What Boston’s Top Consumer Tech Leaders Think About Boston’s Consumer Tech Struggles [#BostonB2C Recap]

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On Tuesday, July 21, we hosted the first-ever Boston Consumer Tech Summit. But a large majority of our investments are in our backyard of Boston — and, aside from our work as investors, this city is near and dear to our hearts. Over the past few years, the tech community has absolutely exploded locally (and if you’re new here or just want to take it all in, here’s our Hitchhiker’s Guide to Boston Tech microsite). Yep, Boston has consumer tech.

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Entrepreneurs and #RubyRiot In Boston

Feld Thoughts

Boston has always been a great entrepreneurial community. When TechStars opened a Boston program in 2009 there was definitely new energy around the software / Internet startup scene in Boston and TechStars was excited to be part of. When I say “Boston&# , I actually mean “Boston/Cambridge&# where the center of mass is really near MIT in Cambridge. I spent the day at TechStars Boston yesterday meeting with all of the TechStars Boston 2011 companies.

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#boston2014 – Running This Year’s Boston Marathon

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On April 16, 2013 I wrote a post about the horrific tragedy at the 2013 Boston Marathon. I was getting ready for a Google Hangout back to my office with my partners and I noticed something about an explosion at the Boston Marathon on twitter. My partners were all shaken also – Seth lived in Boston for many years, Ryan has done several marathons, and Jason just did his first marathon last year in Detroit. And keep Boston running strong!

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The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Boston Tech: 2016 Update

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Today, we are excited to re-release an updated Hitchhiker’s Guide to Boston Tech ! I wanted to point out a couple things in the updated guide, but the general theme is that we are simply seeing more, bigger, and better things happening here in Boston.

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Design Museum Boston

Up and Running

” That was the question one of my students asked me three years ago when I quietly told him my plan to start a design museum in Boston with my friend and business partner, Derek Cascio. And we quickly asked, “why isn’t there already a design museum in Boston?”

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I’m In Cambridge, Not Boston

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Over the last three weeks I’ve had numerous people ask me how my trip to Boston has been going. Tonight, after hanging out at the TechStars Boston Mentor evening and program kickoff, I got into a long discussion with a Bill Warner and Ken Zolot about Cambridge, Boston, and startup communities. At some point in the conversation I blurted out “I have no idea why we call this program TechStars Boston instead of TechStars Cambridge.”

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TechStars Boston Applications Are Heating Up

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The TechStars Boston application deadline is 1/31/11. However, the early application deadline is actually 1/13/11 – anyone that applies by this date is eligible to come to TechStars for a Day in Boston on 1/19/2011. Boston has always had a wide range of early stage companies with unique characteristics, most notably robotics and network and system layer software, so it’s great to entrepreneurs from these segments show up. TechStars boston

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Boston Startup Talent: Leaky Bucket or Everlasting Spring?

Agile VC

One of our portfolio companies, Plastiq , announced yesterday that they raised a $10M Series B led by Khosla Ventures and are planning to move their headquarters from Boston to San Francisco. The Boston ecosystem may have failed young entrepreneurs 7-10 years ago.

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How One Startup Combines Boston’s B2B Sense with the Valley’s Social Media Style

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The city I call home, Boston, is not known for its social products. However, it’s home to some of the smartest entrepreneurs I’ve ever met, along with a long list of exceptional colleges and universities.

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Are You A Boston Based Entrepreneur Looking for a Mentor?

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My long time friend Warren Katz pointed me out to an event on March 3, 2010 called EO Boston Accelerator Shark Bowl 2010. It’s a competition for entrepreneurs under 40 with businesses between $100k / year and $1m / year in revenue. You present to a group of judges including Warren (MAK Technologies), Rich Farrell (Full Armor), Clark Waterfall (Boston Search Group), and Michael Hackel (DiningIN) who are all EO Boston members.

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The Boston Surprise

Fred Destin

Now that I am leaving Boston I can talk about its startup ecosystem in all candor. When Oculus VR was sold recently, I know many people were surprised to hear Boston mentioned in connection with the company. Culture matters, and here in Boston the startup culture has been building fast.

Boston’s WebInno Is Now BIG

Genuine VC

Back in June, the local Boston tech community together celebrated the ten year anniversary of the Web Innovators Group, affectionately known as “WebInno.” Now Boston’s largest regular tech conference, every few months it draws hundreds of attendees from the entrepreneurial ecosystem – including founders, software engineers, startup executives, and investors. Accelerators, incubators, and co-working spaces have proliferated in Cambridge and Boston.

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GrabCAD’s Acquisition: From Talinn to London to Boston

Agile VC

He was wrapping up GrabCAD’s participation in the Seedcamp accelerator program, and the Seedcamp startups were in the US to visit potential advisors and investors in Boston, New York, and SF. GrabCAD today announced their acquisition by Stratasys (NASDAQ: SSYS).

