[US] [Event] Launch Tennessee’s Southland Conference To Highlight South’s Top 50 Startup Companies


California’s Silicon Valley and New York tend to hog the headlines as America’s most lauded hotbeds of innovation, but Launch Tennessee (LaunchTN) wants to prove that the country’s South also features plenty of innovative startups that can challenge for dominance in the global marketplace. Events & Happenings competition conference Entrepreneurship Launch Tennessee Nashville Southland startup Tennessee

Tennessee Innovation, Gonzeaux #6 – Persistence Personifies Nashville

Gregg Fraley, Author of Jack's Notebook

Nashville,, Tennessee — Saturday May 12, Gonzeaux #6. Creativity and Self-Expression Innovation Inspirational Leadership Marketing Bill Tallent Debbie Gordon Entrepreneurial Gonzeaux Innovation Gonzeaux Innovation Tour Gregg Fraley Mercury Intermedia Nashville S3 Consulting Snappy Auction Tennessee TNNashville is throwing the recession out of town. The building boom cut short by the downturn seems to be back in full swing here.


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Another Study Shows Business Owner Pessimism

The Entrepreneurial Mind

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I owe my soul to the YouTube store

deal architect

Another day older and deeper in debt" I love Tennessee Ernie Ford's 1955 hit - the horn section and his colorful description of a coal miner's life. "You load sixteen tons, what do you get? The amazing work ethic (to. Analyst Cam Burning Platform New Normal COVID-19

Helpful Habits and Hacks for Working from Home

The Entrepreneurial Mind

The word from Washington (and the word from here in Tennessee, too) is that we better get settled in to working from home for a while longer. Even though I’ve been doing quite a bit of working from home over the years, it is an adjustment to be only working from home.

Welcome to The Entrepreneurial Mind 4.0

The Entrepreneurial Mind

In 2003, you could probably fit all the bloggers in the entire state of Tennessee into one of my classrooms and still have room for a few more. I first launched this blog fifteen years ago. It started quite simply as an experiment with a new medium that I knew very little about. Over time, […]. The post Welcome to The Entrepreneurial Mind 4.0 appeared first on Dr Jeff Cornwall

Entrepreneurs Don't Plan To Fail, They Fail To Plan

Growthink Blog

According to research from the University of Tennessee, 44% of businesses fail within the first three years. Most businesses fail. I hate to be so blunt, but this is the truth. The only thing that varies is just how many businesses fail. And within certain sectors, like information (which includes most technology companies), 63% fail within 3 years, or in Retail, 53% fail within 36 months. read more. Dave Lavinsky

Does Your Small Business Need Workers’ Compensation Insurance?


by Veronica Baxter. Perhaps. Statutory workers’ compensation laws are particular to each state, but in general, businesses having employees that are not large enough to self-insure must carry workers’ comp insurance.

Reasons to Trust Your Property Management to Professionals

The Startup Magazine

Evernest has an established reputation for their property management assistance in Jackson, with locations in Mississippi’s neighboring states of Arkansas, Alabama, and Tennessee.

Creating an Amendment to Nonprofit Bylaws

Board Effect

The undersigned certify that: We are the president and the secretary, respectively, of the ABC Nonprofit, a Tennessee corporation with the Entity Number of XXXXXXXXX.

The First Page of Your Google Search is Your New Business Card

Duct Tape Marketing

He is also an investor in a window coverings franchise in Middle Tennessee. The First Page of Your Google Search is Your New Business Card written by Sara Nay read more at Duct Tape Marketing. Agency Spark Podcast with With Dean Heasley.

Memphis-based Start Co. To Present 16 Startups At Demo Day


Memphis, Tennessee-based nonprofit venture development organization Start Co. will be presenting 16 new startups at its Demo Day on 21 August at Orpheum Theater.

