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3 Productivity Decisions to Make When Flying to Europe

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Face-to-face meetings are critical in relationship development. Red eye flights are from the USA to Europe have pros and cons

How To Develop Your Personal Brand As A Millennial


The idea that you have to develop your personal brand is not an option you leave out for the exam, having crammed up the rest of the stuff. It’s time to make notes, as she goes through the exact steps you need to develop a remarkable brand!

Paying Lip Service to Developing Entrepreneurs

Gregg Fraley, Author of Jack's Notebook

I’ve always assumed that as the years go by, more and more Americans (and this extends to most of Europe and the free world) would take the entrepreneurial plunge. I think we’re paying lip service to developing new entrepreneurs.

Why You Might Want to Start Up in Europe

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Consider launching in Europe. And--despite the current economic crisis in Europe--he says finding funding there may be easier than it is in the United States.

Europe Needs Bolder Tech Investments


Meanwhile in Europe, the only "real" European tech companies founded since 1980 that have gone to billion+ revenue range that come to my mind are ARM and Skype. Europe's problem with tech innovations. The situation is the same all over Europe.

Startup Equity Crowdfunding Grows in Europe (NESTA Report)

VC Cafe

Below is a table of the equity Crowdfunding platforms operating in Europe: Location. not all businesses will be suited to crowdfunding and as the model develops, evidence needs to be generated to indicate what businesses it works best for.

How Can We Use Tech to Hack the Human Consciousness? | Rory Sutherland, Ogilvy | BoS Europe 2016

Business of Software Blog

Slides of Rory’s talk at BoS Conference Europe 2016 here. Economics is flawed, they develop theories and then when the theories don’t hold up, they blame the people. Rory Sutherland, Co-founder, OgilvyChange. Rory is a world class talker and takes some shutting up.

Visiting Angels and Entrepreneurs in Northern Europe

Angel Investing News

These efforts were organized by Merit Imala and the Arengufond Estonian Development Fund team. We found Tallinn to be a delightful place to visit and the best preserved medieval city in Northern Europe. We were in Europe for a month, visiting four countries. Angel Groups Angel Investors Syndication Alan Watts Arengufond Estonian Development Fund Colman Investors Xcell Partners DDVE Diane Roberts EBAN Feodor Aminoff FiBAN Finvera Frank Peters Halo Jan D.

The Next Web introduces 12 local Startup Awards to celebrate entrepreneurship across Europe

The Next Web

Today, we’re introducing a new initiative called Startup Awards , in an effort to celebrate entrepreneurship anywhere – though we’re starting in Europe. Vigour and drive, the willingness to transform and develop are what’s required.

Want to Take Your Company to Europe?

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

With well over 700 million inhabitants, Europe offers start-ups rich pickings for potential customers--but also plenty of headaches. Start-ups want to come to Europe," Ines Santos Silva, co-founder of Startup Exchange Programme explained to Inc.

Seedcamp and Angellist Partner for Europe

Fred Destin

Seedcamp has been running strong for 5 years now; it will continue to be a work in progress for many years to come but it's clearly doing a fantastic job in helping startups from Europe and beyond in accelerating their progress at the earliest stages.

Europe’s Autumn (or, Why You Can’t Outrun Big Debt Forever)

Seeing Both Sides

The news out of Europe just goes from bad to worse. One of my portfolio companies gives the same caveat when reporting on the status of a promising partnership developing with a Fortune 50 company: “Remember, though, this is a company that has never hit a single deadline they’ve given us.”

Business of Software Conference in Europe and the USA

Business of Software Blog

As we have grown, we have been thinking about how we can grow and work with more amazing entrepreneurs and software developers. If you would like to know more about the event and to hear news of the programme, you can join the BoS Europe email list here. Coming next week at which point prices for BoS US will rise… If you also want BoS Europe updates, provide us with your email below and we will add you to the Europe list.

Reaktor Polte Aims to Be Top Investor in Europe: Rebrands to Reaktor Ventures


When we first wrote about Reaktor Polte a few years back , we saw potential in the concept of letting startups use their development and design talent. Reaktor Ventures.

