Hyperbolic Headlines About Silicon Valley

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The hyperbolic headlines are once again accompanying the articles about Silicon Valley. A Sunday NY Times article titled Silicon Valley Is Over, Says Silicon Valley kicks off what I expect is another wave of this. It references a recent Wired article titled Everyone Hates Silicon Valley, Except Its Imitators , Go read them all and then tune back in here. Now, go read Ian Hathaway’s post titled Silicon Valley is Not Over.

Halt and Catch Fire Decimates Silicon Valley

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There are two great fictional TV series about technology and the computer industry that each have now had three seasons. The one everyone knows about is Silicon Valley. While contemporary satires can be awesome (like Silicon Valley is), there is no sense of perspective.

Hacking For Defense In Silicon Valley

Steve Blank

BMNT , a new Silicon Valley company, is combining the Lean Methods it learned in combat with the technology expertise and speed of startups. The offset strategy was smart weapons, smart sensors, and stealth using silicon chips, electronics and computers that only the U.S.

Building A Tech Startup: Avoiding Silicon Valley Mishaps


The technological kill zone can be brought about by direct action from larger companies or even the assumed threat of an established entity pushing towards the service you intend to provide. Advice For The Young At Heart Silicon Valley startup advice tech startups

The Buddhists Of Silicon Valley


Once a Silicon Valley corporate lawyer and business executive, he was chosen by Steve Jobs to form part of the driving force behind the early and unanticipated success of the Pixar animation company. One is the technological capital of the planet. by Sarah Emory, Instaread.co.

Silicon Valley Tops, Singapore 18th On Startup Genome Ecosystem Ranking


Many startup ecosystems in the world want to be like Silicon Valley. But so far, none has surpassed Silicon Valley as the most successful entrepreneurship ecosystem. According to the report, the top 20 start-up ecosystems in the world are: Silicon Valley.

[Interview] Jonmichael Moy, Silicon Valley Veteran On Leading Digital Products To Market


Jonmichael Moy (Jon Michael Moy) may be a seasoned veteran of Silicon Valley, but this accomplished, dedicated technology executive with more than seventeen years of experience in management and operations, product and business development and marketing has now brought his talents to Toronto.

Venture Summit: Connecting with Silicon Valley Venture Capital

The Startup Magazine

In its effort to advocate and be a resource for the startup community, The Startup Magazine is sponsoring this leading venture capital gathering in the heart of tech hub Silicon Valley. Here are the four presentation tracks available to attendees: Track I: Technology.

[Infographic] The Silicon Valleys Of The World


Others Entrepreneurship Gist.com global hotspots infographic innovation Silicon Valley

A Visitors Guide to Silicon Valley

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If you’re a visiting dignitary whose country has a Gross National Product equal to or greater than the State of California, your visit to Silicon Valley consists of a lunch/dinner with some combination of the founders of Google, Facebook, Apple and Twitter and several brand name venture capitalists.

Why Facebook is Killing Silicon Valley

Steve Blank

Entrepreneurial clusters like Silicon Valley (or NY, Boston, Austin, Beijing, etc.) And for Silicon Valley the investor flight to social media marks the beginning of the end of the era of venture capital-backed big ideas in science and technology. The common wisdom is that Silicon Valley has always gone through waves of innovation and each time it bounces back by reinventing itself. Filed under: Technology , Venture Capital.

Risk and Culture in Silicon Valley

Steve Blank

This talk on Risk and Culture in Silicon Valley is a small 1 minute snippet of a longer interview on his blog. Filed under: Family/Career , Teaching , Technology , Venture Capital. Family/Career Teaching Technology Venture Capital

Confessions Of A Female Immigrant Entrepreneur In Silicon Valley

YFS Magazine

Being a minority — a young, female Indian tech entrepreneur — I relentlessly spent the first three years building my first startup and knocking on the doors of almost every venture capital firm in the valley, until I raised my first round of venture financing.

How Silicon Valley Influences The UK’s University Spin-out Company Culture


Silicon Valley is undoubtedly the world’s technology epicentre. The success of this technology hub has continued to influence global innovators around the world. Of the 131 startups valued at $1B and above Silicon Valley is home to 53 of them.

Blitzscaling: Silicon Valley’s Harmful Idea of Success

Austin Startup

Blitzscaling: Silicon Valley’s Harmful Idea of Success I sometimes struggle to figure out the best way to convey something that is important to me to others. Are there amazing Silicon Valley VCs out there with whom entrepreneurs should work to partner?

