How Albuquerque, New Mexico Built an Entrepreneurial Movement From the Ground Up

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Two years ago, New Mexico had no startup accelerators. Now, its largest city is home to a number of hot new companies that are raising tens of millions in VC funding

Want to See A Renewable Tax Incentive That Works? Look to New Mexico

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Despite being a huge economic success, some poor tax planning may lead to the end of the state's renewable energy tax credit.

Suspect in North Carolina homicide is arrested in New Mexico

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AP) — The FBI says a suspect wanted in connection with a homicide case in North Carolina has been arrested in New Mexico ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (AP)

Albuquerque Builds a Startup Ecosystem Based on Inclusion (and $6 Billion of Uncommercialized Research)

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New Mexico's largest city is building one of America's most unique innovation districts. Startup

New Mexico student arrested in high school shooting threat; photo caption led to calls to Burlington police

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CLOVIS, N.M. Clovis police have arrested a 17-year-old male Clovis High School student after authorities learned of a social media post apparently threatening a shooting at the school

New Mexico participating in I-40 safety campaign

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AP) — New Mexico is participating in a multi-state campaign to make travel on Interstate 40 safer over the Thanksgiving holiday period SANTA FE, N.M. (AP)

Lamb, Moore lead Appalachian St past New Mexico St 37-7

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AP) — Taylor Lamb accounted for three touchdowns, Jalin Moore ran for 111 yards and a score and Appalachian State cruised to a 37-7 win over New Mexico State on Saturday LAS CRUCES, N.M. (AP)

The Latest: New Mexico governor will campaign for McCrory

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SANTA FE, N.M. (AP) AP) — The Latest on a canceled visit to North Carolina by the chairwoman of the Republican Governors Association (all times local

Voter ID still issue in New Mexico race amid court decisions

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Uber and Lyft Feel Resistance in Southwest

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Taxi and limo operators and New Mexico claim the companies are putting riders at risk

Why Accelerators Matter

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The accelerator is Creative Startups of Albuquerque, New Mexico, this is their second annual cohort, and we’re the only software startup among the nine startups.

In Santa Fe We Wish We Had The Boulder Problems!

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I love Santa Fe and I love New Mexico. I have chosen Colorado as the place where I want to focus the next chapter of my startup life because of its similarities to New Mexico but with the benefit of a rich and diverse tech economy. Since approximately July of 2014 I have been spending half of my time getting to know people in Colorado and half of my time in New Mexico where I work and where my family is currently based.

Mexico 175

Santa Fe Natural Tobacco to close hometown office

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is closing its office in the New Mexico city where it was founded SANTA FE, N.M. (AP) AP) — Santa Fe Natural Tobacco Co.

NC man among three Air Force crew members killed in aircraft crash

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The Air Force has released the identities of three service members killed Tuesday night in the crash of a reconnaissance and surveillance plane during a training flight in New Mexico CLOVIS, N.M. —

This Week’s Trip to Santa Fe

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I’m looking forward to meeting some entrepreneurial folks from New Mexico in advance of a food and art orgy in Santa Fe over the weekend. Amy and I love Santa Fe. We need a long weekend after the past few weeks so we’ve decided to hop in the batmobile and drive as fast as we can down I-25 to Santa Fe.

Appy State picks off 6 passes, beats NM State 45-31

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AP) — Jalin Moore, who ran for 241 yards, and Terrence Upshaw rushed for two touchdowns apiece, Clifton Duck and Tae Hayes each had three interceptions and Appalachian State defeated New Mexico State 45-31 on Saturday BOONE, N.C. (AP)

Doctor accused of faking cancer records to delay sentencing

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AP) — A New Mexico cardiologist is accused of falsifying cancer diagnosis and treatment documents to postpone or avoid sentencing in which he faces two years in federal prison for health care fraud ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (AP)

Things are not always as they seem

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New Mexico has some amazing areas with scenic views. During a visit to New Mexico, I took the long dirt road to the ranch and stopped to see the old ranch house on the side.

Episode 77: Transitioning from Check-by-Check to Profitability with Keith Fear

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Additionally, he owns World Balloon in Albuquerque, the company that introduced balloon rides to Albuquerque 41 years ago, Pueblo Balloons in Taos, New Mexico which flies in the spectacular Rio Grande Gorge daily, and finally Verde Valley Balloons in beautiful Cottonwood Arizona, south of Sedona.

To Infinity and Beyond: How Entrepreneurism is Making Space Tourism Viable


Several hundred years later, Phoenician entrepreneurs did so on the open seas, leveraging their superior nautical skill to establish profitable new trade relationships with previously unknown parts of the world – including West Africa and England.

North Carolina man guilty of killing Arizona lover's husband

Winston-Salem Journal State/Region News

AP) — A North Carolina man has been convicted of killing his Arizona lover''s husband and dumping his body at a New Mexico airport PRESCOTT, Ariz. (AP)

Prescott murder suspects to be tried separately

Winston-Salem Journal State/Region News

AP) — A couple accused of killing the woman''s husband in Prescott and dumping his body at a New Mexico airport will face trial separately PRESCOTT, Ariz. (AP)

Facebook Wants To Spend $60 Million On Drones So It Can Beam The Internet To People In Poorer Countries

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Titan Aerospace is a New Mexico startup founded by Max Yaney and led by CEO Vern Raburn. If Facebook acquires drone manufacturer Titan Aerospace, it could fulfill CEO Mark Zuckerberg''s dream of expanding Internet access throughout the world.

Stephanie Spong – Venture Capital Executive Interview

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Her experience includes helping startups for many years, and board positions on the Rocky Mountain and New Mexico Venture Capital Associations, New Mexico Angels, as well as several startups.