Tech is exploding all across the UK, not just in London

The Next Web

We certainly can’t underestimate the significant role that London – and Tech City – is playing in these developments, but we have to recognise it’s the UK as a whole that will be key to hitting these 2016 projections. Entrepreneur Europe Insider Analysis and Opinion

Coinbase launches in Europe, includes Finland, Sweden


For the first time, designers and developers like us can now re-imagine the way financial transactions and products are designed and built.

Bill Janeway Warburg Pincus | Productive Bubbles | Video Slides Transcript | BoS Europe 2015

Business of Software Blog

Bill Janeway: I do want to say how much I enjoyed James talk having been working with companies using Agile and seeing it developed and transform the productivity of software development. And left us with a lot of beach houses in the Nevada desert and the functional equivalent of that across Europe and parts of Asia, radically unproductive and when it burst the economic consequences were devastating.

Viva Labs raises €400,000 to expand smart home solution across Europe


With the funding they hope to hire more people to assist with business development and sales to enterprise organizations across Europe.

Why haven’t European investors fully accepted the ‘failure is good’ mentality yet?

The Next Web

Many entrepreneurs claim that there’s just not enough money, and that investors in Europe fear failure. This effect can be seen amongst so many of Europe’s youth. It’s about being mentally at ease with a trial-and-error format of business development.

Recognizing Great Ideas From the Developing World

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Two authors envision the developing world as a fertile research-and-development lab for companies in any market. Companies in places such as the United States, Europe, and Japan deploy sophisticated technology to produce premium products for developed markets.

All you need to know about the 2015 EU VAT changes and how we implemented them at TNW

The Next Web

If you’re wondering what developers are doing over in Europe today, a good guess (besides recovering from a hangover) would be that they are trying to figure out how to implement the new EU VAT rules. Column Entrepreneur Europe Patrick How-To''s News

Web 29

The European Startup Market

A VC : Venture Capital and Technology

Currently 22% of our active portfolio is in Europe. Since 2010, we’ve invested in 47 companies (roughly 8 per year) and 11 of them have been in Europe (roughly 2 per year). So over the past six years, roughly 25% of our investments have been in Europe. In 2015, we have made nine investments to date (a few have not yet been announced) and four of them have been in Europe (45%). Well first, we have developed an investment presence in Europe.

European startups: Here’s how to (not) raise capital in the US

The Next Web

Editor’s note: This is a guest post by Stefano Bernardi, who is on the founding team of Betable , where he heads Customer Development. Previously, he worked in venture capital in Europe. Entrepreneur Europe Insider Analysis and Opinion

Pride of Britain – Duane Jackson: His Story | Video: Fireside Chat at Business of Software Europe Conference 2015

Business of Software Blog

On his release, with a baby on the way, he decided to “go straight” He struggled to use products like Sage and Quickbooks to keep accounts so developed a web-based application for his own use. See our first released video of Business of Software Europe 2015 below and hear his story about building Kashflow. The post Pride of Britain – Duane Jackson: His Story | Video: Fireside Chat at Business of Software Europe Conference 2015 appeared first on Business of Software USA.

Hacking For Defense In Silicon Valley

Steve Blank

In a major break from the past, where the military designed all its own weapons, 10,000 scientists and engineers from academia worked in civilian-run weapons labs (most headquartered in universities) in an organization called the Office of Scientific Research and Development (OSRD).

Estonian Taxify raises €1.4m to expand to Eastern and Central Europe


Over the last year Taxify has been naming several potential locations as diverse as Eastern Europe, Asia, the US, Nordics, Greece and the Netherlands. Estonian Taxify announed today that they have raised a whooping € 1.4

Doing Business in Europe? You Should be Hedging

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Kevin MacDonald, CEO of Black Mountain Systems, a software developer in San Diego that earned $4.4 There is one way to prepare for a Euro zone meltdown. If you do business overseas, it's time to consider hedging. Expanding internationally can be a great way to grow your business.

5 Keys To Success In Rolling Out Software Worldwide

Startup Professionals Musings

Note that this will require close and trusted cooperation between engineering/development and each localization group. It is essential to develop trust between your company and the respective localization group. development entrepreneur global localization software

Spotify Second Largest Source Of Revenue In Europe For Labels


Recent IFPI report on digital music reveals the size of Spotify in Europe and how much money it's actually churning for the record labels. The report states that digital music revenues grew by 20 percent in Europe in 2010. No wonder Daniel Ek is able to speak about Spotify's development in a confident way: "We signed up more than 750,000 subscribers in the first year of our subscription offering.

