The Definitive Guide to Connected Manufacturing

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Plex has a neat publication for the new world of Advanced Manufacturing (see many examples in the resurgence that Greenville, SC is showing as a factory town) and where we are seeing the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Plex calls it Connected.

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10+1 Buzzwords : Content Marketing Definitions That You Need To Know


Here are 10 buzzwords and content marketing definitions to watch out for this year. 10+1 Buzzwords : Content Marketing Definitions That You Need To Know. The post 10+1 Buzzwords : Content Marketing Definitions That You Need To Know appeared first on Brandanew.

Facebook Messenger Chatbot Marketing: The Definitive Guide (2018)

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The post Facebook Messenger Chatbot Marketing: The Definitive Guide (2018) appeared first on crowdspring Blog. This is a comprehensive guide to Facebook Messenger Marketing using chatbots.

The new definition of vertical expertise

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Steve Jobs changed the music, telephony, publishing and retail industry with Apple’s products and processes. Elon Musk is changing how we drive, commute, generate power and explore space. Jeff Immelt presents with giant props like aircraft engines and blowout preventers. Industry Commentary

4 Definitive Ways To Deal With Outages


by Shankar Ganesh, Marketing Analyst at Freshdesk. Back in 2007-08, I remember when not a week went by without Twitter going down. In fact, sometimes, the fail whale would take ages to load. The good people behind Twitter would apologize and if it was a slow news day, tech media would pick it up.

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Branding for Food Trucks: The Definitive Guide

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Image courtesy of Mobile Cuisine. Deciding how to brand your food truck may be the most important decision you’ll face as a food-on-the-go entrepreneur. A well-branded truck can draw attention to your business all day, every day, everywhere it goes.

5 Tips for Starting a Successful Clothing Brand: The Definitive Guide (2018)

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The post 5 Tips for Starting a Successful Clothing Brand: The Definitive Guide (2018) appeared first on crowdspring Blog. Many people want to start a clothing brand or clothing line. After all, how difficult could it be?

Definitive Advice

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Where doubt is an omnipresent reality, the best advice we can give is definitive advice. Advice is an interesting thing to give because by it is opinionated in nature. It is influenced more by the previous experience of the giver, more than it is by the taker. Because advice we give is usually one of many possible courses of action, there will always be doubt in the recommendation. The only way of really knowing what advice to take, only becomes evident after it has been taken.

What is the Definition of a Seed Round or an A Round?

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Marc Andreessen kicked off another great debate on Twitter last night , one that I’ve been talking about incessantly in private circles for the past 2-3 years – what actually IS the definition of a seed vs. A-round. My personal definition?

The Changed Definition of Vertical Technology

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It was 1997. Gartner used to publish an annual poster which rated systems integrators/outsourcers by industries, by geographies, by technologies, and other competencies. It was a large wall hanger with many rows and columns, and many analysts, including me, had. Industry Commentary Vertical Markets (Banking, Retail etc

Finding Flow, The Definition Of A Meaningful Life And How To Discover Your True Purpose by Yaro Starak

The post Finding Flow, The Definition Of A Meaningful Life And How To Discover Your True Purpose appeared first on Yaro.Blog. Note From Yaro: This article is from my Change Manifesto series.

The Definitive Guide to Building a Brand

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Building a brand that’s authentic, consistent, and rooted in a distinct personality separates you from the competition and allows your customers to connect with you on a more meaningful level. Building a brand can feel daunting. In fact many small businesses feel like it’s something that only the “big guys” can afford. But branding is something that every company can do if you follow a few basic rules. Step 1: R emember that a brand is more than a logo.

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??30 Smart Phrases You Should Definitely Use At Work

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Forget buzzwords and useless phrases that are often perceived as red flags at work. The best way to communicate with your team, investors and customers is to say the right things. Lead communication company culture leadership

The Definitive Guide to Data-Driven Marketing

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The Definitive Guide to Data-Driven Marketing written by Guest Post read more at Duct Tape Marketing. Corporate success is often hampered by conflicting goals—marketing wants more leads while sales want better leads. Sound familiar? It’s an age-old battle many companies struggle to remedy.

