Alabama Innovation, Gonzeaux #7 — Birmingham’s Future

Gregg Fraley, Author of Jack's Notebook

Birmingham Alabama — Monday May 14th, 2012, Gonzeaux #7. I’m talking about the sight, on national television, of black people being attacked by German Shepard’s in the Birmingham, Alabama race riots of 1963. I’ve not ever visited Alabama. This Gonzeaux trip has been about seeing what’s happening in the states with regard to innovation, so, I elected to visit Alabama and see what’s going on now, it’s only fair.

Iron Tribe Fitness – From A Garage To A Thriving Business


But demand soon proved overwhelming – the first outlet quickly maxed out its 250-member capacity and another Alabama outlet was opened to cope. Feature Story Alabama fitness fitness training franchise gym Iron Tribe FitnessWhile some businesses start out as an idea in a college dorm , others start out as a simple hobby in the garage. Indeed, software giant Microsoft began as a fledgling company when Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak worked out of Jobs’ garage in the 70s.


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March 3-6, Birmingham, AL: Alternative Investing Conference

David Teten

Noteable speakers include: Dr. David Bronner, CEO, Retirement Systems of Alabama. Borg, Director, Alabama Securities Commission. Register today and join us in Alabama at Alabama ff Venture Capital Meeting

Minimum Wage Boost in Silicon Valley Ups the Cinderella Factor

Gregg Fraley, Author of Jack's Notebook

I’d personally like to see Silicon Valley open its doors to immigrants from distant lands like Michigan, Kentucky, Alabama — even Hoosiers from Indiana. Sometimes Cinderella Boys Hit Innovation Holes-in-One. Let’s put politics aside for a moment and pretend the minimum wage is not a party-centric issue. Let’s look at it from a pragmatic perspective if possible.

Does Your Small Business Need Workers’ Compensation Insurance?


Most states provide an exception for household and domestic employees , such as Alabama, Arizona, Colorado (when part-time), D.C by Veronica Baxter. Perhaps.

The Future Belongs to Companies that Can Harvest Waste Into New Products


By LAURA LOREK Reporter with Silicon Hills News Born in Tokyo, Japan in 1951, William McDonough remembers his mom singing to him at night in Japanese with her Alabama accent about the night soil and the workers with their honey wagons. She was singing about the farmers who came into Tokyo at night to collect […] The post The Future Belongs to Companies that Can Harvest Waste Into New Products appeared first on SiliconHills. Austin

Announcing our investment in SilviaTerra, a precision forestry startup

Version One Ventures

The story starts with CEO Zack Parisa who grew up in the woods of northern Alabama. Over the past year and a half, we at Version One have spent significant time on energy and climate. To date, we’ve made three investments in this space but have only announced Patch.

Austin-based Mood Media Buys focus4media


Focus4media provides sight, sound, scent and system solutions to businesses in the mid-Atlantic region, including Alabama, Florida, Virginia and more […]. Austin-based Mood Media, the parent company of Muzak, announced Monday afternoon that it has acquired focus4media, one of the largest Mood independent affiliates in North America. The financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Reasons to Trust Your Property Management to Professionals

The Startup Magazine

Evernest has an established reputation for their property management assistance in Jackson, with locations in Mississippi’s neighboring states of Arkansas, Alabama, and Tennessee.

How to Add “Championship Caliber” to Your Business

Growthink Blog

Did you catch the end of the Alabama-Georgia College Football Championship game on Monday? Alabama, the betting favorite, fell behind early, and then at halftime benched their starting quarterback for 18 year old freshman Tua Tagovailoa , who made himself an Alabama and schoolyard legend by leading his team back to tie the game at the end of regulation play, and then winning it in overtime with a 41 yard touchdown bomb.

Cleantech Open Northeast 2021

Feld Thoughts

Virimodo was a 2018 Cleantech Open Northeast Winner and a Cleantech Open National Finalist and participated in the 2020 Techstars EnergyTech accelerator in Birmingham, Alabama.

What Are The Statutes Of Limitations And Why Are They Important? 


