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Hacking For Defense In Silicon Valley

Steve Blank

BMNT , a new Silicon Valley company, is combining the Lean Methods it learned in combat with the technology expertise and speed of startups.

Halt and Catch Fire Decimates Silicon Valley

Feld Thoughts

There are two great fictional TV series about technology and the computer industry that each have now had three seasons. And Intel.

Innovation Outposts in Silicon Valley – Going to Where the Action Is

Steve Blank

source: Market versus technology drive in R&D internationalization : M von Zedtwitz, Oliver Gassmann. are examples. Sense and Respond.

Silicon Valley: A Place Or A State Of Mind?

A VC : Venture Capital and Technology

Marc Andreessen , as is his wont, posted a tweetstorm this morning that was a spirited defense of Silicon Valley. One thing I always think about in reading things like this is the use of the phrase “Silicon Valley” or SV as Marc uses in his tweetstorm. VC & Technology We have about a third in NYC.

Why Facebook is Killing Silicon Valley

Steve Blank

Entrepreneurial clusters like Silicon Valley (or NY, Boston, Austin, Beijing, etc.) And for Silicon Valley the investor flight to social media marks the beginning of the end of the era of venture capital-backed big ideas in science and technology. Filed under: Technology , Venture Capital. Innovation.

Silicon Valley Is Filled With Liars

Nick O'Neill

Despite failure, entrepreneurs will boast to technology publications about their company acquisition. Entrepreneurship Lying Silicon ValleyIf you read all the comments on this salacious Techcrunch post about a girl who supposedly conned the industry, you’d have two takeaways. ” Seriously? Vanity Metrics. Groupon)?

Risk and Culture in Silicon Valley

Steve Blank

This talk on Risk and Culture in Silicon Valley is a small 1 minute snippet of a longer interview on his blog.

Silicon Valley's Inconvenient History

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

The only problem is, that point of view is hard to reconcile with the history of Silicon Valley. Private capital arrived much later.

Lessons for startup ecosystems from the history of Silicon Valley

The Equity Kicker

The bit I liked the most described the role of Stanford in getting Silicon Valley going in the late 1950s. Silicon Valley started in the small district of Palo Alto and the emergence of Tech City here in East London has been similarly important. We focus on ecommerce and marketplaces. Venture Capital

Why Silicon Valley and Hollywood Don’t Get Each Other and Who Will Win the Future

Both Sides of the Table

But here’s what Silicon Valley doesn’t get about Hollywood. This requires more than technology. hours of TV per day.

Applying Lean Startup Beyond Silicon Valley

Startup Lessons Learned

Entrepreneurs beyond Silicon Valley, including those working abroad, often have to retool Lean Startup methods to apply them in places with very different business cultures. Those conversations can often circle around the difficulties of entrepreneurship outside Silicon Valley. On September 24 in the U.S. We should pivot.

Andreessen Horowitz and the disruption of Silicon Valley

The Equity Kicker

The Andreessen-Horowitz (A16Z) story is little short of amazing. I will shortly get to the reasons Peter gives for their success. Venture Capital

Is Silicon Valley Really Coming to an End?

Both Sides of the Table

And a Final Note on Whether Silicon Valley Opportunities Remain. He says. How many ideas like that are left?” ” My 3.5

Exploiting Silicon Valley For Profit (and Maybe Fun)

Diego Basch

I believe that Silicon Valley is like Las Vegas, except they make you pass a number of tests before they let you gamble. They blog a lot.

Why Waterloo, Ontario Is the Silicon Valley of Canada

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Located in the heart of Canada's Technology Triangle, Waterloo has the second-highest density of startups in the world. Here's a look at how this tiny hub is becoming a scene for entrepreneurs

Older Entrepreneurs Have the Advantage (Sorry, Silicon Valley)

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

According to a recent report ageism is rampant in Silicon Valley. Why is this a pertinent topic in 2014? Here are three more: 1.

How Silicon Valley Influences The UK’s University Spin-out Company Culture


Silicon Valley is undoubtedly the world’s technology epicentre. Europe has not been left behind.

Zhongguancun in Beijing – China’s Silicon Valley (Part 4 of 5)

Steve Blank

Startups here are primarily in what they call the TMT (Technology, Media and Telecommunications) segment. All the usual caveats apply. billion.

Silicon Valley Is Hacking Your Food

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Plenty of them are Silicon Valley types. Is your primary market right now Silicon Valley? It just didn''t get very far.