There Is Only ONE Silicon Valley


Silicon Valley is a very special place – the nucleus of high-growth, high technology entrepreneurship in the US, indeed, in the world. The Valley produces world-class entrepreneurs, angel investors, venture capitalists and successful high-tech companies – all growing and creating jobs on one relatively small peninsula. The Valley has been a unique place for over half a century. Still, the competition in the Valley is fierce.

5 Alternatives to Silicon Valley for IT Internships


For those interested in the field of Internet Technology (IT), the likely thought is to apply to the many opportunities in Silicon Valley. But San Francisco is not the only city with a thriving technology hub.

Creating the Next Silicon Valley – The Chilean Experiment

Steve Blank

I spent two weeks of December in Chile as a guest of Professor Cristóbal García, Director of EmprendeUC at the Catholic University of Chile , which just signed up a 3-year collaboration partnership with Stanford’s Technology Ventures Program. Lessons From the Valley.

Is Silicon Valley Really Coming to an End?

Both Sides of the Table

By now you probably know that David Sacks , co-founder of PayPal and founder of both Geni & Yammer made some observations on Facebook that Silicon Valley “as we know it” was coming to an end. And a Final Note on Whether Silicon Valley Opportunities Remain.

Innovation Outposts in Silicon Valley – Going to Where the Action Is

Steve Blank

They enabled companies to comply with local government laws – for example to allow foreign subsidiaries to transfer manufacturing technology from the U.S. source: Market versus technology drive in R&D internationalization : M von Zedtwitz, Oliver Gassmann.

Applying Lean Startup Beyond Silicon Valley

Startup Lessons Learned

Entrepreneurs beyond Silicon Valley, including those working abroad, often have to retool Lean Startup methods to apply them in places with very different business cultures. Those conversations can often circle around the difficulties of entrepreneurship outside Silicon Valley. I think one challenge in trying to take Lean Startup ideas outside Silicon Valley, and especially to places that are highly culturally different from the U.S.,

The Secret History of Silicon Valley Part V: Happy 100th Birthday.

Steve Blank

The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance I always had been curious about how Silicon Valley, a place I had lived and worked in, came to be. How did Silicon Valley start? This October is the 100th anniversary of Silicon Valley, unnoticed and unmentioned by anyone.)

Why Silicon Valley and Hollywood Don’t Get Each Other and Who Will Win the Future

Both Sides of the Table

But here’s what Silicon Valley doesn’t get about Hollywood. This requires more than technology. Ironically in Silicon Valley consumer Internet business have become hits driven businesses. And what Hollywood does’t get about Silicon Valley?

Andreessen Horowitz and the disruption of Silicon Valley

The Equity Kicker

Their high value add model is one of the inspirations for Forward Partners so when I saw that former Summit Partners VC Peter Sims had written an analysis of how they are disrupting Silicon Valley I clicked straight through.

A Silicon Valley Take on ABC’s Shark Tank

Lightspeed Venture Partners

Looking past the cheesy theatre of the guys pitch, this company was the one most likely to actually pitch a real Silicon Valley VC, given its technology angle.

Lessons for startup ecosystems from the history of Silicon Valley

The Equity Kicker

The bit I liked the most described the role of Stanford in getting Silicon Valley going in the late 1950s. We can generalise this into a blueprint for ecosystems generally: Find a vertical market where there is a comparative advantage – Silicon Valley started with military technology, in London fintech and ecommerce are good candidates. I just read Nicolas Colin’s Brief History of the World (of Venture Capital).

The Secret History of Silicon Valley Part VI: Every World War II.

Steve Blank

—————- The next piece of the Secret History of Silicon Valley puzzle came together when Tom Byers , Tina Selig and Mark Leslie invited me to teach entrepreneurship in the Stanford Technology Ventures Program ( STVP ) in Stanford’s School of Engineering.

The Secret History of Silicon Valley Part 14: Weapons System 117L and Corona

Steve Blank

One company in what is today Silicon Valley would build most of them. In addition, the electronic read-out of film developed on orbit was nowhere near ready; it was too complex for its time and technology. intelligence community were just getting started in Silicon Valley.

Zhongguancun in Beijing – China’s Silicon Valley (Part 4 of 5)

Steve Blank

But what made the overwhelming impression for me was finding an entrepreneurial software cluster on par with the Internet software portion of Silicon Valley. Startups here are primarily in what they call the TMT (Technology, Media and Telecommunications) segment.

Can You Really Build a Great Tech Firm Outside Silicon Valley?

