How To Sell To Consumers In Europe


A competitor that was much better in the same business, opened up a few cities away, wouldn’t do much harm to your business operations. You cannot look at Europe as one playground. You need to do local research on competitors, pricing, service levels, potential marketplaces, operational cost, search trends, local VAT etc. The difference in Europe on the same product is between 8% and 27%. But in Europe, Amazon is only active in 5 of the 51 countries (!!).

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Want To Start A Business In Europe? Here’s What You Need To Know

YFS Magazine

This article Want To Start A Business In Europe? Want to start a business in Europe? This article Want To Start A Business In Europe? Grow Operations Global Business global entrepreneurship market expansionHere’s What You Need To Know appeared first in YFS Magazine: Startups, Small Business and Entrepreneurship Culture. There are huge opportunities for entrepreneurs with innovative ideas who want to startup or expand businesses abroad.


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Entrepreneurs, not the government, will save Europe’s economy

The Next Web

Because starting a company and growing it is hard no matter where you are, but the difficulty is magnified in Europe, where people are divided by geography, regulation, language and cultural prejudice. While entrepreneurship and startups have spread tremendously in Europe, a lot of aspiring young entrepreneurs leave Europe for the United States. So, what can Europe do about it? Access to capital continues to be a challenge in Europe.

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2019 Accel Euroscape – The Rise of Europe

Cracking the Code

The top 100 SaaS companies in Europe and Israel The European Software-as-a-Service world changed forever when Daniel Dines, the founder of UiPath, made the cover of Forbes as ‘Boss of the Bots’ last month. The rise of Europe Against this healthy backdrop, let’s drill down into Europe. We will see a new generation of API companies emerging from Europe, with companies like MessageBird and Algolia already showing great promise.

Startup Success: The Fastest Growing Gaming Company in Europe

The Startup Magazine

This list of Europe’s fastest growing companies provides a good indicator of the industries which are on the rise, as well as providing identifying the countries which are providing the opportunities for young companies to thrive. That company is lottery start-up Lottoland , which managed to make it to 128 th on the list of fastest growing companies in Europe, an enviable feat for a gaming company.

Startup Equity Crowdfunding Grows in Europe (NESTA Report)

VC Cafe

Below is a table of the equity Crowdfunding platforms operating in Europe: Location. indirect voting rights for all investors via co–operative. operate nominee model where they represent the interests of. NESTA, the UK Innovation Foundation, has released the ” The Venture Crowd “, a new report on crowdfunding as an investment tool. The report reveals that in 2011 alone, €1.5

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Is Switzerland the next big tech hub?

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However, the Swiss tech industry has been growing rapidly in recent years, positioning itself as one of Europe’s top hubs. 10% of all European fintech businesses are located in the country, mainly in Zurich, which has been touted as Europe’s main fintech hub.

Why You Might Consider Moving Abroad to Start Your Business

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Your business could become one of the best jobs in Europe , and possibly become a multi-million-dollar industry. However, there are still many other things to consider when moving your operation abroad , so it’s essential to do your research.

Private Label Manufacturing Helps Startups

The Startup Magazine

Budget supermarket chains have long been popular in Europe. Ironically, even when products are made in-house, there is still the risk of internal operations failing anyway. Technology amazon Branding budget commercials commissions consumers Costco costs Europe infrastructure labeling liability manufacturers Manufacturing Marketing online retail operations planning reputation Small Business supplier Supply chain United States

More than 160 Israeli Companies Exhibit at Mobile World Congress 2013

VC Cafe

his week, 70,000 attendees will descend on Barcelona for the annual mobile techie Fiesta known as the Mobile World Congress. Among the 1500 exhibitors, more than 10% are from Israel, the third largest contingent of any country at the show. [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]].

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Technical Demo of Oblong’s g-speak Spatial Operating Environment

Feld Thoughts

It’s a 30 minute presentation by Mary Ann de Lares Norris, the Managing Director of Oblong Europe, that is an excellent overview of Oblong’s technology. She then shows an example of how Oblong’s “common operating picture&# works in a real logistics application. As investors, we believe that the way we interact with computer technology will be radically different 20 years from now.

