Thu.Jan 24, 2013

We Are The Lucky Ones

Feld Thoughts

I participated in the lip dub of the song Lucky Ones, created by the gang at Undrip. They did this as a fundraiser for victims of Hurricane Sandy – I just contributed $900 to the effort ($300 each to Not Just Bagels , Jersey Shore Apparel , and Bungalow Bar & Restaurant ).

Who You Want On Your Board

A VC : Venture Capital and Technology

One of the guys who taught me the venture capital business used to say "success is in inverse proportion to the number of VCs you have on your board." " He was right. For a few reasons. First of all, most VCs get on your board by virtue of financing rounds you do. If you do a lot of financing rounds, you will collect enough VCs on your board to field a basketball team. And that sucks. And it means you had to raise too much money too. All of which are bad things.

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Cohen / Calacanis Interview on This Week In Startups

Feld Thoughts

A few weeks ago I did a long interview with Jason Calacanis on This Week In Startups. I got a bunch of positive feedback on it and thought it was one of the better long form interviews I’ve done in a while.

Startups for Startups: The Top B2B Tools Used by Startups

VC Cafe

Why do so many founders build things no one wants? Because they begin by trying to think of startup ideas. – Paul Graham, Ycombinator. Picks and Axes.

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Reid Hoffman – New VC Blogger (Essayist)

Ask The VC

Reid Hoffman, founder / executive chairman of LinkedIn and partner at Greylock has started blogging. Well – he’s started writing long form essays on a blog that my understanding is will come out about once a month. The first post is If, Why, and How Founders Should Hire a “Professional” CEO. It is outstanding and I expect Reid’s blog should be on your must read list.

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7 Signs You're Ready to Be Your Own Boss

Inc Startups

Before they were great leaders, they were great employees. Most accomplished entrepreneurs and executives built their success on a solid foundation. It seems that everyone wants to be an entrepreneur these days. Everyone wants to be the boss and run their own show.

Shifting from a product company to a sales/marketing company

Seth Levine's VC Adventure

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Applications for Our 2013 Summer Fellowship Program Now Open

Lightspeed Venture Partners

Lightspeed is excited to announce that we are now accepting applications for our Summer Fellowship Program.

How Smart Companies Use PR to Get the Word Out

Inc Startups

What you need to know to market your new business idea, without spending much (or at all). Even the world's most brilliant idea doesn't mean much if no one knows about it. It needs marketing, promotion, advertising--a viral wildfire that sweeps across the nation, and even oceans.

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How To Build a Business People Want To Refer

Duct Tape Marketing

Thursday is guest post day here at Duct Tape Marketing and today’s guest is from Don Campbell – Enjoy! What if - instead of relying on expensive paid ad campaigns and direct sales, your business thrived on referrals from happy customers?

28 Ways To Wake Up Earlier

Mike Michalowicz

You know the saying: “The early bird gets the worm.” ” Now, I don’t know if you are in the worm business, or if you are even a bird for that matter. But, if you are an entrepreneur, the early time of the morning is when you can get a lot of work done.

Beauty Pays: Beautiful Websites (and People) Get Better Results


Does beauty sell? Most people would intuitively say ‘yes’, but what evidence is there that supports the claim? In today’s article we’ll take a look at the world of beautiful people, products and design.

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Updating Your Investors

David Lee

This post is for companies in their first year or so and have angel/seed investors. You should update your investors. Even if they don’t have a legal right to updates (i.e., “information rights”). It can help you more than it benefits them. I learned this from Ron Conway - updates are a sign of a good entrepreneur. Even and especially if things aren’t going well. Josh Hannah of Matrix has a good post on why updating investors is a good idea.

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Great Ideas Aren't Enough

Inc Startups

Lots of entrepreneurs have great ideas--and their companies still fail. Five rules to turn your idea into a viable business. When you’re starting your own company, it’s easy to forget that for every one successful entrepreneur, there are hundreds more who tried and failed.

7 Must Have Features If You Sell Products Online by Yaro Starak

Tweet Last year I did a lot of online shopping, more shopping than I have ever done before. I suspect if you’re a net addict as I am, you spent more online last year than ever before too. According to Comscore, over $43.2 Billion was spent online in 2012. That’s up 15% from 2011.

Easy Ways to Polish Your Online Reputation

Inc Startups

Chances are, people are searching your name online. Will you like what they find? What’s online about you--good or bad, true or false, stale or fresh--is all part of your digital DNA. Right or wrong, it is the crayon box people use to color in the lines about you.

