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The Virus Survival Strategy For Your Startup

Steve Blank

“Winter is coming.”. This is the one blog post that I hope I’m completely wrong about. With the Covid-19 virus a worldwide pandemic, if you’re leading any startup or small business, you have to be asking yourself, “What’s Plan B? And what’s in my lifeboat?”.

7 Keys For Moving A Startup To A Sustainable Business

Startup Professionals Musings

As a business advisor, I have too often seen technical entrepreneurs get a product or service off the ground with ease, but then struggle mightily when their business reaches a couple of million in annual sales, or the employee count grows beyond a handful.

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The positive impact of COVID-19

deal architect

Somebody once told me I could make a brown paper bag sound interesting. Not sure if that was a compliment but I do find interesting aspects to most anything. While there is so much doom and gloom around the coronavirus. Industry Commentary


Five Categories with Corona Tailwinds

View from Seed

Life has been turned upside down in the span of days. A week ago, I thought I’d be travelling for my first business school spring break — not cooped up in my Boston apartment. I thought I’d be heading to my sister-in-law’s wedding this weekend — now it has been postponed.

Building Healthy Innovation Ecosystems for Your Projects

Speaker: Nick Noreña, Innovation Coach and Advisor, Kromatic

In this webinar, Nick Noreña will walk through an Innovation Ecosystem Model that he and his team at Kromatic have developed to help investors, heads of product, teachers, and executives understand how they can best support innovation in their own ecosystem. He'll also go over metrics we can use to measure the health of our ecosystems as we build more resources for innovators.

#LeadBoldly to #StoptheSpread of COVID-19

Feld Thoughts

A coalition of 250 CEOs and leaders (and growing by the hour) are asking our fellow business and civic leaders around America to #LeadBoldly and #StoptheSpread of COVID-19.

8 Funding Proposal Red Flags Every Startup Can Avoid

Startup Professionals Musings

After many years of working with angel investors seriously trying to find new ventures worthy of their hard-earned money, I find their frustration often exceeds that of entrepreneurs sincerely looking for financial help.

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Action Today for CFO’s

Steve Blank

Jeff Epstein is on the board of Shutterstock, Twilio, Kaiser Permanente, and was the CFO of Oracle, DoubleClick, Nielsen and King World and is an operating partner at Bessemer Venture Partners. He teaches the Lean LaunchPad class at Stanford with me. And the minute he talks about financing I shut up and take notes. He sent this message to the CFOs of his companies yesterday. Read it along with yesterdays survival strategy advice to CEOs.).

Salary 149

Machine Learning Is Your Secret Weapon For Customer Acquisition


by Chad Ruff, Chief Technology Officer at Swiftpage. If you’re looking for a strategy to get ahead when it comes to customer acquisition, machine learning can be your secret weapon.

8 Personal Strategies For Winning With Relationships

Startup Professionals Musings

Based on my years of experience in both startups and large companies, trusted relationships are more the key to success than a great business model, how smart you are, or how much money you have.

Providing Frontline Support to Boulder County Caregivers

Feld Thoughts

As the world shifts underneath us around Covid-19, Amy and I have focused our immediate philanthropic efforts on our local community in Boulder County. If you have the ability to contribute anything philanthropically, helping locally will make a huge difference right now.

Look for the Small Business Silver Lining

Rembrandt Communications

How are you doing? With all the COVID-19 news, you may be feeling some anxiety and a bit negative right now. However, things do not have to be all doom and gloom for you or your business. That’s why I’m sending you a few insights to help you and your business through this difficult time!

Pandemic: How To Lead During Incredibly Difficult Times

YFS Magazine

For leaders, the question is not if you will face times of worry, stress, and setbacks, it is how will you lead during these times. Lead leadership pandemic

5 Forces That Kill Momentum For Business First-Movers

Startup Professionals Musings

Is your strategy as a business leader to be a first-mover or a follower?

Agile 212

Poetry: Pandemic

Feld Thoughts

Following is a poem titled Pandemic written by Lynn Ungar on 3/11/20. Thanks to Joanna Rupp at the University of Chicago for sending it to me. I like to read poetry out loud. It slows me down enough to relish the words.

Digital Payment Options Every Small Business (Startup) Should Consider


If you’re opening a store of any kind today, you know it’s practically impossible to do business without offering digital payments. The process of integrating payment options can seem very confusing to new merchants, so we made a comprehensive guide to help you launch your business.

How To Manage Your Online Presence During The COVID-19 Pandemic

YFS Magazine

The last few weeks, and especially the last few days have been downright scary. I've felt all of the emotions and feelings humanly possible. Grow Marketing & Sales marketing online business pandemic

6 Reasons Your Hockey Stick Growth Curve Can Go Flat

Startup Professionals Musings

Every entrepreneur thinks he can relax a bit after his business model is proven, funding is in place, and revenues are scaling as projected up that hockey-stick curve.