European Real Estate in 2020: Cooling or Continued Growth?

The Startup Magazine

Real estate investors active in Europe cheered 2019 because it was an excellent year.

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Transformify Joins WEConnect International to Empower Women Entrepreneurs and Advocate Their Rights in Europe


Currently, according to the recent Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) report, 126 million women are starting or running businesses, and 98 million operating established (over three and a half years) businesses. Also, Transformify will actively take part in WeConnect International efforts to ensure that corporate Europe and government agencies throughout Europe, understand and are able to benefit from the diversity, innovation and brand value-add that women-owned businesses bring

Dow Jones VentureSource Press Release: Q3 Investments Slow Down, Europe Slowest, China up 32%

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Europe, Canada, Israel, Mainland China and India, according to industry tracker Dow Jones VentureSource. Venture investment in some major investment hubs, such as Europe, has not regained its footing following the economic downturn in 2008. Europe Sees Lowest Deal Count on Record. For a detailed venture financing report on Europe, visit [link]. In Europe, the median deal size increased from $2.1

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These are the British Businesses Adopting Green and Sustainable Practices

The Startup Magazine

It was suggested as early as 2010, in a report by the European Commission that SMEs accounted for approximately 64% of the industrial pollution in Europe[3]. Such things include installing solar panels which provide the theatre with up to six kilowatts of electricity, solar thermal panels to heat tap water, LED lighting as well as the DC microgrid technology which helps makes use of the solar power for charging battery operated items.

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Barcelona isn’t the new Silicon Valley – and that’s a good thing

The Next Web

The country is the 4th destination for international tech talent and Barcelona, the second largest city after Madrid, is ranked at number 5 of 60 European startup hubs in Europe by the Mobile World Congress (MWC). Attracted by the lifestyle, a relatively low cost of living, and dozens upon dozens of co-working spaces, you’ll find many startups, “digital nomads” and European entrepreneurs operating in the city. Business Contributors Entrepreneur Europe

3 leaders shaking up Finland’s tech scene

The Next Web

The country that gave birth to Nokia, Angry Birds and the Linux operating system is continuing to pop out startups. Entrepreneur Europe WorldDespite the chilly conditions in Helsinki, the Finnish startup scene is heating up. And many are set to disrupt industries on a global scale. According to Startup100, there are more than 600 active startups in the country. Most of these startups are in the tech or gaming industries.

How to Build an All-Star Remote Technology Team

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This kind of companies, for example, can augment the teams behind successful startups in the Bay area while operating in Asia, Eastern Europe or South America. Many Western Europe and North American companies engage teams in Eastern Europe, Asia, and South America. Destinations like Eastern Europe are the best options, especially for locations that allow a great number of cross-over hours (Western Europe and East coast of the USA).

Manjit Singh Sahota on Energy Tech Innovation in Oil and Gas Exploration

The Startup Magazine

One area experiencing significant growth in the number of operating oil wells is in Africa, whose oil wells are projected to increase by up to 9 percent over the next year. Shell created an automated drilling system which is currently under trial in North America and Europe. However, most of these renewable energy sources are far more expensive to operate than traditional oil and gas use. Around the world, there is a great deal of competition in oil and gas exploration.

Startup Update: Hospitality Loyalty Platform Getting Results

The Startup Magazine

It is very important to understand the industry itself – day to day operations, rules and behind the scenes KPIs. Definitely one of your steps towards expansion was your recently closed funding round, which attracted angel investors from all over Europe. We talked to the founders of Embargo a while ago and wanted to catch-up to see how the platform has developed.

Food, Drink and Brexit

The Startup Magazine

In this article, we’ll consider how Brexit is likely to impact on the businesses that operate within the food and drinks sector while considering the likelihood of an amicable deal being achieved. So while the UK continues to sell a high volume of food products back into mainland Europe, this is considerably lower than inbound flows. For too long, the Brexit debate has been dominated by meaningless soundbites and generic talking points surrounding ‘sovereignty’ and ‘independence’.