Tips On Saving Up and Investing For Your Retirement

The Startup Magazine

For example, Florida, Wyoming, Texas, Nevada, Washington, South Dakota, Tennessee offer no state income taxes. At the same time, New Hampshire and Tennessee have a tax dividend and interest policy.

Finding Global Markets for App

The Entrepreneurial Mind

Aloompa is an app development business located in Nashville, Tennessee that specializes primarily in apps for music festivals. Their first customer was the Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival in Manchester, Tennessee. ENTREPRENEURIAL PROFILE : Aloompa. The app includes a map the festival grounds, including the location of food vendors, bathrooms, retail spaces, and stage locations.

Podcast 119: Unveiling the Brain with Roger Dooley

Mike Michalowicz

He has an engineering degree from Carnegie Mellon University and an MBA from the University of Tennessee. He has an engineering degree from Carnegie Mellon University and an MBA from the University of Tennessee. Also Available On. Show Summary. Roger Dooley joins us again to talk about understanding the way our brains work in order to make the best decisions for your business. Welcome to Episode 119 of the Profit First Podcast! Our Guest.

Not a Fan of Angel Investment Tax Credits

The Entrepreneurial Mind

Milt Capps who published Venture Nashville Connections contacted me the other day to see what I thought of a bill here in Tennessee that would create tax credits for angel investors. This is a well intentioned bill, but not one that will have much of an impact on economic growth in Tennessee. Here is what I told him: Targeted tax credits for angel investments do little to spur new investments or to increase the overall activity level of angel investing over the long term.

What Are The Statutes Of Limitations And Why Are They Important? 


1 year – Kentucky; Louisiana; Tennessee . Victims of accidents or crimes may think that there’s plenty of time to pursue a case. That would depend on the state in which they live, due to the limited time that the law allows to file a case. This term is called the statute of limitations.

Giving Thanks for Small Business

The Entrepreneurial Mind

She reflected at her blog on all of the many wonderful small businesses that make up our downtown in Franklin, Tennessee. As my quote of the week, I offer the words of our daughter, Maggie Kuyper, who teaches English and coaches volleyball at St. Cecilia Academy in Nashville. So thanks to all the people and families who spend their time building and running these awesome small businesses! You can read the entire post at her blog Life, Literature, and the Pursuit of Happiness.

What Your Nonprofit Board Should Know About Pay Equity  

Board Effect

For example, “The NAMI Tennessee executive director will receive pay that is comparable on average with other NAMI state affiliates.” . As you accept a nonprofit board position, you may already know that executive compensation is one of the board’s most important duties.

10 Storytelling Festivals You Must Attend in 2016


Touted as being one of the Top 100 Events in North America, The National Storytelling festival brings dozens of local and international speakers and performers to historic Jonesborough, Tennessee. We are storytelling animals. And so, before you ask yourself what can storytelling offer to your business, think back on what you engage with as a person. Looking at the hundreds of thousands of years of storytelling history, we can see how storytelling has evolved.

The Top 4 Cities To Start A Business In This Year


The brilliant thing about Nashville is that it’s in the state of Tennessee. Starting a successful business can be a lot of hard work. You have to think about so many factors that can determine whether you sink or swim. At the top of that list will be the location of your business. Did you know that the city you start your company in can influence your success? It’s true, there are many cities in the country that are better for small businesses than others.

“My Name is Jim”

The Entrepreneurial Mind

Richland, LLC , located in Pulaski, Tennessee, is an industrial service company that supplies, assembles, fabricates, installs, paints, sandblasts and tests equipment that involves mechanical or electrical components. ENTREPRENEURIAL PROFILE : Jim Greene: Richland, LLC. Richland has contracts with TSKE Tsukishima Kankyo Engineering Ltd., a Japanese company, and Moritani, a German company. Tsukishima Kankyo and Moritani engage in many joint projects around the globe.

How Women Can Go the Extra Mile with Retirement Planning

Women Entrepreneurs Can

If you reside in Tennessee, you can seek guidance from a retirement planning advisor in Nashville to understand how the coverage works. The number of working women in the US is significantly high, but females are often less conscious about retirement planning.

