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How to Create a YouTube Channel for Your Small Business — 2021 Guide

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There are numerous advantages to creating a YouTube channel that will help a small business. If you want to know how to start a YouTube channel for your business, there are several steps you must complete. This article covers the ways to build a massive channel that will attract customers to your website and generate income for you.

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YouTube Strategy Lessons from a Channel with 1.6 Million Subscribers


Beardbrand currently has two different YouTube channels, one with 1.6 We launched the larger channel back in 2012 and the smaller channel in 2019. These channels combined are generating hundreds of thousands of views a day, none of which we pay for. Giant channel examples are Smarter EveryDay , Mark Rober , and MKBHD.

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Divided by Algorithms – COVID-19 series

Start Up Blog

For some context on this week’s technology essay, please invest four short minutes to watch my latest episode of #SteveFeed on Algorithms , or as I like to call them: Weapons of Math Destruction. What we have now globally, in the middle of the COVID pandemic, is algorithms shaping the discussion.

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The Quantum Technology Ecosystem – Explained

Steve Blank

But quantum computers can theoretically solve some complex algorithms/ problems exponentially faster than a classical computer. These are classical computers that you can buy today that simulate quantum algorithms. They make it easy to test and debug a quantum algorithm that someday may be able to run on a Universal Quantum Computer.

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Should You Buy YouTube Views?


It’s hard to grow your YouTube channel. There are more than 31 million YouTube channels and over 5 billion videos on the service. It can feel impossible to get the attention of the algorithm. Buying YouTube views could be the best thing you can do for your YouTube channel. Catching the Attention of the Algorithm.

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Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning– Explained

Steve Blank

Humans combine data with algorithms (see here for a list) to train a model using that data. Machine learning algorithms – computer programs that adjust themselves to perform better as they are exposed to more data. Department of Defense has created a dedicated organization to ensure its deployment. But What Is It?

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6 Key Rules To Stay Competitive In The Digital World

Startup Professionals Musings

The old approaches of controlling distribution channels, saturating retail, and methodically scaling your brand awareness don’t protect you anymore. Algorithms and data are required to compete. The real challenge is to win massive consumer preference repeatedly. One thing hasn’t changed in the business world – competition.

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