Expertise in scaling up is the visible secret of Silicon Valley

Reid Hoffman

Silicon Valley and the surrounding Bay Area has become a global leader in innovation, technology and new industry creation.

Thoughts from the road: building startups and collective ambition outside Silicon Valley

Version One Ventures

Just a few years ago, if you wanted to do something big, you needed to go to Silicon Valley. A few years ago, Boris wrote that something special was happening in the Toronto-KW corridor (for those of you non-Canadians, that would be like SF and the Valley). Waterloo has another unicorn with Kik. Great senior talent.

A Silicon Valley Take on ABC’s Shark Tank

Lightspeed Venture Partners

I thought it might be fun to give a VC’s perspective on the businesses getting pitched. COAT CHEX. simpler and more secure. Horrible! BEV BUCKLE.

Silicon Valley Bets on the Farm

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Startups are cashing in on the increasing connection between agriculture and technology

Silicon Valley Tops, Singapore 18th On Startup Genome Ecosystem Ranking


Many startup ecosystems in the world want to be like Silicon Valley. Silicon Valley in Singapore. Tel Aviv. Los Angeles.

The Face of Success, Part I: How the Indians Conquered Silicon Valley

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

The Indians are Silicon Valley's most successful immigrants. Why have Indians outperformed so many other groups in Silicon Valley?

There Is Only ONE Silicon Valley

Angel Investing News

Silicon Valley is a very special place – the nucleus of high-growth, high technology entrepreneurship in the US, indeed, in the world. The Valley is world-class entrepreneurs, angel investors, venture capitalists and successful high-tech companies – all growing companies and creating jobs on one relatively small peninsula.

Silicon Valley VC Bill Gurley Says Enjoy the Upside While it Lasts


By LAURA LOREK Reporter with Silicon Hills News A few unicorns will die this year, said Bill Gurley, a prominent venture capitalist with Benchmark in Silicon Valley. Unicorns are giant technology startups, backed by venture capital, that hope to turn into multi-billion dollar companies. Austin

The Face of Success, Part 4: Blacks in Silicon Valley

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

If you think the dearth of women polarizes Silicon Valley, just read what happened when I spoke out about the lack of black tech CEOs.

Inside the Mind of a Silicon Valley Investor

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

In 1991, he joined SynOptics, a Silicon Valley-based networking company. Here's his story and his process for finding start-ups.

Silicon Valley != The Internet (The CEO of Yammer says the darndest things)

Diego Basch

To put it in a few words: Silicon Valley and the internet industry are not one and the same. I know a few.

Secrets of Silicon Valley's Biggest Investors

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

In Silicon Valley, people say that the investor-entrepreneur relationship is like a marriage, only more important.

Startup Outlook from Silicon Valley Bank

Growthink Blog

On Friday Silicon Valley Bank released a survey of 375 executives at startup technology companies in the 4 core venture capital investment sectors – Software/Internet, Hardware, Life Science, and Cleantech. I see futile attempts on our company’s part to obtain Chinese monetary support, while we give away our technology.”

Will Silicon Valley Save the World? No--But Here's What Will

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Foreign Policy''s latest cover argues that Silicon Valley start-ups can''t fix global problems with apps. I wanted to leave it with them.

7 Signs of the Silicon Valley Apocalypse

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

It's coming to Silicon Valley, home of so many entrepreneurs, VCs, and tech firms. It foretells the end of Silicon Valley.

Silicon Valley? No, Thanks. I Prefer Detroit

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

People aren''t expecting to hear that a technology company is from somewhere like Michigan, he says. Unusual" is code for "memorable." Hiring?

5 Lessons from Silicon Valley's Biggest Names

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

For start-ups lacking engagement, Pinterest shows that better technology isn’t always the answer. Let users guide your product evolution.

Who Funds Silicon Valley? Not VCs

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Government deserves credit for entrepreneurship in the U.S. But it needs to register a return. There is a problem, however. But U.S.

The Most Sought-After Silicon Valley Startups for Engineers


On LinkedIn's blog today is a post about the top 10 most sought-after engineering startups in Silicon Valley. Pinterest was number 6.)

Startup Communities – Building Regional Clusters

Steve Blank

In addition their research offers a continual stream of new technologies to be commercialized. Leaders and Feeders. It may even be right.

There Is Only ONE Silicon Valley


Silicon Valley is a very special place – the nucleus of high-growth, high technology entrepreneurship in the US, indeed, in the world. The Valley produces world-class entrepreneurs, angel investors, venture capitalists and successful high-tech companies – all growing and creating jobs on one relatively small peninsula.