[Review] Roadside MBA


Then there’s Johnson City, Tennessee-based Morris-Baker Funeral Home, which conquered a brand challenge by improving brand awareness and promoting word-of-mouth. What happens when you pack three economists into a car and send them off on a road trip to discover the secrets behind America’s small businesses across the country?

Utah 149

How to Add Affiliate Marketing to Your Content

Duct Tape Marketing

Previously, he was the Internet Marketing Manager at Legacy Learning Systems in Nashville, Tennessee. Previously, he was the Internet Marketing Manager at Legacy Learning Systems in Nashville, Tennessee.

Forget The ‘Likes’ – How To Market Effectively Using Today’s Facebook


A graduate of the University of Tennessee-Chattanooga, Sellers specializes in online content marketing strategies, driving engagement through blogging best practices and use of multiple media formats including video, photos and graphics. by Jonathan Sellers, social media strategist at EMSI Public Relations. It seems nothing changes faster than the big social media platforms – Facebook, Twitter, Google+.

Warning: The Truth Well Told


As we say here in East Tennessee those are “Hard Sayings”. by Ralph Masengill, author of “ Conquer Change and Win “. After over forty years of studying change, one thing is crystal clear. When it comes to change we only have two choices. One is to embrace change with all of the issues that seems to bring or we can live in denial of the truth that change is always going on and suffer through our denial.

Episode 25: Profitable Neuromarketing with Roger Dooley

Mike Michalowicz

He has an engineering degree from Carnegie Mellon University and an MBA from the University of Tennessee. He has an engineering degree from Carnegie Mellon University and an MBA from the University of Tennessee. Show Summary. Author and Entrepreneur, Roger Dooley, joins Episode 25 of the Profit First Podcast. Roger shares a few tips on how to use neuromarketing to increase profitability in your business. Our Guest.

An Alternative to the Uncertainty of Outcoursing

The Entrepreneurial Mind

DevDigital has offices in Nashville, Tennessee and Baroda, India. ENTREPRENEURIAL PROFILE : Peter Marcum: DevDigital. DevDigital began as company that bought used Internet network assets, such as routers and switches, from distressed companies at a steep discount. The company would refurbish this hardware and resell it to small independent network companies. Eventually the company moved into the actual operation of digital networks.

Servant Leadership In Action


Answered by Tamika Catchings, retired WNBA player, 2011 WNBA MVP and ten-time All Star, four-time Olympic gold medalist, and former University of Tennessee Lady Vol under Coach Pat Summitt.). When I think of servant leadership I think of Pat Summitt, my basketball coach at the University of Tennessee from 1997 to 2001.

The Pitfalls Of State And Local Taxation For Startup Companies


Alabama, South Dakota, Tennessee, Massachusetts, Vermont and Wyoming have all adopted economic nexus rules effective during 2017 or prior with regard to sales and use tax. by Rebecca Stidham, Senior Manager – Tax Services at OUM & Co.

The Art of Work with Author Jeff Goins [Free Webinar]

Up and Running

About author Jeff Goins: Jeff Goins is a full-time writer who lives just outside of Nashville, Tennessee, with his wife, son, and border collie. Should you start your own business, or stick to your day job? Is your passion all that’s required to succeed? Join author and speaker, Jeff Goins, on Thursday, June 4 at 12:30pm EST for a free webinar based on his new book, The Art of Work: A Proven Path to Discovering What You Were Meant to Do.

How Startups Can Prepare For Their First Tax Audit


California and Massachusetts have state minimum taxes, whereas states such as Alabama and Tennessee impose franchise tax based on capital/equity. by Chris S. Millias and Warren Chung of OUM & Co. Successful entrepreneurs start with a vision. They spend a lot of time, effort and resources on developing a business plan, and even more time and effort on raising capital, finding the right people and developing strategic partners.

