Startups Need Employees Who React Like Entrepreneurs

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Every startup lucky enough to get some traction gets to the point where they decide to hire some “regular employees” for sales, marketing, and administrative tasks. What they should be doing is hiring only “entrepreneurs,” meaning people who think and act as if this is their own business.

A Startup Visa – The International Entrepreneurs Rule – Form I-941

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On Friday, the USCIS proposed The International Entrepreneurs Rule. We finally will have a startup visa! The best summary I’ve seen so far is from Tahmina Watson titled International Entrepreneurs Rule (Obama’s Startup Visa Alternative)- Detailed Summary by Tahmina.

The Difference Between Innovators and Entrepreneurs

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Something I said seemed to inspire her: “I always thought you needed to be innovative, original to be an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurs are the ones that make things happen. Others join startups to strike out on their own.

Smart Entrepreneurs Build Startups Without Investors

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In my experience as an advisor to aspiring entrepreneurs, I often encounter the myth that an initial startup requires investors. Outside funding is not a startup entitlement. Flaws in a business plan are often masked by money, but ultimately will kill any startup.

Why Entrepreneurs Start Companies Rather Than Join Them

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If you asked me why I gravitated to startups rather than work in a large company I would have answered at various times: “I want to be my own boss.” “I By the way, as you read the conclusions keep in mind the authors are not talking just about high-tech entrepreneurs.

The Year of Startups Everywhere

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But there is a trend that feels inevitable to me: “Startups everywhere.” When the phrase “Startup Communities” started to become mainstream around 2012, I made the strong assertion that you could create a startup community in any city with at least 100,000 people.

Startup Communities Are Up To The Entrepreneurs

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As I continue to talk about Startup Communities , I say over and over and over again that the leaders have to be entrepreneurs. Everyone else – who I call the “feeders” (government, university, non-profits, big companies, VCs, angel investors) – have an important role, but the leaders must be entrepreneurs. I was interviewed recently in MIT Technology Review in an article titled It’s Up to You, Entrepreneurs.

8 Lessons From Military Strategy For Entrepreneurs

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Winning customers as an entrepreneur in a startup has many parallels to a young army trying to penetrate some formidable new and unfamiliar territory. Too many startups rush into battle early, assuming any progress will somehow give them the competitive advantage.

8 Big Startup Myths That Hold Entrepreneurs Back From Success

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You don’t have to look far to find evidence that we’re in another prolonged startup boom. This trend continued in 2017 , and all signs suggest that 2018 will have similar startup growth. But the more new businesses there are, the more old, often untrue ideas about startups propagate.

Why Every Entrepreneur Needs A Startup Co-Founder

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It seems like every entrepreneur I meet these days is quick to proclaim themselves a visionary, expecting that will give more credibility to their startup idea, and improve their odds with investors. cofounder entrepreneur execution startup visionary

5 Financial Tips For Entrepreneurs Launching A Startup


Underestimating running costs and overheads are the most common mistakes new entrepreneurs make when starting up their first business. Others business advice business finance managing money startup advice

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10 Impressive Startups Founded By Women Entrepreneurs

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Here's a look at 10 women-led startups on the rise - impressive founders that are blazing trails to make women entrepreneurs no longer the exception but the rule.

Entrepreneurs And Startups Drive Future Work Trends

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I have added my own insights, based on my experience advising and working with entrepreneurs and startups: Pay for results, rather than pay for work. In startups, and even corporate environments, I see the spread of collaborative social media platforms such as Yammer.

Colorado Startup Summer

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Every entrepreneur starts her journey somewhere. Colorado is a premier location for entrepreneurs and innovative thinkers. This is why I co-founded and commit a portion of my time to Startup Colorado; an organization that empowers and sustains startup communities across Colorado. Startup Summer is an immersive 10-week program that includes weekly seminars from local entrepreneurs who teach the fundamentals of entrepreneurship.

The 2 Strategies Every Entrepreneur Can Learn From Cannabis Startups

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Startups need growth. Recent multimillion-dollar mergers in the cannabis sector show two routes to follow.

The Loneliness of an Entrepreneur

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What struck me was your point about the gap between expectations in the role of CEO or startup founder, or investor – and the reality of depressive events/emotions that are often present – but no one gets to expose or relinquish. I used to *hate* seeing people around town or whatever because they’d ask “how’s the startup going?” The post The Loneliness of an Entrepreneur appeared first on Feld Thoughts.

Smart Entrepreneurs Plan Ahead For A Startup Exit

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The last thing a new entrepreneur wants to think about for a new startup is how it will end. Startups with no exit planned will minimize investor returns. Most entrepreneurs like the startup role, but not the big-company role. You can kick-off your next startup.

Startup Tips For Young Entrepreneurs


Are there certain traits, factors or qualities that make someone a successful entrepreneur? In fact, older entrepreneurs have their own unique stories of how they became successful. Advice For The Young At Heart startup advice

10 Incentives For Entrepreneurs To Bootstrap Their Startup

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In my experience, that’s actually the worst way to start, for reasons I will outline here, and also the least common way, according to an authoritative survey of new startups. Eighty percent of new entrepreneurs use this approach, with only six percent using investor funding.

5 Great Marketing Tips For Entrepreneurs And Startups In 2018


It is equally significant for the startups, small businesses and large scale organizations. The entrepreneurs and startups should need to learn where to put their efforts and how to do it right otherwise their money would be in bonfire.

