Here are the 5 hottest startups in Austria

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By Marta Dawydzik and Andrea Hak Ahhh Austria. But besides the snow and the food, Austria is also home to a young but vibrant startup scene. Although it’s relatively new on the startup map, Austria has already produced a number of success stories, like Runtastic which was acquired in 2015 by Adidas for $240 million. The birthplace of Mozart, ski resorts, schnitzel, and Schwarzenegger.

How to Build a Global Center of Innovation Excellence in Salzburg, Austria

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I recently joined the Advisory Board to Gerhard Blechinger , the Rector of the FachHochschule Salzburg, (the Salzburg University of Applied Sciences) and became a guest lecturer on Entrepreneurship at the University.

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Creativity is Not a Muse, it’s a Choice

Gregg Fraley, Author of Jack's Notebook

Creative Problem Solving (CPS) Creativity and Self-Expression Inspirational Jack's Notebook Public Speaking Alf Red Austria Creativity Follow the Weasel Germany Innovation“Creativity is Not a Muse, it’s a Choice.” ” Gregg Fraley Yes, that’s my quote, and what this post is all about today. I’m writing this piece to co-publish on a cool new blog called Follow the Weasel.

Small Business Spotlight of the Week: Stinglight Photography

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If you live near Villach, Austria, we’re happy to introduce this week’s Small Business Spotlight, Stinglight Photography , to you. There comes a time in everyone’s life where it seems like everyone they know gets married. That time in my life is now.

Austrian Entrepreneurs Visit Austin


By LAURA LOREK Reporter with Silicon Hills News A group of technology entrepreneurs from Austria visited Austin this week as part of a U.S. State Department International Visitors Leadership program. They had meetings with entrepreneurs, government officials and others at Capital Factory, City Hall, TechRanch and other locations around town. Alexa Wesner, the U.S. Ambassador […] The post Austrian Entrepreneurs Visit Austin appeared first on SiliconHills. Austin

6 Ways To Develop Your Individuality In Business & Give Yourself An Edge In Your Market


At 10:30am I received a phone call from the law firm representing the airport and major airlines in Austria. by Dr. David Kubes.

Why English Isn't Enough

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My experience with over 20 years in Germany now is that no matter how well someone speaks English, when it comes to the hard things, they prefer German when in the DACH (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) region.

The State Department Meets the Lean Startup – Hacking For Diplomacy

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Army veterans and mid-career MBAs hailing not just from the United States but from countries including Saudi Arabia, India, France, Israel and Austria. The academic year is in full swing at Stanford and already we’re deep into our new Hacking for Diplomacy course.

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HBS Entrepreneurs Founded the Most Startup Unicorns of Any MBA Program

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As a second-year Harvard Business School student and NextView Ventures MBA Associate, constantly keeping up-to-date with the start-up world, I have heard some skepticism about the ability of MBAs to found top companies.

Why English Isn't Enough

Babbling VC

My experience with over 20 years in Germany now is that no matter how well someone speaks English, when it comes to the hard things, they prefer German when in the DACH (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) region. As I've had to answer this question so many times at this point, I thought I'd just save myself the time in the future and make a blogpost out of it. If you are going to apply to work for us at Liquid Labs, you have to speak German.

Product Knowledge And Savvy Salesmanship Not Enough When Selling Internationally; Overcoming Cultural Differences Is Essential


In countries such as Germany, Austria and Switzerland, being on time shows you are serious, committed and that the relationship with your buyer is important. By Martin Limbeck, “ NO is Short for Next Opportunity: How Top Sales Professionals Think “.

18 Entrepreneurs Reveal The Word That Could Represent Them and Their Business in 2019


On the personal side, I moved to my favorite city, Vienna, Austria, met great new friends and generally had a lot of fun this year. 2019 has been simply an incredible year that has seen new businesses start and some existing businesses shutdown.

Racism in Tech

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My grandparents immigrated from Russia, Germany, and Austria – there were people in those countries trying really hard to kill them before they managed to immigrate to America. There was a huge kerfluffle over the weekend about racism in Silicon Valley which tried to end when Michael Arrington wrote a post titled Oh Shit, I’m A Racist.

