been one of the top attractions of MWC, drawing [.]. [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]. MWC 2013 AMPhealth AMPinsure Anywhere Software CallApp MWC

Video Of The Week: My Talk With Startup Milan

A VC : Venture Capital and Technology

Last October, I skyped into an entrepreneur meetup in Milan and talked for 30 minutes. This was arranged by AVC community member David Semeria.

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5 Successful Entrepreneurs Who Started Late In Life

Mike Michalowicz

Entrepreneurship is for the young. After all you need energy, stamina, relentless focus, and the most important thing, time on your side. The key to successful entrepreneurship is simply doing it. Regardless of age or circumstance, when the opportunity presents itself, you must go for it.

Even Virtual Startup Teams Must Work Closely

Startup Professionals Musings

Almost every startup is a virtual team these days, since most don’t start out with dedicated office space, and some or all members of the team work part-time or out of their own home. It’s a small world, so these team members may not even be in the same town, or the same country.

2 Words of advice for new and serial entrepreneurs

Taffy Williams

Make your dreams a reality ! I do not know anyone that ever dreamed of going to work to make minimum wage. Perhaps there are people that dram of minimum wage jobs and I hope they achieve it. On the other hand, entrepreneurs tend to have significantly larger dreams.

Don’t Let Early Adopters Distract Your Market Focus


Image via Stock.xcng. For most new high-tech products, the first customers are always “early adopters.” The conventional wisdom is that early adopters are the ideal target for new products, to get business rolling.

How To Get Solutions From Employees That Are Better Than Yours

Mike Michalowicz

By Guest Contributor Sabrina Schleicher , PhD, PCC, BCC. No More Distractions. Does it ever feel like you could get more done, if only you had fewer interruptions from employees asking you, “How do I do this?”

10 Sage Quotes From $100M Entrepreneur Winners

Startup Professionals Musings

Entrepreneurs are a notoriously stubborn (some say confident) group of people, so I see many of them making the same mistakes that predecessors have made.

A Love Note to Entrepreneurs (#bizcrush2013)

Up and Running

It’s Valentine’s Day and who can resist the chance to wax poetic about well….love.

Back to School – VC Homework Assignments

Genuine VC

VCs like to give out homework. They won’t call it that, though. But rather they use words like “diligence” and “information requests.” Just like in school, the homework can actually be productive, as in this case it can lead to a new customer or advisor. But just like bad teachers did in grade school, VCs sometimes assign completely useless busywork.

Balance and StartUp Life

Seeing Both Sides

Living the startup life is a hard roller coaster. One day you think you're on the verge of building a billion-dollar company, the next you wake up in a cold sweat, paranoid that you are about to run out of cash and have to shut the whole thing down.

7 Qualities of Über-Productive People

Inc Startups

They work hard, and they work smart. But highly productive people also tend to think about their work differently from everyone else. Some people get more done than others--a lot more. Sure, they work hard. And they work smart.

5 Ways to Keep the Right Customers for Your Startup

Startup Professionals Musings

Most startups are happy to find any customer, and will hang on for dear life to every one.