5 Essential Spreadsheets for Social Media Analytics


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8 Simple Ways to Get Great Media Exposure

Inc Startups

It''s time to sit back and watch it go CRAZY on social media. Content generally doesn''t get picked up by media or have the slightest chance of going viral on its own (well, not unless or you''re a dancing goalie--then you can sit back and watch the hits roll in).

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Twitter Link Roundup #224 – Small Business, Startups, Innovation, Social Media, Design, Marketing and More

crowdSPRING Blog

These posts and videos are about logo design , web design , startups, entrepreneurship, small business, leadership, social media, marketing, and more! Syndicate Funding on AngelList – A Company’s Perspective – crowdspring.co/Sl0HEA.

Episode 30: Social Media Marketing with Shama Hyder and Tim Knox

Mike Michalowicz

Shama and Tim discuss how you can use social media marketing to turn your business into a profitable one. A trusted media expert and sought-after TV personality, Shama has frequently appeared on Fox Business, CBS, CW33 and Fox News. Also Available On. Show Summary.

August Roundup: What Are The Most Effective Content Marketing Strategies?


Working with brands and trying to be aware of the industry trends also exposes us to a lot of brand fails in the content marketing and social media industry. Here are 5 terrible social media mistakes that you may be making and need to avoid at all cost! This post seemed to be hitting the pain points well, and was syndicated by the folks at Business2Community as well. I’m going to start with news that’s closest to my heart.

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The End of ?Internet? Companies ? AGILEVC

Agile VC

In the wake of the undue frenzy leading up to and now ex post recriminations about Facebook’s IPO, the mainstream media and normal folks keep wondering if the non-existent “bubble” for internet companies has now popped. How to Evaluate Firms for a Seed VC.

The Minimalist Guide To Managing Your Brand Reputation Online

Duct Tape Marketing

Managing third-party reviews can get a little twisted if you do not have an automated services like Yotpo , which will syndicate all reviews in one dashboard and give you a chance to monitor and reply them instantaneously.

Lean Business Tips: Marketing Channels on the Cheap

crowdSPRING Blog

Does this mean that you should avoid online marketing and social media channels? Establishing yourself (and your brand) as an industry or topical expert is a great way to promote buzz, unearth speaking opportunities, and generate media placements.

Why Twitter is A Media Company ? AGILEVC

Agile VC

Why Twitter is A Media Company. CEO Dick Costolo famously said that Twitter is not a media company about six weeks ago at the AllThingsD conference. But frankly I can’t see Twitter as anything but a media company. Even a filter for content can be a media company.

Small Business Publicity: How to Get Media Attention & Control What's Said About You

Growthink Blog

Because if a prospective customer learns about you in most media sources, you gain massive credibility. Also, many website owners and bloggers syndicate articles from EzineArticles; in doing so, they re-publish the article on their website but must keep the bio box and links to your website.

Getting an Education Through Content Creation

Duct Tape Marketing

In fact, the wildly successful online marketing service Hubspot appears to do little more than produce, aggregate, syndicate and promote useful content as a way to expose potential customers to their way of doing business. Marketing Strategy Social Media Content

Media 30

My Content Amplification System

Duct Tape Marketing

After I hit publish I: Tweet the headline and link with some context to draw the most interest using StumbleUpon link shortener su.pr – this syndicates the content to StumbleUpon and Twitter and starts the traffic exposure in both places.

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8 Ways That Blogging Will Kickstart Your Startup

Startup Professionals Musings

If you post on industry sites, or get syndicated to popular sites, your scores and visibility will go up even more. Blogs are a great way for potential business partners to find each other, and build a social media relationship before getting into the hard negotiations of who gets how much.

Does Your Business Have a TV Show?

Duct Tape Marketing

What small business owner hasn’t watched one of these shows and thought to him or herself, “I wish I had a TV show about my business distributed by a media giant to millions of viewers around the world”? Does Your Business Have a TV Show?

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3 Tips To Help Small Businesses Get More Customers In A Post-Google Search World


Because of the explosion of social media and mobile as the primary, go-to consumer device for local information, Google is increasingly losing search share to local directories, social media sites and maps apps. Syndicate Content Out, Build Links In.

A Venture Capital History Perspective From Jack Tankersley

Feld Thoughts

Take a look at the founding syndicates of each: Masstor Sytems (5/1979). Quantum Corporation (6/1980). What is striking about these syndicates is that nobody had any meaningful capital, which forced syndication and cooperation. When we syndicated the purchase of the Buffalo, New York cable system, we literally called everybody we knew and raised an unprecedented $16 million, a breathtaking sum in 1980.

How we can fix online video advertising’s weakest links

The Next Web

Original online content has taken the major steps towards TV standards in terms of production level, content formats, resolution standards, and even media buying methods. Entrepreneur Social Media Analysis and Opinion

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Get Ready For Q115 Fundraising Insanity

Feld Thoughts

As we enter the time of year where every media-related thingy publishes it’s “best of 2014″ and “predictions for 2015″ lists, I simply pass on participating in all of them and read none of them. We are syndication agnostic and are happy to continue to finance strong, later stage companies in our portfolio with or without new co-investors. One of the dynamics of going away for a month off the grid is that you come back to a wall of data.

Accidental VC: When Should Startups Announce Seed Funding?

View from Seed

And given my marketing background (Google, Dailybreak Media, HubSpot), I often get this question directly: When should startups announce seed funding? . They create a public record of your company and investor syndicate (in some cases) for sites like Crunchbase.