Mission accomplished: Startup Visa Canada is here

Version One Ventures

Mircea Pa?oi oi and Cristian Strat, founders of Summify (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Two years ago , Danny Robinson, Maura Rodgers and myself started to lobby for a Startup Visa Canada that would make it easier for foreign (tech) entrepreneurs to start their company in Canada.

Investor Pitches: 5 Things You're Doing Wrong

Inc Startups

Stop saying you're solving a problem, and other common mistakes entrepreneurs make when presenting to investors.

The 3 Critical Ways To Build Trust Via Your Website

Mike Michalowicz

There are many different types of websites. Marketing (think brochure), E-commerce (think eBay), Informational (think Wikipedia), Data Collection (think of the countless forms you fill out with those annoying required fields), etc.

Arianna Huffington: Dare to Fail

Inc Startups

The co-founder and editor in chief of the Huffington Post explains the relationship between inventiveness, risk taking, and being willing to fail. Arianna Huffington is co-founder and editor in chief of The Huffington Post. She spoke with Inc. reporter Issie Lapowsky.

The missing element in Enterprise Clouds: Capex

deal architect

Listen to any IBM or Verizon or SAP cloud pitch and somewhere, somehow the old bullet “We will turn your capex into opex” will show up. The elephant in the room is “Where do that customer capex disappear?” It should.

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Depression: A Bigger Concern for Entrepreneurs?

Inc Startups

Launching a start-up takes an enormous amount of dedication and positive energy, but there is a dark side. Entrepreneurs are generally credited with having a bright, optimistic outlook on their business pursuits. But lately the gloomy topic of depression has been swirling.

Don’t Let One Customer Kill Your Online Reputation

Startup Professionals Musings

These days, your online Internet reputation is your reputation. Of course, having no reputation is usually better than a bad one, but don’t wait for someone else to establish a good one for you.

3 Unconventional Strategies for Fast Growth

Inc Startups

As you develop an execution plan for your long-term growth strategy, you may have to disrupt the status quo. We're spending the first part of the new year aligning our organization around our top priorities and long-term plans for growth.

Shifting from a product company to a sales/marketing company

Seth Levine's VC Adventure

'We Had No Idea What the Numbers Would Look Like'

Inc Startups

To get customers to come back, Wayfair co-founder Niraj Shah had to reorganize his 200 home goods websites

Sign up via email to receive my latest posts

Jeff Hilimire

A bunch of people have asked me to create a way for people to subscribe to this blog via email and I finally got off my lazy bum and set that up. You can see it right there on the right side of this blog, or you can click here. I personally prefer to use Google Reader to sign up via RSS for blogs I follow. Then I religiously use Reeder on my iPhone and iPad , and recently I’ve started to use the iPad Feedly app as well. Love that app.


4 Ways Women in Combat Will Change Business

Inc Startups

It's not just about military front lines. Today's female infantry soldier will be tomorrow's entrepreneur and business leader. Women have served in combat for years. Indeed, more than 20,000 women have served in Iraq and Afghanistan. Eight hundred were wounded; more than 130 died.

Just Starting Up? Here Are Five Things You Should Look At.


So your dormitory mates and you have come up a good idea, and have even started work on a prototype. Now you’re even thinking of taking the crucial next step – starting up as an official company. Congratulations! But now you’re asking yourself: what do we do next?

How to Make (or Lose) an Easy Sale

Inc Startups

Listen carefully, because sometimes prospects tell you up front that they're ready to buy right now. In today's challenging economy, selling is a difficult job, right? Well, not always.

Seven Lessons The Business World Can Learn from The Downfall Of Lance Armstrong


by Bruce Piasecki, author of “ Doing More with Teams: The New Way to Winning ” Over the past few months, sports fans around the world have watched the downfall of the most celebrated cyclist of all time: Lance Armstrong.

Technology That May Lose Its Luster in 2013

Inc Startups

These business devices could do no wrong in 2012. But this year they might make way for better alternatives. These business devices could do no wrong in 2012. But this year they might make way for better alternatives.--John

Europas Results: Instabridge & Transferwise Win, Impresses


From the comments that can be found around the web and from the people that attended the awards, it seems that Europas is the fastest awards event out there. After all, it finished 20 minutes ahead of schedule, which is not something you see too often at a startup event.

4 Tips to Stay Married to a Founder

Inc Startups

VC Mark Suster's wife offers tips for the significant others of founders to help ensure your relationship survives the start-up. Start-ups are hard on founders but they're also really, really hard on the significant others of founders.