Our Definition Of Time Management Is All Wrong

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Time doesn’t serve you in business, it limits you. We all have it, for the moment, 86,400 seconds each day. So here is a better perspective. Lead personal development productivity productivity tips time management

Multi-Channel Attribution: Definitions, Models and a Reality Check

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But when you meet executives and they say "help us with our multi-channel attribution problem", most definitely ask the clarifying question: "do you mean MCA-O2S or MCA-AMS?"

Could Who You Hire Affect Your Chances Of Business Success? Definitely!


A wise man once said that employees are the life force of a company. We forgot who it was that said that but his words remain true to this day. When you run a company, there’s an excellent chance you won’t be interacting with your customers. Instead, you will hire workers to do this for you.

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What is the Definition of a Seed Round or an A Round?


Marc Andreessen kicked off another great debate on Twitter last night, one that I’ve been talking about incessantly in private circles for the past 2-3 years – what actually IS the definition of a seed vs. A-round. My view: “Spending any time or energy trying to game the ‘definition’ of your round of fund raising is a total waste. 5 million was always the classic definition of an A-round between the late nineties (crazy financings aside) and say 2007. My personal definition?

Web Analytics 101: Definitions: Goals, Metrics, KPIs, Dimensions, Targets

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Definitions and standard perspectives on these terms will be covered in this post: Business Objectives. A standard definition will be provided, but more than that my hope is to solidify your understanding with concrete examples and pictures.

The Definition Of Insanity…


They say that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. You have a great idea but you pursue the same path and talk to the same people who got you nowhere the last time you felt some urgency around that great idea, and then you wonder why nothing of consequence matters.

The Definitive Guide To (8) Competitive Intelligence Data Sources!

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Check the definitions of various metrics. The Definitive Guide To (8) Competitive Intelligence Data Sources! Competitive intelligence, the "what else", is one of the core tenets of Web Analytics 2.0.

Update to Accredited Investor Definition

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The Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act probably won’t fix or prevent anything, but it was successful at modifying a portion of the definition of an accredited investor. I’ve seen a few subscription docs floating around that don’t account for this recent modification to the accredited investor definition.

Legal Definitions of Partnership not Enough

The Entrepreneurial Mind

It is very common for entrepreneurs to take on partners. They may be co-founders of the company, key personnel who are given an ownership stake as part of compensation, family and friends who offer some startup support or outside investors. In any of these circumstances, these people become owners of the business. And the foundation of working with a group of owners should be a sound legal agreement among all the owners.

The Definitive Tutorial On Pricing

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He’s starting to release some of his content into the wild, and it’s definitely worth the time to check out (or even to attend a class ). My old colleague from Ebay, Michael Dearing , was a fantastic executive, and is now a terrific investor and teacher at Stanford. He recently put together a 3-part video tutorial on the basics of pricing. Really simple, clear, and powerful fundamentals that matters to every entrepreneur. Check them out here: [link

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10 Branding Elements And What They Mean


Content Marketing All you want to know about branding Brand Glossary Branding basics Branding definitions Branding elements Branding termsBranding is complex topic. Everybody uses the term “brand” but few will be able to clearly define it.

16 Definitions on the Economics of VC

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I wrote a post last week about the challenges in valuing portfolio companies in venture capital that I thought was wonky and inside baseball. But when I got lots of follow-up questions from people, I realized that the basic mechanics … Uncategorized apparently all our listicles are 16 glossaries & terms to know VC economics

Debate: the real definition of social

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In your definition, refer a friend email is big S. I’ve been locked in a debate with Joe Koufman and Raghu Kakarala for the past week on what exactly social media/networking is. It started by me claiming that video chat is inherently social. Two (or more) people interacting over a digital medium (in this case video), to me is the epitome of “social&#. Joe and Raghu disagree.

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6 Storytelling Blogs That Are Awesome


Definitely good to understand the psychological and literary aspects behind storytelling. Everyone has a story. Yes, ma’am. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

5 Effective Tips For Sprint Planning Meetings

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By applying the Definition-of-Ready (DoR), select the stories that are refined and ready for Sprint Planning. Technology agile backlog Definition-of-Ready Product Owner Scrum Master sprint goalSprint Planning is an imperative process of achieving the objectives of any agile team.