2 years – Alabama; Alaska; Arizona; California; Colorado (3 years for car accidents); Connecticut; Delaware; Georgia; Hawaii; Idaho; Illinois; Indiana; Iowa; Kansas; Minnesota; Nevada; New Jersey; Ohio, Oklahoma; Oregon; Texas; Virginia; West Virginia; .

It’s Back & Better Than Ever! Announcing NextView’s Everyday Economy Virtual Accelerator

View from Seed

Higher: Birmingham, Alabama . With two successful accelerators under our belts, we’ve proven that going back to basics with smaller cohort sizes and zero demo days works.

How and Why the NextView Everyday Economy Accelerator is Different

View from Seed

This initial wave of applicants resulted in the selection of six initial Accelerator participants – female & male founders at startups hailing from the Bay Area to Miami to Alabama to Boston, ranging from b2b SaaS offerings to consumer services… all transforming people’s everyday lives.

Entrepreneur Focus: Ashley Black and Her New Year, New You 2021 Program

The Startup Magazine

Black grew up in Alabama, and her early childhood experiences played a major role in her work later in life. Ashley Black is best known as the inventor of the FasciaBlaster , a tool that promotes skin rejuvenation, cellulite reduction, and pain relief.

Ray Lewis and Neil Saban: Effort is Eternal

Growthink Blog

This past week, however, I was moved by the stories and coverage of Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis’ retirement after 17 seasons of professional football, and those of Alabama head football coach Nick Sabin winning his third BCS national championship in four years. Just ask any Alabama football fan if you have any doubt about that. I usually hesitate to analogize from the world of sports that of business.

Brad Feld’s Amazing Deals

Feld Thoughts

Deal Co-op is in the program via Alabama and has been running a profitable online deal company for the last three years. I’m officially in the daily deal business. Check out my new “ Brad Feld’s Amazing Deals ” store and shop online for some outdoor gear from Rather than simply observe new things, I like to use them.

The Steps To Becoming a Cosmetologist

Women Entrepreneurs Can

In most states, with the exceptions of Alabama, Delaware, Idaho, Maryland, Missouri, and Wisconsin, you need to pass a licensing exam before you can start working as a cosmetologist.

Idaho 52

3 Startups To Watch Out For In 2018


XpertDox Headquartered in Birmingham, Alabama. According to the latest statistics released by the Small Business Administration , there are just under 29 million small businesses in the United States that employ more than 56.8% of the workforce. Those are impressive statistics when you stop to consider small businesses account for approximately 99.7% of all businesses in the United States.

[US] [Event] Launch Tennessee’s Southland Conference To Highlight South’s Top 50 Startup Companies


” 50 startups have been selected – representing a broad cross section of the south, with companies from eight southern states including Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia – to present and compete for the title of “Southland’s Most Innovative Startup” during the conference, with the winner walking away with a US$10,000 prize.

Sorkin and Smith (two very prominent Cornellians)


Each of us can embrace the words that Dr. King spoke in a sermon in Montgomery, Alabama, in 1957. This morning I read “Dealbook” like I do every morning. Andrew Ross Sorkin at the NYT created Dealbook many years ago. He happens to be a Cornell alum (irrelevant to this post but nice to point out), and still is one of the primary writers of Dealbook. Terrible racist acts have stunned most of us over the last few weeks.

How Learning A Marketing Degree Can Help You In Business


You can apply for the credit once you’ve decided to pursue a degree in marketing, like what the University of Alabama Birmingham offers. When you talk about business, studying a marketing degree will make a difference between a short-term and successful long-term business. It opens a lot of doors in the corporate world, from a newbie employee until you become your boss by starting a business.

5 Tips To Find Diverse Candidates That Make Dollars And Sense


This included doubling the number of schools where it actively recruits to find potential job applicants including historically black colleges such as Alabama A&M. by Eliot Burdett, co-founder and CEO of Peak Sales Recruiting. Despite progress, the following statistics on workplace diversity should trouble you: Ernst and Young recently did a study which found that more CEOs of large U.S.

The Pitfalls Of State And Local Taxation For Startup Companies


Alabama, South Dakota, Tennessee, Massachusetts, Vermont and Wyoming have all adopted economic nexus rules effective during 2017 or prior with regard to sales and use tax. by Rebecca Stidham, Senior Manager – Tax Services at OUM & Co.

