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Global Venture Capital Distribution

A VC : Venture Capital and Technology

Richard Florida published some stats on the distribution of global venture capital investment last week. SF proper and the broader bay area make up 25% of the global venture capital investment activity (~$10bn out of $42bn).

Venture Capital is About Human Capital

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Most VCs did well academically and had enough career success that a venture firm was willing to give them an investment role or they were able to raise their own fund. Fundamentally venture capital is about human capital. Venture Capital is a people business.

A Venture Capital History Perspective From Jack Tankersley

Feld Thoughts

In January, Jerry Neumann wrote a long and detailed analysis of his view of the VC industry in the 1980’s titled Heat Death: Venture Capital in the 1980’s. The key reason for the explosion in capital flowing into the industry, and therefore the large increase in practitioners, had nothing to do with 1970’s performance, early stage investing, or technology. Continental Capital*. $ 250,000. KPC&B II. $ 775,000.

Why Was Winter in Venture Capital Funding so Short?

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It was only a year ago that many in the Venture Capital industry were predicting that “winter was coming” and to be fair the author of this post was chief amongst them. While this it total FDI as opposed to just venture, it should give you an indication of the international trend.

It’s Morning in Venture Capital

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Many observers of the venture capital industry have questioned whether its best days are behind it. They are, in fact, great news for traditional venture capitalists. The most successful of these businesses will still need venture capital to scale their businesses.

Sustainable startup growth and venture capital

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On Friday it seemed like everyone in the venture capital industry was again reading about market turmoil, this time the news is that angel investors are pulling back and valuations taking a hit. In his post The end of the big venture formula Danny Crichton put it like this: What’s needed is a sustainable approach to startup growth and venture capital.

Why Venture Capital No Longer Defines Innovation


Today’s venture capital deal flow to innovative new companies looks a lot like a fat man trying to squeeze into a slim Italian suit. In 2000, venture capitalists poured a staggering $112.2 Today, venture capital deal flow has slowed to a relative trickle, just $28.4

Venture Capital (VC) Blog Directory – 2011 Edition

Thinking About Thinking

This is the 4th edition of the Venture Capital Blog Directory ( 1st edition , 2nd edition , 3rd edition ). This directory includes 149 venture capital, microVC/seed, and growth equity blogs. Many thanks to my colleagues at Volition Capital for their assistance with this directory - we hope it’s a useful service for everyone. . The Global VC Blog Directory (Q410 Avg. Fred Wilson ( @fredwilson ), Union Square Ventures, A VC (81,483).

Venture Capital in India – The Summit Push


As the season for year roundups begins, here are my thoughts, originally published in Economic Times … It is now my eight year in succession of claiming a great year for venture capital. At the surface, 2013 was a slower year for venture capital investments than recent past. The first reason is the emergence of key investment themes which could redefine the complexion of technology ventures in India.

India 18

The Venture Capital Revival


There have been a number of narratives in circulation over the last year or so: the " we're in a tech bubble " (or "we're not in a tech bubble") narrative, the "venture capital is in decline" narrative (or " venture capital is broken ").

Quigley Report - Predicting a Venture Capital Revival


An interesting report predicting that venture capital asset class will make a strong revival over next 10 years. Quigley Report: A Venture Capital Revival is Upon Us.

Why Venture Capital No Longer Defines Innovation


Today’s venture capital deal flow to innovative new companies looks a lot like a fat man trying to squeeze into a slim Italian suit. In 2000, venture capitalists poured a staggering $112.2 Today, venture capital deal flow has slowed to a relative trickle, just $28.4

The Venture Capital Secret: 3 Out of 4 Start-Ups Fail

SIGNIFICANCE PROMINENT. --> The Venture Capital Secret: 3 Out of 4 Start-Ups Fail. An entrepreneur with a hot technology and venture-capital funding becomes a billionaire in his 20s. But now there is evidence that venture-backed start-ups fail at far higher numbers than the rate the industry usually cites. About three-quarters of venture-backed firms in the U.S. backed by venture capitalists. Globaloney: Globalization Challenged. Facebook.