On the road again: This month, TNW Europe is in Istanbul, Dublin, Tel Aviv and Vienna

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The week after it’s time for the Pioneers Festival in Vienna (Austria), a young startup and technology event put on by START Europe that looks mighty promising.

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The Case For A Five Hour Workday


Germany’s NPR station interviewed me that same week, and dozens of articles flooded Germany, Austria, Switzerland, India, the UK, and Canada within a week.

It May Be An Open Book, But The EU Ain’t On The Best-Seller List


in the European Union, ranging from less than 5% in Slovenia to more than 20% in Estonia, Austria, the Czech Republic and Germany.”.

Join a conference simulcast near you

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One of the most important things we do with The Lean Startup Conference is make a livestream of the plenary talks available for free to groups around the world, supporting entrepreneurship communities everywhere. The number of hosts has grown annually, and this year, we have 200+ groups joining us on Monday, December 3. They represent more than 10,000 people total. If you're not attending the conference in person, consider meeting up with one of these groups to watch.


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We managed to ride into both Austria and Italy on the day’s ride as well, which was pretty neat. A brief foray into Austria.

Startup Lessons Learned 2011 streaming live

Startup Lessons Learned

I have been getting emails and tweets all day from people upset that they cannot get into Startup Lessones Learned 2011 - either here in SF, where we're sold out, or in one of the more than 100 simulcast locations around the world, many of which are sold out, too. We struggle with this issue every year, because we strongly encourage everyone who can to participate with their local entrepreneurship community. Strengthening ties between entrepreneurs is one of our most important values.

Generate and Transformify: Umbrella Solutions to Help Businesses Hire Top Talent Worldwide


London, 18.08.2018. Transformify Recruitment CRM and Generate FS have joined forces to help employers hire top talent worldwide.

500 Startups unveils its Fall 2012 accelerator lineup: More international and more sh*t founders say

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Startups in this class come from far and away, including Argentina, Austria, Australia, Brazil, Croatia, Denmark, India, Japan, Italy, Latvia & Estonia, Spain, and Taiwan. 500 Startups has announced the 33 newest companies joining its accelerator program this Fall.


VC Adventure

We managed to ride into both Austria and Italy on the day’s ride as well, which was pretty neat. A brief foray into Austria.

Sneak preview, KISSmetrics (and more)

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Lessons Learned by Eric Ries Saturday, April 17, 2010 Sneak preview, KISSmetrics (and more) Hear the CEO of KISSmetrics give a sneak preview of what hell be presenting at the Startup Lessons Learned conference on April 23 (were less than a week away!):

This Weekend

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The next couple of days are going to be amazing, as the Lean Startup community converges on San Francisco. I want to welcome all of you who are traveling to be here. Welcome to our fair city. There are only a few tickets left to Startup Lessons Learned 2011 on Monday (May 23). If you haven't registered yet, please do. As a reminder, the first 200 people to show up will get one of the very first copies of the Lean Startup Book , a pre-publication printed galley.

Invest in Israel Newsletter September 2010 Edition

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TaKaDu, founded in 2009, has launched its service with some of the world’s leading water utilities, including Thames Water in the UK, Wiener Wasserwerke in Austria, Sydney Water and Yarra Valley Water in Australia, Evides Waterbedrijf in the Netherlands, Hagihon in Israel and others.

Spam Laws, Email Marketing, and Compliance

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You can find more information on country-specific guidelines to brush up on documentation: Austria – Telecommunications Act of 2003. Spam Laws, Email Marketing, and Compliance written by Guest Post read more at Duct Tape Marketing. photo credit Flickr.

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The Power of Defaults in Conversion Optimization


As Richard Thaler and Cass Sunstein have reported in Nudge, “In Germany, which uses an opt-in system, only 12 percent of the citizens gave their consent, whereas in Austria, nearly everyone (99 percent) did.”. Defaults are powerful, often deceivingly so.

12 Questions: Meet Bojan Bundalo (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

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Inspiring nature and its position on the roads between Austria and Italy in north-west, and Greece and Turkey in south-east (German, Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman culture), made this area rich in various influences, specially in fields of art and design.

Bosnia 118