4 Things To Know About Buying A Company Car


Even if you have poor credit, there are options for getting a car loan, so it can be a tempting move for a new business owner. The tax benefits will be adjusted based on the old vehicle rather than the new one.

Don't re-elect SOPA supporters on Tuesday

Nathan Hurst

As elections draw near, remember that it's not just about the President. We'll vote on a number of Congressional seats too. If you haven't take a second to get a quick read on your senator and representative, do that now. As you're considering congressional leaders, take note of who never came to their senses with regard to SOPA, the bill that was going to break the internet. For quick reference, if you're in one of these states or districts, please pay extra attention.

Boulder Shouldn’t Municipalize Its Energy Utility System

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A municipal utility may be able to provide electricity that is cheaper or about as affordable as our current utility offers – or the city may waste millions of dollars trying, just as communities in Florida , California , and New Mexico have done recently. If you are a citizen who is concerned about the city’s new budget, please reach out to city council and ask them what else we could be doing with so much money.

Mexico 164

Republican governor won't visit North Carolina convention

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AP) — New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez is canceling plans to travel to a state Republican convention in North Carolina amid controversy over a new law there affecting access to public rSANTA FE, N.M. (AP)

Weekend Favs February Eleven

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I captured this gem at a cafe on the Colorado, New Mexico border. Weekend Favs February Eleven This content from: Duct Tape Marketing. My weekend blog post routine includes posting links to a handful of tools or great content I ran across during the week.

Finding Innovation in the Rough

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Universities can be great sources of new technology for your company--if you know how to navigate them. The best way to do that is through relationships with university researchers and the [University of New Mexico] tech transfer office,” says John.

Prescott woman gets life for helping lover kill husband

Winston-Salem Journal State/Region News

AP) — A Prescott woman will spend her life in prison for helping her lover kill her husband and then dumping the body at a New Mexico airport PRESCOTT, Ariz. (AP)

Arizona woman on trial in death of husband; body was dumped

Winston-Salem Journal State/Region News

AP) — A trial is underway in Prescott, Arizona, in the murder trial of a woman accused in the fatal stabbing of her husband, whose body was dumped at a New Mexico airport by her lover PRESCOTT, Ariz. (AP)

Seeing Earth for the First Time On October 24, 1946, a group of.

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When the Allies captured Nazi factory and launch sites, America seized some of these V2s and took some to the White Sands Missile Range in New Mexico, where they were launched into space for testing. Seeing Earth for the First Time.

Balloon Wars

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They were huge, 400 feet high, made possible because the then new material called polyethylene. They placed aerial reconnaissance cameras on the balloons and ran a series of test programs (code names of GOPHER, MOBY DICK, GRANDSON and GRAYBACK) launching 640 balloons from New Mexico, Montana, the West Coast, Missouri and Georgia. These balloons would carry a new reconnaissance camera, built by the Boston University Physical Research Lab. In the 1950’s the U.S.

Trial for Prescott murder suspect to begin this week

Winston-Salem Journal State/Region News

AP) — A jury will begin hearing testimony this week in the murder trial of a man accused of killing his lover''s husband in Prescott and dumping his body at a New Mexico airport PRESCOTT, Ariz. (AP)

Merry Christmas

Sisters will be calling in; 1 from the Philippines, the other from New Mexico. Today I'll spend late morning at my brother's and the evening at Mom's. We have a fairly traditional Christmas, with gifts in the morning, and a roast with friends in the evening. And every year, Mom makes Yorkshire pudding, which will help you put on an additional 5 lbs of winter insulation if you're not careful.

8 Reasons Business Plans Fail That No One Wants to Talk About

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To avoid this, smart businesses are using “user-driven development” (UDD) to build new businesses. For example, if the company needs to purchase new office equipment every three years, then the discounted value of those expenses should be included in the forecasted financial projections.

Your No Fear Career


After relocating the business to LA and building a multimillion-dollar interactive division, I dissolved that piece of the business and relocated my family and Big Fish to Santa Fe, New Mexico.

2012 Valuation Survey of Angel Groups


New York Angels. New Mexico Angels. In 2011, we noted that the pre-money valuation of pre-revenue deals funded by angel groups in Silicon Valley, Boston and New York was higher than most other regions of the country. In 2012 seven of the eight groups from California, Boston and New York were above the median of all groups. New Zealand’s life science sector startups were funded at a pre-money valuation of US$3.25, almost identical to the North American median.

Join a conference simulcast near you

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New Hampshire: Portsmouth New Mexico: Albuquerque New York: Brooklyn Ithaca Manhattan North Carolina: Asheville Charlotte Durham Ohio: Athens Cincinnati, The Brandery, 1141 Vine St. One of the most important things we do with The Lean Startup Conference is make a livestream of the plenary talks available for free to groups around the world, supporting entrepreneurship communities everywhere.

Tim Berry – The California Tour Edition

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We’d been without power for more than two hours, and, according to what we learned via mobile phones and iPads and such — there was no wireless, because there was no power — the power was out for at least 50 miles to the north, maybe 100 miles to the south, and all the way to New Mexico to the east.

In the U.S., the Commercial Drone Industry Can't Get Off the Ground

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Facebook is currently in talks to buy Moriarty, New Mexico-based Titan Aerospace, a manufacturer of solar-powered drone-like satellites, for a project aimed at providing Internet access to the unconnected corners of the world.

Look Out for a Big Change in GDP Calculations

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New standards require adding R&D and intellectual property spending to GDP calculations. R&D is expected to boost the GDP of New Mexico by 10 per cent and Maryland by 6 per cent while Louisiana will see an increase of just 0.6