It Depends on what the Definition of "Tax" is.

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You may recall that when challenged about the health insurance mandate that was at the cornerstone of Obamacare, the President said that this mandate "is absolutely not a tax increase." Well guess what. now it seems they say it is a tax. In their request to dismiss the lawsuit filed by 20 states challenging Obamacare, the Justice Department today reversed course on just exactly what the nature of the insurance mandate really is.

There may not be billion dollar ideas, but there are definitely non-billion dollar ideas.

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But, there are definitely non-billion dollar ideas. The post There may not be billion dollar ideas, but there are definitely non-billion dollar ideas. I posted recently that there is no such thing as a billion dollar idea.

Do You Want A Copy Of My Definitive Guide To SEO For Bloggers? by Yaro Starak

As a result of this, my intended first product, was to be an ebook called “ The Definitive Guide To SEO For Bloggers “, which as you can guess, was designed as a guide to help bloggers improve their search engine rankings and attract traffic from Google and the other search engines.

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13 Storytelling Terms Explained For A Remarkable Brand Strategy


Here’s a storytelling definition that I particularly like from the National Storytelling network : Storytelling is the interactive art of using words and actions to reveal the elements and images of a story while encouraging the listener’s imagination.

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Weekend Favs March 31

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Mobile SEO: The Definitive Guide from Backlinko – This new guide will show you everything you need to know about mobile SEO and why mobile optimization is more important than ever. Tools Automagical Mobile SEO: The Definitive Guide Paste

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Innovate Israel Conference Brings 28 Israeli startups to London

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Dance – Definitive top charts dance tunes, special exclusive remixes and club hits. Live Definition - Company Website. There hasn’t been such a full list of Israeli startups coming to Europe since Barcelona’s World Mobile Congress.

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Is Facebook evil? Maybe. Is Facebook evolving the web? Most definitely. NY Times, you’re way off.

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The debates about whether or not Facebook is “evil&# for its recent announcements continues to rage on. It’s being discussed and dissected everywhere, including within this blog’s community. The NY Times doesn’t know what its talking about, or at least Randall Stross doesn’t.

Founder personalities and the “first-class man” theory of management

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And that narrow definition of entrepreneurship doesn’t count all of the managers inside established companies who are effectively engaged in the same process of building an internal startup (see What is a startup? for my more expansive definition).

Excellent Analytics Tip #13: Measure Macro AND Micro Conversions.

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For the macro conversion you measure Outcomes (say orders, see this post for definitions: Conversion Rate Basics & Best Practices ). We love our conversion rates. :) Really really. Part of me is glad because my book and the Trinity strategy and the Web Analytics 2.0

Standard Metrics Revisited: #4 : Time on Page & Time on Site

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Marketing Tips Search Engine Marketing Web Analytics Web Metrics Time on Page Time on Site web metric definitionsI was merrily using Time on Page and Time on Site metrics for quite some time before I actually realized how they were being measured. It was a real Doh (!) moment.

Standard Metrics Revisited: #6: Daily, Weekly, Monthly Unique Visitors.

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Technical Definition : Count of all the Unique cookie_id’s during a given time period. English Definition : The first time someone visits your site a first party persistent cookie is set in their browser.

Leaving a Trail - Startups and angels: Along the way to success

Tim Keane

 The good ones (whatever your definition is) and the not so good.  The good ones (whatever your definition is) and the not so good. Startups and angels: Along the way to success. By Tim Keane, Angel Investor, Golden Angels Investors, LLC. Archives. Profile. Subscribe. « Market Math | Main. | How should I finance my new venture? » March 04, 2011. Leaving a Trail.

Doing Deals – 3 Tips for Entrepreneurs (Part 1)

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If an entrepreneur doesn’t want an LOI to be binding, he must include very specific language to the effect that: This letter is merely an expression of intent and is intended to serve as a basis for negotiating a definitive agreement and the related documents; it does not constitute, and will not give rise to, any legally binding obligation on the part of the parties hereto and is expressly subject to the execution of such agreement and documents.

The Marshmallow Challenge, on the importance of prototyping

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