Facts About Eye Health Between the US and Europe – Business Opportunity?

Blogtrepreneur | Entrepreneur Blog

While in US the eye-health ingredients market is growing at 5% per year, in Europe there are movements praising to incorporate eye-health into the public health care system. It can result in the development of more advanced technologies, at faster pace, not only providing options but also tailored treatments on the fast growing industry so-called Personalized Medicine. On the flip-side, the existing welfare in Europe promotes large scope of free health care and treatments.

Why We Turned Down a $100 Million Sale | Guy Mucklow, PCA Direct | BoS Europe 2016

Business of Software Blog

Slides of Guy’s talk at BoS Conference Europe 2016 here. And this thing developed into a much more protected discussion which then matured into a discussion with serious and private equity investors, we had a lot of interest from them and had 2 firm offers from private equity. These new services that we’re starting to provide are giving our developers, our sales people and marketing and support people far greater opportunities than they ever had in the past.

East meets West: Why Chinese app developers are targeting US smartphone owners

The Next Web

For mobile app developers, the impressive figures are enticing. In this aspect, China’s huge market seems ripe for the taking — and which firms are better-placed to do so than homegrown startups, especially app developers looking to conquer the mobile market?

Cracking The Code: BlablaCar - Travel Revolution

Cracking the Code

Some countries in Europe may have lost their AAA ratings, but they have not lost their appetite to innovate and create new online services. As Techcrunch announced earlier today, Accel led a $10m round in the company to help them develop their service across all Europe.

Spain 22

Why Internal Ventures are Different from External Startups

Steve Blank

Just as Germany’s domination of Western Europe in World War II was eventually undone by its decision to launch a second front by invading Russia, so too unlike a start up, corporate ventures cannot focus solely on winning in the external marketplace. Filed under: Big Companies versus Startups: Durant versus Sloan , Customer Development. Big Companies versus Startups: Durant versus Sloan Customer Development

Entrepreneurs are Everywhere Show No. 34: Deputy Secretary of State Antony J. Blinken

Steve Blank

Before that, he was a member of President Clinton’s National Security Council staff and Special Assistant to the President and Senior Director for European Affairs – President Clinton’s principal advisor for relations with the countries of Europe, the European Union and NATO.

SEC 59

European Commission Invests Millions To Improve Internet Across Europe


This week saw the launch of the first phase of the EU's five-year plan to modernize and unify Internet's infrastructure across Europe, reported the Wall Street Journal. According to Neelie Kroes, European commissioner for the digital agenda, the aim of the project is to address the challenges holding back internet development in Europe. In short, the message that Europe needs to become united in the online sphere has finally registered with the policy-makers.

Entrepreneurs are Everywhere Show No. 28: Magdalena Yesil and Michael Mondavi

Steve Blank

Magdalena : What we missed was capital … We spent three years on developing and actually even structuring deals to buy Internet access companies out of Stanford and out of MIT, and no venture capitalist would give us a penny. Europe had the market cornered.

Entrepreneurs are Everywhere Show No. 28: Magdalena Yesil and Michael Mondavi

Steve Blank

Magdalena : What we missed was capital … We spent three years on developing and actually even structuring deals to buy Internet access companies out of Stanford and out of MIT, and no venture capitalist would give us a penny. Europe had the market cornered.

Kristian Segerstrale Believes In Northern Europe


Most importantly perhaps for the region, he was extremely happy to see the development in the area with many local projects promoting entrepreneurship in the different countries. Develop strategic capabilities through securing strategic talent.

The Story of Raspberry Pi | Raspberry Pi Zero | Jack Lang Business of Software Europe 2015 Talk

Business of Software Blog

Jack Lang, Chairman of the Raspberry Pi Foundation and part of the original Pi Team, took to the Business of Software Europe stage to share the story of Raspberry Pi in 2015: It’s incredible journey from project, to world changer. If you’re selling a few thousand you can get away with this as a development board. So regulatory issues, we had to go through the development process and get through that. They run in Europe and the US.