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Visiting Boston Oct. 3-5: events at Harvard and with SMA Consultancy

David Teten

I hope to meet some of the local investor and founder community when I visit Boston October 3-5: On October 3 evening , SMA is hosting a discussion on “ New Models for Engaging Talent: the On-Demand Professional ” at the Boston Marriott Long Wharf. You can see a preview of my presentation here: How Entrepreneurs and Executives Can Work with Private Equity and Venture Capital Funds. The post Visiting Boston Oct. Boston HBS Alumni Angels

The Unique but Powerful Way the HubSpot Mafia is Impacting Boston Startups

Genuine VC

The benefits have been touted previously : an anchor for attracting and retaining talent in Boston, as well as a breeding ground for the next set of great Boston entrepreneurs and founders. As HubSpot co-founder and CTO Dharmesh Shah recently told BostInno , “We’ve wanted to not just build a great company, but also build some great entrepreneurs.” The post The Unique but Powerful Way the HubSpot Mafia is Impacting Boston Startups appeared first on GenuineVC

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What Makes The Boston Startup Scene Special?

Seeing Both Sides

Every fall, I deliver a presentation at Harvard's iLab, open to the community, on what makes the Boston startup scene so special. It has become a nice opportunity to step back and appreciate all the rich resources entrepreneurs have at their fingertips in the Boston community.

Boston Strong

Rob Go

It was a wonderful showcase of all the great companies, people, and investors that have helped the Boston technology market come roaring back in recent months and years. I was reminded last night why I moved to Boston from Silicon Valley many years ago and why I think the ecosystem is so great. In particular, I love this place because: Boston is a town of substance. Wayfair in particular was honored as the “best startup” in Boston, and what a startup it is.

In Boston, a School to Learn How to Work at a Startup


The Boston Startup School , founded at TechStars Boston (see For TechStars Boston, Life Beyond the Pitch ), is creating a program that will give aspiring entrepreneurs and others all the tools they will need to work at a startup.

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Harvard iLab Entrepreneurship Discussion, Wednesday, Jan. 23, Boston

David Teten

I’ll be at the Harvard iLab for a complimentary discussion and networking event on being an entrepreneur, Wednesday, January 23, from 6-8pm. It’s hosted by: Harvard Alumni Association, Harvard Alumni Entrepreneurs, Harvard Venture Partners, Social Innovation Collaborative, and Aspiring Minority Business Leaders and Entrepreneurs (AMBLE). Boston Harvard Business School HBS Alumni Angels Startups

Boston Startup Culture : The entrepreneur’s view

Fred Destin

Webb at NEVCA pushed through a survey that looks at the relative attractiveness of Boston as a startup market. Nearly two-thirds of respondents consider Boston’s community to be “thriving”. Belief that Boston-based VCs are often too conservative and too close-minded.

Today's the day I become a Boston entrepreneur


But, I can say this: as the rare entrepreneur who moves from the Silicon Valley to Boston, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the reverse-move and wonder what other web entrepreneurs are thinking when they move to the Valley? We moved to Boston for my husband’s career. So, I thought that moving to Boston would be a step-down for my career and my startup, LaunchBit. I’m not sure what the Boston consumer web community was like before I got here.

(First Annual?) List of Go-To Early-Stage Service Providers in the NextView Ventures Boston Portfolio

Genuine VC

Recently, we surveyed our Boston-based NextView portfolio Founder/CEOs asking them about which service provider firms they’ve been using. Plus, my partners and I saw entrepreneurs repeatedly starting from square-one each time, which just didn’t seem efficient if we could help in some small way.

10 Keys To Making Money By Investing In Entrepreneurs

Startup Professionals Musings

Investing in entrepreneurs and startups is a fun but different world from investing in conventional stocks, bonds, and commodities. Fund an entrepreneur you know and trust. Most entrepreneurs start asking for money from this tier, when they have very little more than an idea.

8 Lessons From The Field On Building A Premier Brand

Startup Professionals Musings

I found some eye-opening insights in the classic book, “ Rocket: Eight Lessons to Secure Infinite Growth ,” by The Boston Consulting Group. Boston Consulting Group brand entrepreneur lessons

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Startup Ecosystem Report : Boston vs rest of the world

Fred Destin

The new report ranks Boston ranks 6th overall, behind SV, Tel Aviv, LA (oddly), Seattle (oddly) & New York but also highlights its breadth and depth and concludes it is a "real alternative to Silicon Valley". Boston startups are 24% more likely to monetize directly than SV startups.

8 New Rules For Growing An Enduring Startup Brand

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I found some eye-opening elements and insights in a new book, “ Rocket: Eight Lessons to Secure Infinite Growth ,” by The Boston Consulting Group. Boston Consulting Group branding entrepreneur startup

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The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Boston Tech – A Front Door to the Boston Startup Community

Rob Go

Today, we’re excited to unveil the official Hitchhiker’s Guide to Boston Tech — a comprehensive overview of what tech entrepreneurs and professionals need to navigate and succeed in our local community. We’ve got a lot more work to do in Boston tech.