How TechXLR8 Forges Change Makers from Startups

The Startup Magazine

2018 is the year of TechXLR8, the flagship event of London Tech Week, the largest tech festival in Europe, and backed by the mayor of London. Best 5G Trial Between an Operator & Vendor. Best Network Development of the Year Award (Operator Only). Internet of Things World Europe. Event Technology 5G augmented reality blockchain conference developers Europe exhibitors fintech futurists hackathon IOT London London Tech Week networking Project Kairos

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A Guide to Conducting Business In France

The Startup Magazine

Also, the market in France has a very high purchasing power – as Europe’s second-largest economy, and the world’s sixth largest. Europe’s largest road network is in France, and it also has Europe’s second-biggest high-speed railway network. It is Europe’s 3rd largest as well in terms of handling company bonds and managing financial assets and ranks 5th in financial centers that handle Yuan transactions.

Why is the Coronavirus Affecting the Market?

The Startup Magazine

Business operations ground to a halt. To make matters more challenging, economic powerhouses like the United States, Europe, Spain, Italy, and France, have also been hard hit. The coronavirus outbreak has thrown stock markets in turmoil.

Future Tech Trends And How They Will Influence IT Managers

The Startup Magazine

Virtual Reality (VR), as seen in some video game platforms, involves operating in an entirely fictional space. 90% – Percentage of major banks in North America and Europe that are exploring blockchain solutions (3). Every year, the “next big thing” in technology is introduced and all sorts of forecasts about its impact on the future are published. But the following tech trends have withstood the test of time and worth and are here to stay.

FinTech and Forex – A Match Made in Heaven

The Startup Magazine

At least in developed countries, and geographic regions, like the US and Europe, currency traders have been advantaged by these developments enormously. As opposed to social trading, in copy trading, the investor has the option to copy every move and operation executed by the advanced investor. Only think of 4G and 5G technology and you will see the immense potential that technology has to change how forex operations are carried.

What the West needs to know about Russia’s tech scene

The Next Web

Russia currently has the largest online market in Europe. QIWI plc is the largest Russian operator of electronic payment systems and was founded by a group of iTech Capital LPs. Asia Entrepreneur Europe Insider Nick Davidov is the Investment Director at iTech Capital and Managing Director of The Pult Group. For many investors and entrepreneurs in the West, doing business in Russia can seem like a step into the unknown. However, these fears are largely unfounded.

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I was shocked – shocked! – to find out there are tech startups in Portugal

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There’s Seedrs , a crowdfunding platform for startups that runs its operations from Lisbon. Entrepreneur Europe Insider Lisboa lisbon PortugalI spent the past few days in the beautiful city of Lisbon, Portugal, to attend the annual Switch Conference and gain some insights into the Portuguese startup ecosystem (and to enjoy several local seafood dishes and pastries).

We crowdfunded $1.7 million for a new online news publication. This is our story so far.

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Here’s the result: Journalists, designers and developers participated in brainstorm sessions about how De Correspondent would operate. Entrepreneur Europe Insider Media Analysis and Opinion Ernst-Jan Pfauth is the former Editor in Chief of Internet at NRC Handelsblad, as well as an acclaimed technology author and columnist. He also served as The Next Web’s blog’s first blogger and Editor in Chief, back in 2008.

Box launches Box Accelerator as its COO reflects on working with young entrepreneurs

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Box has seen impressive growth throughout the United States and now in Europe. ” Box has hired David Quantrell to run the EMEA operations in partnership with Greg Strickland, VP of Global Operations and director of finance & business operations. In the past Quantrell ran McAffee’s EMEA operations and before that worked on Hewlett Packard’s software operations also in EMEA. Entrepreneur Europe Insider News

200.000.000 mobile users, for starters – Q&A with Viber CEO Talmon Marco

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I realize it’s important to be cross-platform, but wouldn’t it have been more beneficial for Viber to focus on a select few mobile operating systems and making sure the feature sets were consistent? I think the jury is still out on Windows Phone and BB10 (which was recently announced and will be supported shortly), but from a user standpoint both represent great operating systems. I think we will let the users decide if they want these operating systems.