10 Storytelling Festivals You Must Attend in 2016


This small festival takes place in Brundidge, Alabama, from January 29 to 30. We are storytelling animals. And so, before you ask yourself what can storytelling offer to your business, think back on what you engage with as a person. Looking at the hundreds of thousands of years of storytelling history, we can see how storytelling has evolved. And there have been changes in businesses storytelling as well.

Your No Fear Career


For example, I left my Midwest hometown of Cleveland, Ohio to go to the Deep South and attend the University of Alabama. by Robin Fisher Roffer, author of “ Your No Fear Career “ The office can be a scary place. There are demanding clients, bosses who bully, conniving coworkers, and people who play politics. It seems that fear, mistrust, anxiety and feeling overwhelmed run through the veins of professionals at every level.

Choosing the Right Startup Team

The Startup Magazine

Contributed by: Article adapted with permission from the University of West Alabama business news blog. The startup team serves as the foundation of any new business. Therefore, it’s crucial for all entrepreneurs to understand how to build one with skill and discernment. Here are some helpful tips for anyone seeking insight into this vital aspect of the enterprise-building process. Source: Pexels. Guiding Principles. Every journey needs a map.

A Manager’s Guide To Effective Meetings

The Startup Magazine

Contributed by: Article adapted with permission from the University of West Alabama Online business news blog. As a manager, it’s important to maintain communication with your employees. Though it may be tempting to fire off an email every time you have news to share, there are certain advantages that come from conducting staff meetings. Meetings help build company culture by bringing teams together to share ideas and questions, and they give employees time to be heard.

How Startups Can Prepare For Their First Tax Audit


California and Massachusetts have state minimum taxes, whereas states such as Alabama and Tennessee impose franchise tax based on capital/equity. by Chris S. Millias and Warren Chung of OUM & Co. Successful entrepreneurs start with a vision. They spend a lot of time, effort and resources on developing a business plan, and even more time and effort on raising capital, finding the right people and developing strategic partners.

Episode 88: Profitability and Spiritual Abundance with Edwene Gaines

Mike Michalowicz

Edwene Gaines, author of the book The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity, A Simple Guide to Unlimited Abundance*, is owner-director of Rock Ridge Retreat Center in Valley Head, Alabama. Our Guest Edwene Gaines, author of the book The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity, A Simple Guide to Unlimited Abundance*, is owner-director of Rock Ridge Retreat Center in Valley Head, Alabama. Also Available On. Show Summary. Welcome to Episode 88 of the Profit First Podcast!

Make Your Move With An MIS Degree


For example, you could opt to get a masters in MIS from UAB (the University of Alabama at Birmingham). It’s becoming increasingly apparent that advanced education is a tool to help professionals in many fields enter or move upwards in their careers. While your resume or curriculum vitae should call attention to your work skills and experience, having certain kinds of schooling can either give you the edge you need or significantly boost your chances of landing a lucrative job.

Join a conference simulcast near you

Startup Lessons Learned

One of the most important things we do with The Lean Startup Conference is make a livestream of the plenary talks available for free to groups around the world, supporting entrepreneurship communities everywhere. The number of hosts has grown annually, and this year, we have 200+ groups joining us on Monday, December 3. They represent more than 10,000 people total. If you're not attending the conference in person, consider meeting up with one of these groups to watch.

Michigan Small Biz Giveaway … and Why Not Your State and Mine Too?

Up and Running

I checked at, and it looks like Alabama has something like this, but for much less money. I recently found out about this very interesting Accelerate Michigan Innovation Competition. I wish we could do this in Oregon. And you probably wish you could do it in your state too. If I read this right, the Accelerate Michigan Innovation Competition is going to give half a million dollars in real money to the Michigan company that wins its grand prize at the November event.

Freshmen Entrepreneurs at Samford University | Student Entrepreneur

Campus Entrepreneurship

via Samford University’s Brock School of Business Freshman Entrepreneurship Course Selected as Finalist for a National Innovative Teaching Award > News > Brock School of Business > Samford University > Birmingham, Alabama. I have often lamented that my entrepreneurship course is only offered to senior management majors, leaving students little time to expirement with skills, tools, and frameworks from class as they are already in full on job search mode.