The Smartest Entrepreneurs Bootstrap Their Startup

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There is so much written these days about how to attract investors that most entrepreneurs “assume” they need funding, and don’t even consider a plan for “bootstrapping,” or self-financing their startup. General startup expenses are beyond your means.

Let Me Count The Ways Entrepreneurs Fund Startups

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One of the most frequent questions I get as a mentor to entrepreneurs is “How do I find the money to start my business?” These are tough for a first-time entrepreneur. Trade equity or services for startup help. Join a startup incubator or accelerator.

Stretch Your Startup Budget Further: 5 Strategies For Frugal Entrepreneurs


Not every entrepreneur is blessed with deep pockets or generous family members. You likely have access to another ready supply of startup capital: your friends. If you’re going to finance startup-related purchases with a credit card anyhow, why not use one that pays you back?

6 Reasons Startups Need All Angels Plus Crowd Funding

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Entrepreneurs who require funding for their startup have long counted on self-accredited high net worth individuals (“angels”) to fill their needs, after friends and family, and before they qualify for institutional investments (“VCs”). No one knows which startups are not going to fail.

We Need More Entrepreneurs In Congress

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As we come to the end of a particularly noisy and contentious election cycle, a thought echoes over and over in my mind – we need more entrepreneurs in Congress. In 2010 Martin started a non-profit called Upstate Venture Connect with a mission is to connect first time entrepreneurs in new industries with the resources who can help them across the entire Upstate NY region. He engaged deeply in his startup community and was one of the leaders.

Every Entrepreneur Dreams Of A Startup Without Risk

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Serious entrepreneurs know that, but too many “wannabes” still fall for that elusive get-rich-quick scheme with no risk. As an active Angel investor, I still hear entrepreneurs asserting large opportunities with minimal risk and no competition.

Support Startups for Net Neutrality

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Engine Advocacy , Y Combinator , and Techstars are organizing a letter opposing these actions, signed by startups, investors, accelerators, incubators, and entrepreneurs. The post Support Startups for Net Neutrality appeared first on Feld Thoughts.

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10 Signs That The Age Of The Entrepreneur Is Here Now

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With the current strong economy, and sparked by the last recession, I’m seeing a real resurgence of entrepreneurial spirit, and more startup activity than ever before. Thus a record number of entrepreneurs (and team members) are getting rich. Women are a growing force as entrepreneurs.

A New Era For Entrepreneurs And Startups Has Begun

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Since the recent recession, and at least partially sparked by it, I’m seeing a real resurgence of entrepreneurial spirit, and more startup activity than ever before. Thus a record number of entrepreneurs (and employees) are getting rich. Women are a growing force as entrepreneurs.

Tianyi Joe Zhu, Entrepreneur and Startup Advocate

The Startup Magazine

Here at The Startup Magazine , we don’t typically “do” press releases, but occasionally an item comes to us that warrants including it in the magazine. ” So what’s next for the young entrepreneur?

Startup Entrepreneurs Should Adopt This Number One Rule for Success

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This is one rule that all startup entrepreneurs should accept and follow. Startup

How Venture Capital Firms Work, for Entrepreneurs and Startups


Business Entrepreneurship Startup Revolution Venture CapitalistsA couple of months ago, I was doing an internal lunch & learn for senior managers, and the topic came up as to “how do our VC firms work?”

7 Entrepreneurs With Insanely Useful Startup and Entrepreneurship Blogs

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Here's a look at the best blogs, created by entrepreneurs, that contain insight to help you work smarter. Plan blogs business blog startup advice startup lessons

Entrepreneurs Are Winning With A New Startup Model

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I see more and more entrepreneurs who seem to have everything going for them – vision, motivation, passion, even a good business plan, product, and money, and yet they can’t close customers. It’s time for a new startup model. How far behind is your startup?

3 Common Mistakes First-Time Entrepreneurs Make

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Plan business planning starting a business startup adviceStarting a business is inherently a risky venture. You may not be able to control external factors, like a sudden fluctuation in the market. But there are many factors within your control.

New Book: The Startup Playbook

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They both are incredibly experienced founders and entrepreneurs, so I was delighted to be involved in their book. The book is called The Startup Playbook and it’s their personal how-to guide for building your startup from the ground up. Startups are incredibly difficult, as we all know. Not only do I think that this book is an important read for all founders, but I think founders should hand copies to their startup team.

A wealth of sources for startup fundraising – A primer for founders

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The financial side of technology entrepreneurship means that almost from inception, an entrepreneur has to think about and plan his or her sources of financing. Wether you like it or not, startups. This is a content summary only. Click on the post title to continue reading this post, share your comments, browse the website and more!

Confessions Of A Female Immigrant Entrepreneur In Silicon Valley

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Being a minority — a young, female Indian tech entrepreneur — I relentlessly spent the first three years building my first startup and knocking on the doors of almost every venture capital firm in the valley, until I raised my first round of venture financing.

5 Entrepreneur Habits That Imply Visionary Execution

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A popular approach for aspiring entrepreneurs these days seems to be to corner anyone who will listen, with a pitch on their current “million dollar idea.” But not every entrepreneur has to be a visionary. action entrepreneur execution idea plan worth

Best U.S. Cities For Young Entrepreneurs

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For young entrepreneurs one of the biggest decisions is choosing a city to build a company. While major cities like New York and Los Angeles were once seen as the main hubs for young professionals and entrepreneurs, there are many cities in the U.S.