Covid-19 Podcasts About Crises and Mental Health

Feld Thoughts

Over the past week, I’ve done a handful of podcasts to help entrepreneurs, leaders, and employees at startups to help think through how to respond in a crisis. I’ve requested that anything I do right now on this front is made public, so if anyone is interested, they can watch them.

Important Productivity Apps And How They Help Small Businesses Achieve Growth


by Atman Rathod, co-founder at CMARIX TechnoLabs Pvt. It is no brainer to say that businesses today need to go digital to remain productive.

Take Decisive Action to Stem Covid-19 NOW

VC Adventure

It’s hard to keep track of all the data around the current status and potential spread of Covid-19. The data are overwhelming, there is a lot of disinformation spreading , and the data and advice from various public and private sources are changing almost hourly.

Small Things, Big Effects

Eric Friedman

COVID19 is top of mind. Right now the world watches as what feels like a dystopians novel unfolds before our eyes. Many are scared and figuring out what to do. Like most things, this started small. Now it’s a tidal wave cresting across the globe.

Please Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day At Home

Feld Thoughts

Patrick’s Day (tomorrow – 3/17) has always been a big holiday for us because it’s also my dad’s birthday. This year we are celebrating it remotely.

Startups: How To Maintain Employee Motivation


Congratulations! You have turned your idea into a business, and it is now off the ground. The office and all other necessary amenities are all set up, the staff agency has already done hires for you, and it is time to get into business.

Four Reasons Business Leaders Should Never Stop Learning

YFS Magazine

Continual learning sounds great, but how do you make it happen? Here's how small business owners can prioritize ongoing education. Lead online courses online learning personal development personal growth recommended

Why You Shouldn’t Fear Saving For Retirement During Recent Events

The Startup Magazine

The journey towards retirement can be aong and sometimes bumpy one, and sometimes your portfolio can take a few hits a long the way.

Take Spring Break At Home For Two Weeks Starting Now

Feld Thoughts

By this point, I expect everyone who reads this blog is extremely familiar with the phrases “flatten the curve” and “social distancing.” ” If not, read Coronavirus: Why You Must Act Now right now.

How To Enhance Creativity As A Web Designer


Creativity is one of the main components of being a successful web designer. As a designer, you must possess the ability to create numerous websites serving varying purposes in a unique way.

Web 153

Marketing and Growth Lessons for Uncertain Times


“Rare is the business that has a formal disaster plan, let alone one that covers a global Black Swan event.” Tim Stewart, trsdigital. An article on growth and marketing in the middle of a crisis—the current one or any other—can seem tone deaf. But nothing gets better if we stand still.

X Components of Information Architecture

The Startup Magazine

If you are familiar with the word UX designing, the chances are that you’ve already heard of information architecture or shortly written as IA. You’ll find yourself attracted to IA if you like the things that involve solving problems or if you are naturally gifted with organizing complex stuff.

Happy 82nd Birthday Dad

Feld Thoughts

Earlier this evening we celebrated my dad’s 82nd birthday using the appropriate COVID-19 social distancing approach. Patrick’s day has always been a special day for my family because of my dad’s birthday.

Green 95

Data Science And Its Life Cycle


As the world moved into the era of big data, the need for storage also boomed. Until 2010, it was the main concern and challenge for corporates with the main focus on building solutions and frameworks to store these data.

Ample Hills Bankruptcy and Recovery: What Happened and What's Next for a Beloved Brand

This is going to be BIG.

As a seed stage investor, I know the math. Half the companies I invest in won’t provide a financial return. Another forty percent or so will go sideways a bit, and the last ten percent will drive most of the gains for my investors. Leveraging up a company with venture dollars in an attempt to grow to a national or world class brand can be a risky proposition.

Bucket List Corporate Travel Destinations: 5 Places Your Employees Won’t Want to Miss

The Startup Magazine

While corporate travel is not always in vogue, some planning ahead can help relieve the current stresses as employees can look forward to an excursion. Corporate travel incentives have seen rising popularity in the past few years.

3/19/2020 Thoughts

VC Adventure

I had a few things on my mind related to the startup environment right now as it relates to Covid-19 and the massive market disruption that we’re in the middle of. It’s a struggle to get them all sorted out in my mind so apologies in advance if these are a little disjointed.

How to Successfully Pitch Your Self-Help Book


by Julia Ivy, PhD, author of “ Crafting Your Edge for Today’s Job Market: Using the Be-edge Method for Consulting Cases and Capstone Projects “ Sales of self-help books have nearly doubled since 2013 , with sales reaching $18.6 million in 2019.

How to Work Remotely and Maintain Company Culture

Mike Michalowicz

In the last week Covid-19 has ramped up significantly in the US. At the very least, your normal daily routine is changing. For many of you, temporary laws have established, forcing you and your employees to work remotely and altering the landscape of your business.