Venture Capital Access Program launches to aid women and diverse entrepreneurs

David Teten

VCAP© Addresses the Gap between Venture Capital and Funding for Women and Diverse Entrepreneurs. The National Association of Investment Companies (NAIC) is the trade association representing women and diverse private equity and venture firms. New York Policy Venture Capital

Venture capital activity in Europe edging up, still way behind US

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There has been a bit of buzz recently about the Q2 increase in VC activity in the US, and following discussion a discussion at a dinner last night where we fumbled for stats on the state of the venture market I decided to do a little research this morning and find out the latest trends.

The Coming Brick Wall in Venture Capital & Why This is Good for US Innovation

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This is the final part of a 3-part series on the major changes in the structure of the software & the venture capital industries. But … Downsizing Venture Capital. Creative destruction is what drives capitalism and innovation.

Ziften Raises $24 Million in Venture Capital


The Austin-based startup reported that Spring Mountain Capital led the funding with participation from Fayez Sarofim, an early investor in Ziften. The company plans to use the money to market its products globally. The company has created security tools that allows companies to […] The post Ziften Raises $24 Million in Venture Capital appeared first on SiliconHills. Ziften, which develops security software, Wednesday announced it has raised $24 million.

Do venture capital firms or private equity funds offer debt financing for startups?


For venture capital, this is typically ten times the invested capital, and those returns can only be achieved through equity appreciation, not debt service. And if you are still at the startup stage, how do already have global operations in a dozen countries? Invested Interests debt financing private equity funds startup VCs venture capital firms The direct answer to your question is NO, VC and PE funds do not provide debt financing for any companies.

New Game for Corporate R&D and Venture Capital

Recent Buzzes - VC Experts, Inc.

This outdated R&D model of the industrial organization that progresses through internal development has been eclipsed by the reality of new, venture capital backed start-ups that achieve far greater competitive advantage through rapid cycles of innovation, customer acceptance and global distribution It would appear that US innovation has never been brighter. US Corporations are spending in excess of $200 billion on R&D annually, most of it on technology advancements.

Global Venture Capital (VC) Blog Directory – Ranked By Monthly Uniques

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It’s exciting times these days after we launched Volition Capital on Monday (01/11/10). The first post on the blog is: Why did you choose the name Volition Capital? Despite all that’s going on, I decided to publish the 3rd version of the Global VC Blog Directory (v1: May 2009 , v2: Sept 2009 ). Global VC Blogs: Europe , Canada , Israel. Entire Directory: The Global VC Blog Directory. The Global VC Blog Directory (Avg.

NEA Closes $2.6 Billion Venture Capital Fund

Inc Startups

In two months, the venture capital firm raised one of the largest venture funds ever. billion venture capital fund on Wednesday, and it’s one of the largest venture funds ever assembled.

Capital Is Cheap And Labor Is Expensive

Feld Thoughts

While my cynicism around government math and how inflation is calculated is substantial, there isn’t much question that since 2008 capital has been extremely cheap. But I think cheap capital is only half of the equation.

Startups Start Local But Go Global. Is Europe Included?

VC Cafe

Campus London European Startups Eze Vidra Innovation Endeavors europe Israel Israeli startups venture capitalLast week I had the pleasure of speaking at the Cities Summit Tel Aviv, in a session moderated by Mr Yossi Vardi. The topic was the "Innovative code" of cities. My talk focused on London and its. [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]].

The Maths Behind Venture Capital


I want to be fully honest about this, but I'm really thrilled to be sharing information like this so openly about the venture capital business with the help of Nexit Ventures about the mathematics behind the venture capital business. Nexit Ventures.

Investing In Startups In Europe

A VC : Venture Capital and Technology

4) Global skills. I agree with all of those but to me the biggest thing is european entrepreneurs have fully made the change from locally focused to globally focused and are mostly now building businesses that can and do serve a global user base from day one. Venture Capital and Technology One of the big european tech conferences starts today. It's called DLD and my partner Albert is giving a talk there tomorrow.

10 Reasons For Joining The New Startup Wave Now

Startup Professionals Musings

Entrepreneurs now can think globally about the opportunity, from day one but start locally. This approach, popularly known as “glocalization,” means you design and deliver global solutions that have total relevance to every local market you plan to attack.

IPO 90

On personal brand, transparency and social contract in venture capital. Oh yeah, and blogging.