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Viva Tel Aviv: Meet the 6 amazing startups launching at today

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Mossad is a new location-based special operations game for iOS that makes clever use of modern smartphone technologies and augmented reality to marry fun gameplay with real-life activity and discovery. Apps Entrepreneur Europe Events Insider Mobile 24me Better Internet BetterInternet GeoNuts Hey Stack HeyStack Join The Mossad Learni Mossad Product Launches Rompr

East meets West: Why Chinese app developers are targeting US smartphone owners

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However, even if they start with the US market, coming back to the Chinese Internet space is something that all these firms should do — because basically, operating in China’s competitive and complicated mobile Internet space is likely to seriously hone an app developer’s survival skills. Asia Entrepreneur Insider Mobile Analysis and Opinion china Europe Mobile Apps Profiles and Interviews startups United States China is the world’s largest country with more than 1.3 billion people.

Meet the 18 startups rocking Seedcamp Week

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Pult basically wants enable people to instantly stream tailored content from a variety of Web services, pay-TV operators, VOD services and broadcasters to any connected screen, in any location, over an IP network. Entrepreneur Europe Insider News Profiles and Interviews SeedCamp Seedcamp 2012 Seedcamp Week Seedcamp Week 2012

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Software Once Led Us to the Precipice of Nuclear War. What Will AI Do?

Steve Blank

Responding to the Soviet introduction of SS-20 intermediate-range ballistic missiles to Eastern Europe in 1983, the U.S. deployed Pershing II and Ground Launched Cruise Missiles missiles to Western Europe, which reduced warning time of attack on Moscow to less than eight minutes.

Airbnb S-1 (Part 1): So How Profitable Is This Thing Really?

View from Seed

Airbnb’s bookings have rebounded to roughly 70-80% of what they were in 2019 pre-COVID whereas global hotel companies like Marriott and Hilton are operating at roughly 35-40% of where they were in fall 2019. America in 2019) though in terms of nights booked Europe was 43% and N.

It’s Official: Springboard becomes TechStars UK

VC Cafe

Up until now, TechStars had operated a franchise model in Europe in the form of StartupBootcamp, but this one is different, said David Cohen. US accelerator program Techstars, recently ranked #2 startup accelerator worldwide by Forbes, is moving to the UK, merging with UK accelerator program Springboard. The official [.]. [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]. Springboard TechStars London Techstars london

Business Excellence Awards Challenge

Austin Startup

Through our wide network of Chambers of Commerce and French Tech around the world, especially in Europe and the US, we offer you the chance to expand internationally, discover new markets & meet new partners. Are you a Startup or a SME ?

6 Realities To Evaluate Your Outsourcing Alternatives

Startup Professionals Musings

Outsourcing is defined as contracting the work to another company, usually located in a developing country, like India, China, or Eastern Europe. Focus on operational processes, rather than innovative new ones.

How To Start A Medical Tourism Business


Total costs connected with operating a physical/virtual office and small staff. Countries outside the United States and Europe apply JCI accreditation rules to international hospitals. They include the country’s local transportation and post-operative care.

Regulatory arbitrage in crypto

Version One Ventures

Just over the last year, we at V1 have done two crypto investments in Europe with Guesser (Madrid) and Nexus Mutual (London). This is particularly true in crypto that often operates with distributed teams, an open source spirit and on the idea of global currencies.

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Supply@ME Capital: Blockchain, But Not As You Know It


Things have flattened since then, but the potential for more rolling lockdowns across Europe over the busy Christmas period has manufacturers in a flap. We’re all sick of the word “blockchain”.

5 Forces That Kill Momentum For Business First-Movers

Startup Professionals Musings

In the same year, Lego's profits soared 63% as they expanded their initiatives and operations in Asia and Europe. Is your strategy as a business leader to be a first-mover or a follower?

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