Both Sides of the Table

Last year I was on Sand Hill Road in Silicon Valley meeting with one of the most prominent venture capital firms in the country. I’m just not sure you can build a great technology firm outside of Bay Area.&#. Funding is different outside of Silicon Valley.

The Secret History of Silicon Valley Part VII: We Fought a War You.

Steve Blank

These posts cover two distinct periods – the first, the rise of “ Microwave Valley ” chronicles the decade of 1946-1956 as Stanford University became the hub of military/industry contracting in the Bay Area. Microwave Valley was about to take off.

Silicon Valley Will Suffer a Shameful Legacy for Introducing Inequality to the Great Equalizer

Austin Startup

This is what Silicon Valley contributed to the Internet and no amount of media spin or PR crisis campaign is going to change what Silicon Valley done to a great technology such as the World Wide Web and the digital economy.

8 reasons why Berlin will outpace London as Europe’s Silicon Valley

The Next Web

London has always been the undisputed technology center of Europe — until now. My view is that Berlin will rapidly begin to take over, and in 10-15 years we will see the Berlin cluster as Europe’s technology hot-bed.

Zhongguancun in Beijing – China’s Silicon Valley (Part 4 of 5)

Steve Blank

But what made the overwhelming impression for me was finding an entrepreneurial software cluster on par with the Internet software portion of Silicon Valley. Startups here are primarily in what they call the TMT (Technology, Media and Telecommunications) segment.

CEREBRATE Silicon Valley 2010 – Request for Nominations

Life Beyond Code

CEREBRATE Silicon Valley 2010 happens during July 30 – Aug 1, 2010 at Mount Madonna. Kiruba and I quickly decided that we need to have one such event in Silicon Valley. Everyone seems to be ALWAYS busy in Silicon Valley and this would be a welcome change for a small set of people. Please nominate them here: Nominate for CEREBRATE Silicon Valley 2010.

Amsterdam-based Rockstart Accelerator’s first graduates head to Silicon Valley

The Next Web

In all seriousness, the Q&A panel session will include European entrepreneurs like Guillaume Decugis, who sold Musiwave for $125 million and is currently co-founder and CEO of Scoop.it, and Unity Technologies co-founder and CEO David Helgason (read our interview with him ).

The Secret History of Silicon Valley Part IX: Entrepreneurship in.

Steve Blank

Funded by military contracts, these 1950′s microwave tube startups would help build Silicon Valley’s entrepreneurial culture and environment. Again Stanford technology would solve these challenges. Steve Blanks 30 years of Silicon Valley startup advice.

Rocket Science 3: Hollywood Meets Silicon Valley « Steve Blank

Steve Blank

In previous companies I could talk about technology details and how the product features could solve a customers problem. There couldn’t have been a worse choice for CEO in Silicon Valley. This wasn’t just some random Silicon Valley fantasy.

Silicon Valley (and ProfessorVC) is Lazy

Professor VC

I taught a class yesterday afternoon to a group of 25 Italian executives, managers, and entrepreneurs participating in the TVLP Institute of Technology Entrepreneurship and Innovation. I always enjoy teaching these types of groups because it makes me realize the bubble we live in here in Silicon Valley. In the video, Mark calls out Silicon Valley as lazy for not doing basic research around markets.

Thoughts from the road: building startups and collective ambition outside Silicon Valley

Version One Ventures

Just a few years ago, if you wanted to do something big, you needed to go to Silicon Valley. A few years ago, Boris wrote that something special was happening in the Toronto-KW corridor (for those of you non-Canadians, that would be like SF and the Valley). If we try to dissect the magic of Silicon Valley, I think there are five key factors at play: Great schools. It’s in fields like […] technology that the larger environment matters.

The Most Sought-After Silicon Valley Startups for Engineers


On LinkedIn's blog today is a post about the top 10 most sought-after engineering startups in Silicon Valley. Four of the top 10 spots go to companies that are heavily involved in Big Data: Cloudera , Palantir Technologies , Hortonworks and Splunk.

The Pay-It-Forward Culture: Silicon Valley's Practical Generosity


Foreign visitors to Silicon Valley continually mention how willing we are to help, network and connect strangers. Engineers in the very small world of silicon and semiconductors would meet at the Wagon Wheel and swap technical problems and solutions with co-workers and competitors.

The Ghosts from Silicon Valley – StartupBus Round 2, Part 4

Up and Running

Back to the StartupBus… Already so many great technologies, so many terrific business ideas, so when a 9 (nine) person team from the San Francisco bus stepped on stage I was prepared for the world as we know it to change forever. Business Planning Starting a Business Technology