Fear And Anxiety Caused By Change


the same afternoon, law officers from several counties, the city police, and the Tennessee Highway Patrol had surrounded a duplex apartment about three blocks away. Meanwhile, I was behind a great big shrub with a Tennessee Highway Patrolman, just looking around and waiting for the fifteen minutes to pass by. When I saw the escaped prisoner, I backed away from the bush and asked the Tennessee trooper to join me.

Can You Track An Employee’s Cell Phone Without Installing Software?


In some states, such as Texas, Virginia, Minnesota, and Tennessee, tracking company vehicles without the owner’s consent is deemed illegal. Being able to track your employees makes good business sense, especially if they are not tied to a desk or an office. If you employ a sales staff or have employees who work remotely or at home, you may need a way to track their location.

25 Entrepreneurs Explain How They Came Up With Their Business Names


Ironically, our next move was to Nashville, Tennessee, and when I carried the name forward to my new company, Nash Painting, it came to have twice the meaning, reflecting the nickname of the city I serve as well as my own commitment to it.

Naming 100

Entrepreneurial Cheeseheads Work Both Sides of the Street

The Entrepreneurial Mind

This Cheesehead now living in Tennessee hopes he is right! Full disclosure -- I am one of those nutty Cheeseheads you have been reading about with the Packers in the Super Bowl. There is an entrepreneurial angle to the Super Bowl XLV that involves the iconic symbols for both of the teams. Packers are known for their Cheeseheads. Even our clergy are not immune to displaying their Cheesehead pride.

Multichannel Mastery: The 3 C’s of Effective Integrated Marketing


Allen Baler is a Partner at 4Patriots LLC, a Tennessee based small business that provides products to help people be more self-reliant and more independent. by Allen Baler , partner at 4Patriots LLC. Modern marketers are scrambling these days to keep up with traditional media and the bombardment of new marketing channels.

Play4Skill Raises $400K for Dominoes Gambling

VC Cafe

Players located in any of the 12 states in the United States of America: Arizona, Arkansas, Delaware, Florida, Illinois, lowa, Louisiana, Maryland, Montana, Ohio, Tennessee and Vermont, are neither eligible to open an account with Dominoes Stars. P lay4Skill , a relatively unknown Israeli startup, has raised an second round of $400,000 from from Israeli advertising agency Adler Chomsky. P4S develops multi-player skill games, primarily focused on 3D life-like Domino games.

14 Entrepreneurs Explain How They Are Incorporating Social Entrepreneurship in Their Business


Last summer our team began implementing a little program to get connected with our local community in Nashville Tennessee. It’s argued that social entrepreneurship is the new business model due its ability to help one connect with the world and live a purposeful life while serving others.

Why living in a hotel could be perfect for creative entrepreneurs

The Next Web

Tennessee Williams wrote much of his later material in another hotel in the city. This post is brought to you by Sheraton. Click here to explore Sheraton Club. I’ve written a few posts about traveling and working and living in hotel rooms now as part of a sponsored post by Sheraton.

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Entrepreneurial Wisdom from Dave

The Entrepreneurial Mind

I had the pleasure and honor of interviewing Dave Ramsey for Insider's View , a show that runs on Tennessee Public Television, in front of an audience of about 600 students. We talked about his own entrepreneurial experiences and his advice for others on their entrepreneurial journeys. Here are a few summary highlights: Pursue only opportunities you have a passion for, as "entrepreneurship is a tough boss." Don't give up.

The Endless Frontier: U.S. Science and National Industrial Policy (part 1)

Steve Blank

The material to make the bombs – Plutonium and Uranium 235 – were made by civilian contractors at Hanford Washington and Oak Ridge Tennessee. The U.S. has spent the last 70 years making massive investments in basic and applied research. Government funding of research started in World War II driven by the needs of the military for weapon systems to defeat Germany and Japan.