Venture Outlook 2016

Both Sides of the Table

It’s like blaming the media for incessantly covering Donald Trump and then watching the ratings when Donald Trump is at a debate and being surprised that the media gives him so much coverage.

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Million Dollar PR On A Dime


Big brands spend millions each year on managing their presence in the media through public relations. Like no other form of marketing, editorial media coverage gives companies an implied third party endorsement that can drive recognition and sales.

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5 Questions VCs Never Answer, Answered by a VC | #BOSSOI

View from Seed

Editor’s note: Local tech media company BostInno (a division of the American City Business Journals) hosts an annual Boston State of Innovation conference.

Transparent Funding Announcements

Feld Thoughts

After he posted it, he sent around the link to a few prominent people in the tech media. When I pondered it, I realized how divergent the media was becoming from what entrepreneurs were thirsty for in terms of substance. Interestingly, the media wrote more this time. But when I go back and read the media stories, they are still overly focused on the amount of the financing, rather than the story behind it. We are in a cycle again where how much you raise is the story.

How to Find and Close Angel Investors from a Standing Start

View from Seed

Whether an entrepreneur is raising a smaller (pre-)seed round entirely from individuals or she has a seed-stage or larger VC firm involved in (leading) the seed syndicate, it’s somewhere between necessary and optimal to have multiple individual angel investors involved. These include the top investor list on AngelList in Boston and NYC , as well as media-produced roundups like Business Insider’s and AlleyWatch’s.

5 Ways Content Marketing Can Benefit PR

Duct Tape Marketing

With the advent of social media, the tables turned for professionals working in the PR industry. Some will say that social media networks are the worst imaginable PR nightmare there is. Paid media placement is all well and good but today it feels a bit out of place and untrustworthy.

PR 27

Digital Marketing on a Shoestring

Inc Startups

Own Your Media When you're bootstrapping, it's vital that some of your efforts go towards building your brand. The beauty is that you can develop content yourself and own your media. Syndicate Your Content Developing compelling content is only half the battle.

CTAN is the Most Active Angel Group Nationwide


And 74 percent of the deals were syndicated. When angels co-invest with other types of investors the media […] The post CTAN is the Most Active Angel Group Nationwide appeared first on SiliconHills.

Google's Penguin 2.0 Update: What You Need to Know

Inc Startups

Promote Advanced Content to Online Media Outlets If advanced content is indeed remarkable, online media wants to know about it. However, online media''s resources are finite. This process is called earned media.

LinkedIn Explores What It Takes To Be an Entrepreneur [INFOGRAPHIC]


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16 PR Strategies Every Small Business Should Stop Using Right Now

Up and Running

You’re better off working with an experienced freelance PR professional who can put out a press release, blog posts and get you local media coverage at a lower cost. – Grant Gordon , Solomon Consulting Group.

PR 45

8 Tips to Improve Your SEO Now

Inc Startups

Syndicate your own content. In some cases, it is possible to create content and get paid by others sites for syndication. But Robert Granholm, the CTO at IT Arsenal , says you can syndicate your own content. Stop languishing in a dark corner of the World Wide Web.

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Looking for: Utility App for User-generated Local Content - NextWala


Syndicate Content. NextWala. VC perspective and analysis from a former entrepreneur. About Me. Dev Khare. New Delhi, India. dkhare at lightspeedvp dot com. www.about.me/dkhare. dkhare. Follow @dkhare. Follow Dev on Quora. Twitter Updates. follow me on Twitter. Recent Comments.

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Getting Blog Visitors to Stick Around – 7 Keys for Success

Blogtrepreneur | Entrepreneur Blog

RSS, or Really Simple Syndication, blasts your content to your subscribers in a constant feed along with postings from their other subscribed sites. Social media now plays a huge part in drawing in and retaining readers for any blog.

Online Marketing Success Gone Wrong?

Inc Startups

The Power of Earned Media What Winthrop wasn''t prepared for was the tidal wave of orders that came through in response to Manjoo''s Slate article declaring the American Giant product "the greatest sweatshirt known to man."

Media 18

10 Characteristics of Successful Distribution Networks - NextWala


Photo by Nick Saltmarsh ) Over the past few months, I've looked at many startups that are focused on distribution of content in the digital media & mobile space.  Syndicate Content. NextWala. VC perspective and analysis from a former entrepreneur. About Me. Dev Khare.

Episode 16: Tips for Starting A Profitable Business With Melinda Emerson

Mike Michalowicz

A pioneer in social media marketing, she is the creator and host of #Smallbizchat, the longest running live chat on Twitter for small business owners. She is the publisher of her resource blog, www.succeedasyourownboss.com , which is syndicated by the Huffington Post. Show Summary.

Real Estate and Technology – The New Toolbox

Blogtrepreneur | Entrepreneur Blog

The basics of having a website and using social media have grown to include smart real estate accounting software that tracks every element of a sale to interactive apps that sales agents use to tailor their presentations to perspective buyers. While the website is still the portal to the search for the perfect property, there are syndicated real estate hubs a company can be listed through that will increase their reach.

4 Considerations for Expanding Your Startup to International Markets


Now more than ever, social media channels are increasingly the norm, so further investing in community activities like meet-ups and workshops can add a face-to-face element — one that is extremely valuable.

Working with Friends

Non-Linear Growth

A couple of years ago, Intel joined our syndicate at Crisp Media. I’d gladly have Intel join the syndicate at any of my companies. Last week I wrote about the value of repeat relationships in the venture capital and private equity business. I used the example of a portfolio company that recently raised capital from a firm we have worked with on a repeat-basis.

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Why Launching a Startup Is More Expensive Than You Think


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