Are You Hiding Behind Your Business Name?


Some states, such as Alabama, Kansas, New Mexico and Tennessee for example, don’t require you to register a DBA at all. by Stan Huser, founder of SunDocumentFilings. Are you hiding behind your website? In the rush to start a home-based business, many entrepreneurs forget the legal issues required to do business. Even if you aren’t a corporation or an LLC, your state government may have rules about what business name you can use.

Naming 101

Building Bridges: John Crossman on fostering diversity through scholarships and mentoring.

Transformify - Recruiting

Our guest today is John Crossman, CEO of Crossman & Company , one of the Southeast’s largest retail leasing, management and investment sales firms, with over 28 million square feet of properties in Florida, Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina, North Carolina and Tennessee. ‘’Diversity Hiring’’ series features world diversity and inclusion leaders and their thoughts on diversity recruitment, cultural diversity and equality.

10 College Business Incubators We’re Most Excited About


In partnership with the University of Alabama at Birmingham, Innovation Depot offers a facility and program for technology business development, focusing on biotechnology, life science, information technology, and technology service businesses. College campuses are ripe with innovation, as students grow through education and experimentation in school.

Civil Rights 50th Year Anniversary - A Trip to Remember

Seeing Both Sides

In celebration of the anniversary, we took the opportunity this week to take a family trip to Alabama, Mississippi and Tennessee to expose our kids to this poignant history. We then drove to Montgomery, Alabama where MLK did so much of his good work. After Selma, we drove to Brimingham, Alabama and had the privilege of attending the Sunday Easter service at the famous 16th Street Baptist Church.

Six Nudges: Creating A Sense Of Urgency For Higher Conversion Rates!

Occam's Razor

So that Timbuk2 bag might be delivered to me the next day, but it would take two days to get to Carissa in Alabama. By every indicator available, ecommerce is continuing to grow at an insane speed. Although it may seem impossible to imagine with ecommerce already totaling up to 5% of overall commerce, there’s astronomical growth still to come. Still, I’m heartbroken that some the simplest elements of ecommerce stink so much.

Shark Tank Season 4 week 10 breakdown

Lightspeed Venture Partners

The two founders are attorneys in Mobile, Alabama, who found themselves wearing the same ties over and over again, and wanted to find a way to expand their wardrobe. Season 4 of week 10 of Shark Tank was interesting because two of the pitches were for internet businesses that I could imagine seeing in my day job as a Silicon Valley Venture Capitalis t. I cover one of them, for Nearly Newlyweds, over at Tie Try.

Tennessee Innovation, Gonzeaux #6 – Persistence Personifies Nashville

Gregg Fraley, Author of Jack's Notebook

Off to Alabama. Nashville,, Tennessee — Saturday May 12, Gonzeaux #6. Nashville is throwing the recession out of town. The building boom cut short by the downturn seems to be back in full swing here. A huge new convention centre is going up, downtown residences, and an extension to the already way cool Country Music Hall of Fame is nearly done. Good stuff, but for me, beside the point — not Gonzeaux Innovation material.

10 Entrepreneurs Share What Their Favorite Part of Running a Business Is


My company was started as a gift for an eight year old Alabama fan who was struck by a car. Share Being an entrepreneur or business owner has its share of ups and downs. While the downs can be pretty low the ups always seem to triumph for a true entrepreneur at heart. Milestones are what entrepreneurs and business owners work towards. Once you finally reach a certain point then reflection can truly begin.

States of Innovation, Going Gonzeaux Tour – 2012

Gregg Fraley, Author of Jack's Notebook

Alabama – May 12 (Birmingham). I’ve decided to take the battle of Doing Innovation to the streets. Literally. Okay, it’s not a battle, it’s a conversation, but it’s definitely a road trip, and definitely about the Doing. I’m heading down to Orlando, FL to attend the Front End of Innovation Conference (FEI) taking place May 15, 16, and 17.