24 Entrepreneurs Explain What They Love About Being An Entrepreneur


Being in love with your business, when you’re an entrepreneur, is even better. Although there are days when tossing in your hat seems like a viable option, remembering how much you love your “job” can quickly snap an entrepreneur out of that mentality. Being in love is great.

5 Questions VCs Never Answer, Answered by a VC | #BOSSOI

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Editor’s note: Local tech media company BostInno (a division of the American City Business Journals) hosts an annual Boston State of Innovation conference. I was recently asked to sit on panel with my fellow VC peers and some top entrepreneurs from the Boston tech community.

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TheFunded Coming To Boston


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How Philadelphia is Winning a Startup Renaissance

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Meanwhile, Philly quietly chugs away drawing entrepreneurs and venture capital (VC) dollars. Boston and Pittsburgh are both slightly over 300 miles from Philly. The City of Brotherly Love. The Birthplace of America. The town that introduced the world to Rocky Balboa and cheesesteaks.

Linuxworld Boston


Last year at this time, I was at Demo in Arizona watching a couple of my portfolio companies launch new products and networking with other VCs and entrepreneurs. Given my travel schedule of late, I decided to go to Linuxworld in Boston for a day and follow Demo from many of the bloggers like Jeff Nolan. The post Linuxworld Boston appeared first on BeyondVC.

Traction #5: How One Journalist Broke into Tech & Rocketed to the Top in Just 18 Months

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Traction is NextView’s twice-monthly podcast sharing the stories of creative and unusual ways entrepreneurs gain initial results. The different, bold thing Dennis did to get noticed by The Boston Globe. Why Boston’s largest media publications obsess over food, politics, and sports … but not tech … and what can be done to change that. Traction Podcast boston tech dennis keohane pando daily

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Boston VC community breaks with killjoy roots, will actually party

Fred Destin

After years of being forced into clumsy genuflections at the foot of Waltham's money hill before being allowed into plush, Four Season-esque offices, select entrepreneurs will even be allowed to cast their vote on who the best venture firm in town might be. Boston Conferences

Right Entrepreneurs In The Right Place Get Funded

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California (Silicon Valley), New York (NYC), and Massachusetts (Boston) are the places to be in the US for venture capital attention. In other locations, the trend was more equal, even somewhat reversed in New York and Boston. entrepreneur funding venture capital

CEO of the Newest Unicorn Startup on Their Tough Start & Fast Rise [Traction Podcast #8]

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The NextView podcast Traction shares the incredible stories of the creative and unusual things entrepreneurs did to make initial progress in an important. Traction Podcast boston tech consumer fundraising marketing podcast tractionListen on iTunes , SoundCloud , or Stitcher. The founding stories of companies like LinkedIn , DraftKings , General Assembly , The Muse , NatureBox , InsightSquared , and more have appeared on the show. New episodes every two weeks.

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10 Keys To Giving The Right Entrepreneur Your Money

Startup Professionals Musings

Investing in entrepreneurs and startups is a fun but different world from investing in conventional stocks, bonds, and commodities. Fund an entrepreneur you know and trust. Most entrepreneurs start asking for money from this tier, when they have very little more than an idea.

25 Entrepreneurs Explain What They Love About Being an Entrepreneur


Being in love with your business, when you’re an entrepreneur, is even better. Although there are days when tossing in your hat seems like a viable option, remembering how much you love your “job” can quickly snap an entrepreneur out of that mentality. Entrepreneurs are innovators.

Global Perspective: Current Opportunities for Low-Cost Manufacturing in China

The Startup Magazine

However, despite rising wages and the US-China tensions over tariffs, analysts such as those from the Boston Consulting Group have said that “it is reasonable to assume that China will remain manufacturing’s center of gravity for the foreseeable future”.

China 116

30 Entrepreneur Share Their Goals for 2020


Often entrepreneurs and business owners create their New Year’s Resolutions around their business. We asked 30 entrepreneurs to share their business goals and what they were looking forward to in 2020. #1- Being an entrepreneur, I’m always focused on achieving goals.

Business Analyst Job Opportunity in Boston


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Why Angelist Syndicates is Great For the Boston Startup Community

Rob Go

I’ve been thinking a lot about what Angelist means for the entrepreneurial ecosystem, especially here in Boston where I live. Which is why I’m pretty psyched about Angelist syndicates, especially in relation to the Boston startup community. Boston is an incredibly rich ecosystem in almost all regards. What does exist in Boston in increasing numbers of really strong entrepreneurs who are just getting started in angel investing.

15 Entrepreneurs Reveal What They Hate About Being an Entrepreneur


Heres what entrepreneurs had to say about what they dislike about being an entrepreneur. Photo credit: Donyshia Boston-Hill. Finally, entrepreneurship is a lonely world unless you have a network of other entrepreneurs that have walked in your shoes for advice and guidance.