Fred Destin

The very candid interview does a good job of capturing my views on personal brand and the use of media in venture capital, and which I republish below. There is almost perfect transparency on the venture side, so you can’t just sit back and wait for people to come through your office.

Venture capital vs self-funded for high growth technology businesses. This was surprising.

Business of Software Blog

There seems to be a generally held feeling that venture capital is ususally suitable for rapid growth businesses and that founders should consider taking it if they want to add rocket fuel to their business.  It was inspired by an observation that only 14% of the fastest growing 500 companies in the US were venture backed according to Carl Schramm. Carl Schramm talking about US innovation and venture capital.

VC post 2015: the new normal

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The charts above are both from the new KPMP/CB Insights Venture Pulse Report. The last bar in top chart on global investment might suggest a different interpretation, but Q3 is often quiet for venture investment.). Venture Capital

VC is Global


There has been a familiar refrain over the years here in Canada that our startups have less access to capital than our peers in the US. On average, our startups do in fact have significantly less capital (3 – 10x in some cases) then US peers. But what’s missing in these historical stats is that VC is now global. I hope that this round forever lays to waste the argument that our startups don’t have access to capital. Capital is global.

The Humanity of Our AI Future


Two private companies that have built impressive scale are Flatiron Health, focused on oncology solutions, which raised $175M led by pharmaceutical company Roche last year; and Kensho, which just announced a $50M round of funding led by S&P Global.

Investing in Venture Capital - Limited Partner or Fund of Funds? - Part 2

Recent Buzzes - VC Experts, Inc.

By Igor Sill, Managing Director of Geneva Venture Management LLC. The emergence of Software-as-a-Service and Cloud computing are major tectonic shifts occurring in the global software ecosystem. Venture capital enables and to a great extent, propels this entrepreneurial innovation.

Top Venture Capital Deals of 2012

Inc Startups

The past twelve months didn’t offer the rush of new venture capital funding many had hoped for. “We didn’t see many deals where venture guys were fighting to get in.

When Hell Froze Over – in the Harvard Business Review

Steve Blank

There was nothing suggesting that startups and new ventures needed their own tools and techniques, different from those written about in HBR or taught in business schools. “I refuse to join any club that would have me as a member.” ” Groucho Marx.

Bigger in Bend – Building a Regional Startup Cluster–part 1 of 3

Steve Blank

When Customer Development and the Lean Startup were just a sketch on the napkin, Dino Vendetti, a VC at Bay Partners, was one of the first venture capitalists I shared my ideas with. Part 2: Early-stage Regional Venture Funds. Bend needed its own venture firm.

Starting and Finishing

A VC : Venture Capital and Technology

The skills that get you from idea, through initial product, past product market fit, and into a market leading company are very different from what it takes to manage a 200-500-1000 person global business that needs to exectute well across a range of dimensions and keep everyone aligned, motivated, and working well together. entrepreneurship management Venture Capital and Technology AVC regular Donna White posted this to her Tumblr yesterday: I'm a crotchety old guy.

What Globalization?

Ben Casnocha: The Blog

by Pankaj Ghemawat that throws cold water on the idea the world is flat: Mr Ghemawat points out that many indicators of global integration are surprisingly low. Exports are equivalent to only 20% of global GDP. What about the “new economy” of free-flowing capital and borderless information? Less than 20% of venture capital is deployed outside the fund’s home country. GlobalizationThe Economist reviews a new book called World 3.0



I founded FuturePerfect Ventures earlier this year because I believe that technology’s potential for positive social impact is still in formative stages. Globally, there are 2.5 Traditional banks are hampering global GDP growth by not providing financial services such as loans to people who can expand their livelihoods through those services. We’ve come together because we believe in the potential of this technology to have a significant, positive social impact.

Kenya 34

The Helsinki Spring

Steve Blank

—— I was invited to Finland as part of Stanford’s Engineering Technology Venture Program partnership with Aalto University. Finnish startup successes on a global stage include MySQL , F-Secure , Rovio , Habbo , Playfish , The Switch , Tectia , Trulia and Linux.

Leapfrogging into the Future


Mobile Emerging Markets Technology Women Social impact Bitcoin Blockchain Fintech mobile Venture Capital emerging markets globalization social impact fintech Burma smartphonesWe live in strange times, and sometimes it seems that the world is spinning backwards.