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3 Examples Of Creative Branding (From Silicon Valley Giants)

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When it comes to marketing, there is a lot of noise and competition. After all, they were trying to market to professional marketers!

The One Video Every Silicon Valley Investor Should Watch

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But it highlighted the misperceptions many people have had about serving urban markets. you’re not following him?). ” Too right.

Innovation Outposts in Silicon Valley – Going to Where the Action Is

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They improved their penetration of local and regional markets by adapting their products to the country or region. are examples.

Why Facebook is Killing Silicon Valley

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Facebook has adroitly capitalized on market forces on a scale never seen in the history of commerce. For the first time, startups can today think about a Total Available Market in the billions of users (smart phones, tablets, PC’s, etc.) Entrepreneurial clusters like Silicon Valley (or NY, Boston, Austin, Beijing, etc.)

Silicon Valley's Hottest Matchmaker

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What began as a social gathering for like-minded entrepreneurs and VCs has evolved into one of the Valley''s most dynamic accelerators.

A Few Funny Characters You'll Find In Silicon Valley


Here’s a quick review of a few of the entrepreneurial archetypes you’ll meet in Silicon Valley. The Happy Hipster Worker Bee. Single.

Silicon Valley's Inconvenient History

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The only problem is, that point of view is hard to reconcile with the history of Silicon Valley. Private capital arrived much later.

Lessons for startup ecosystems from the history of Silicon Valley

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The bit I liked the most described the role of Stanford in getting Silicon Valley going in the late 1950s. Silicon Valley started in the small district of Palo Alto and the emergence of Tech City here in East London has been similarly important. We focus on ecommerce and marketplaces. Venture Capital

Why Silicon Valley and Hollywood Don’t Get Each Other and Who Will Win the Future

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But here’s what Silicon Valley doesn’t get about Hollywood. And what Hollywood does’t get about Silicon Valley?

Why Silicon Valley Loves Failures

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These are Silicon Valley's clich darlings. Failure, it seems, is the buzzword of the moment in Silicon Valley.

Can you build “Silicon Valley” companies outside of the Valley?

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The big debate among tech circles has always been if it’s possible to build a “Silicon Valley” company outside of the Valley. Is Silicon Valley a physical place or a state of mind ? Smaller start-ups in Silicon Valley, particularly those in un-sexy markets, have a tough time drawing in top engineers and designers.

8 Surprising Secrets From Silicon Valley DevOps

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Faster, smarter processes drives market leadership--here's how

Applying Lean Startup Beyond Silicon Valley

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Entrepreneurs beyond Silicon Valley, including those working abroad, often have to retool Lean Startup methods to apply them in places with very different business cultures. Those conversations can often circle around the difficulties of entrepreneurship outside Silicon Valley. On September 24 in the U.S. We should pivot.

Andreessen Horowitz and the disruption of Silicon Valley

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The Andreessen-Horowitz (A16Z) story is little short of amazing. I will shortly get to the reasons Peter gives for their success. Venture Capital

Why Even Silicon Valley Entrepreneurs Need a Business Plan

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The cast of “Silicon Valley” Image credit: HBO. Silicon Valley is a crazy place. and founded a company there.

Is Silicon Valley Really Coming to an End?

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And a Final Note on Whether Silicon Valley Opportunities Remain. He says. How many ideas like that are left?” ” My 3.5

Exploiting Silicon Valley For Profit (and Maybe Fun)

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I believe that Silicon Valley is like Las Vegas, except they make you pass a number of tests before they let you gamble. They blog a lot.

This Is the Car Silicon Valley Billionaires Lust After

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McLaren Automotive is targeting Silicon Valley, the land of startups and upstarts, in its efforts to break into the luxury sports car market

5 Rules From the Silicon Valley Sales Bible

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If you are a small fish in the market you are addressing, you need to shrink the pond so you can appear bigger. Founders and CEOs own the sales.

Older Entrepreneurs Have the Advantage (Sorry, Silicon Valley)

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According to a recent report ageism is rampant in Silicon Valley. Why is this a pertinent topic in 2014? Here are three more: 1.

How Steve Jobs Undercut Silicon Valley's Greatest Asset: Engineers

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Court documents reveal the anti-competitive hiring practices imposed by Apple on other Silicon Valley stalwarts were the norm for years.

How Silicon Valley Influences The UK’s University Spin-out Company Culture


Silicon Valley is undoubtedly the world’s technology epicentre. Chattanooga has been transformed from a railway hub to a 3D printing hub.

The Leanest Start-up in Silicon Valley

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This has been a disappointing day in Silicon Valley for Kurt Varner. Kurt Varner is like a lot of young men trying to launch a business.

Tech Leaders On The Future After Trump's Election: 'The Party Is Probably Over For Silicon Valley'

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Silicon Valley Is Hacking Your Food

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Plenty of them are Silicon Valley types. Is your primary market right now Silicon Valley? But I felt fantastic.

Expertise in scaling up is the visible secret of Silicon Valley

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Silicon Valley and the surrounding Bay Area has become a global leader in innovation, technology and new industry creation.

Zhongguancun in Beijing – China’s Silicon Valley (Part 4 of 5)

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This closed but very large market means that greater than 90% of Chinese software startups focus exclusively on the Chinese market.

The World Doesn't Need Another Silicon Valley

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When Bradford wrapped up his own talk, I asked for his thoughts on global entrepreneurship and where Silicon Valley is headed.

Thoughts from the road: building startups and collective ambition outside Silicon Valley

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Just a few years ago, if you wanted to do something big, you needed to go to Silicon Valley. Toronto has become a hub for the blossoming machine intelligence market. If we try to dissect the magic of Silicon Valley, I think there are five key factors at play: Great schools. Waterloo has another unicorn with Kik.

A Silicon Valley Take on ABC’s Shark Tank

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This is a classic example of focusing on scaling up before product-market fit has been achieved. COAT CHEX. simpler and more secure. Horrible!

Is This the End of Silicon Valley?

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But there's no shortage of skeptics in the idea a "Silicon Prairie" will emerge. Many of these companies are global from Day One. Ads by Pheed

Inside the Mind of a Silicon Valley Investor

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In 1991, he joined SynOptics, a Silicon Valley-based networking company. Here's his story and his process for finding start-ups.

Secrets of Silicon Valley's Biggest Investors

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In Silicon Valley, people say that the investor-entrepreneur relationship is like a marriage, only more important.

Will Silicon Valley Save the World? No--But Here's What Will

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Foreign Policy''s latest cover argues that Silicon Valley start-ups can''t fix global problems with apps. I wanted to leave it with them.

7 Signs of the Silicon Valley Apocalypse

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It's coming to Silicon Valley, home of so many entrepreneurs, VCs, and tech firms. It foretells the end of Silicon Valley.

3 Secrets For Hiring On Wall Street Versus Silicon Valley


In conclusion, hiring managers that adapt their approach to court candidates based on local market needs, will be highly successful.

5 Lessons from Silicon Valley's Biggest Names

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One reason for the company’s growth is its unique approach to marketing which focuses on giving Uber users reason to gush about the service.

What It Takes to Hire a Silicon Valley Software Engineer (Infographic)

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Getting familiar with the most competitive corner of the market will help you land your next great hire

VC Victor Hwang: How To Create The Next Silicon Valley


In fact, it’s the subject of his new book - The Rainforest: The Secret to Building the Next Silicon Valley , with co-author Greg Horowitt.

Startup Communities – Building Regional Clusters

Steve Blank

TechStars selection criteria is to first focus on picking the right team then the market. Leaders and Feeders. It may even be right. Quibbles.