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Tips For Helping To Make Your Startup A Success


If you do not want to be one of the 50% of new startups that fail every year in the US, you need to understand why things go wrong and try to avoid the mistakes. The two main reasons for this large amount of failed businesses seem to be a lack of funding and not enough business knowledge. Not every new business owner realizes just how many different jobs are involved, but here are a few tips to help you. Know Your Product Well. You should know all you can about the products you are selling.

We Need Entrepreneurs Who Think Like Revolutionaries

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The realm of an entrepreneur is all about change, but in my experience as a mentor to business founders, I hear too much about incremental change, and not enough about revolutionary change. Adding a couple of new features to Facebook, and calling it something new, may seem less risky, but creating a whole new industry, such as smartphones, has far more potential.

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How To Arrange Your Home Office For Maximum Productivity

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Ready to work from home? Here are a few tips on how to arrange your home office space and keep your work separate from your home life. Lifestyle Workspaces home office home office ideas office design workspaces

Meet Summer: Our Portfolio Company Changing The Student Loan Landscape

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Student loan is a generational crisis – there are 45 million borrowers in the U.S. on the hook for $1.6 trillion in student loan debt, tripled in the last 10 years. When we think about money in the context of everyday living for the next generation of consumers, it’s impossible to ignore the weight of the student loan burden. . Unlike many other aspects of personal finance, student loan is incredibly complex.

Building Healthy Innovation Ecosystems for Your Projects

Speaker: Nick Noreña, Innovation Coach and Advisor, Kromatic

In this webinar, Nick Noreña will walk through an Innovation Ecosystem Model that he and his team at Kromatic have developed to help investors, heads of product, teachers, and executives understand how they can best support innovation in their own ecosystem. He'll also go over metrics we can use to measure the health of our ecosystems as we build more resources for innovators.

How To Prepare For The Future Of Accounts Payable Processing


by Chen Amit, co-founder and CEO of Tipalti. The accounts payable process is often the biggest thorn in a small business’s side. And accounts payable processing is poised to become even more significant and complex over the next three years, according to the Institute of Finance & Managemen’s research. To start, the use of electronic invoices is set to explode, completely eliminating paper invoicing.

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10 Symptoms Of An Entrepreneur Who Is Nearly Broken

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If an entrepreneur doesn’t find themselves in over their head at least 20% of the time, they are probably not pushing the limits, not taking enough risk, and probably not working on an idea that’s worth doing. The challenge in to know when and how to ask for help, and not let bravado and ego mask anxieties. The best people know when they don’t know, and know how to find the right help. Unfortunately, too many entrepreneurs I know are terrible at finding and accepting help.

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Pitch Deck Month: The “Ask” Slide

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*This post is part of our “pitch deck” series where we dissect the seed stage pitch deck and discuss the ideal flow for a pitch. You can read the rest of the posts in the series by clicking here *. Here we are, at (one of) the final slides. The reason that you’re crafting the pitch deck, after all, is to raise funds. The closing slide of a pitch deck’s main section should be explicit about the ask. What do you want?

5 Business Ideas for Pet Lovers


In this entrepreneur-minded society where people are turning their passion into a profession, there are rare instances where one can get the chance to convert their love into a profession. One such field is building a business around pets, if you love animals. In the US alone, 68% of families own pets. And ideally, each of them loves their pets. So, the market is real. .

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Office Relationships Are Key, But Affairs Are Trouble

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We all have to communicate and collaborate with other people at work, but most of us start out instinctively trying to maintain an emotional distance from others in the work environment. In fact, most employee training courses recommend the distance if the work relationship crosses management levels, and most management policies strictly forbid fraternizing with the team. Yet the 2019 Office Romance Survey by Vault, Inc.

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3 Mindset Lessons Entrepreneurs Can Learn From Extreme Athletes

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Let adrenaline junkies and extreme athletes like Karina Hollekim show inspire you to live fearlessly in life and business. Lead business challenges lifestyle mindset personal development

Pitch Deck Month: Appendix Slides

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*This post is part of our “pitch deck” series where we dissect the seed stage pitch deck and discuss the ideal flow for a pitch. You can read the rest of the posts in the series by clicking here *. For many pitch decks, the Appendix section is really an afterthought. It contains rejected slides which didn’t quite fit into the main deck and half-baked ideas which aren’t fully thought-through. Alternatively, quite a few decks don’t even have an Appendix at all.

Integral Pieces Of Infrastructure For Your Business


Starting and running a business is no easy feat, no matter your experience in doing so before and repeating a successful formula, or starting your very first venture. Whether you’re going out alone, and you are your business, or you aim to hire employees quickly and get funding from a VC, there are some key elements to consider as part of basic infrastructure to get your business off the ground and running.

New Venture Equity As Compensation Is A Long-Term Bet

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Wouldn’t you like to be one of the lucky people who joined Google and Facebook when these were startups, and now be a multi-millionaire or better? So people ask me “How many shares should I ask for or expect when I join a startup today?” In reality, the number of shares doesn’t mean anything – it’s your percent of the total that you need to negotiate.

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6 Simple Habits Productive People Have In Common

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Do you work so hard with little to show for it at the end of the day? You don’t need complex systems or expensive tools to improve productivity. Lead personal development productivity productivity tips

JavaScript vs. Python: Which Should Marketers Learn?


Like many marketers, you may fantasize about the amazing things you could do if you learned to code. But before you get there, you need to decide which language to learn. Several languages come up : Python, SQL, Bash, JavaScript. But only two are full-fledged programming languages—JavaScript and Python. If you’re interested in programming, these are the two languages that you should compare.

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5 Businesses You Can Start Yourself


Starting your own business can be daunting. There’s a jump from guaranteed employment, secure income and someone guiding your decisions, to doing everything for yourself and perhaps not making a tonne of money straight away. It’s perfectly understandable to be scared. But if you really want to do it, it is important to not let your fears stand in your way. Benefits of owning your own business. There are so many benefits to owning your own business, it’s hard to keep track.

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6 Key Ideas For Moving Your Business Up Another Level

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A theme I often hear from the entrepreneurs and startups I advise is that once they see that first surge of traction from customers, they can relax and enjoy life for a change. The reality could not be further from the truth. In today’s world of growing competition and customer evolution , holding your own, and growing to the next level is a constant challenge that can never be ignored.

Four Simple Ways To Improve Your Business Writing

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Business is more information-driven than ever before. Ensure your written communication is compelling enough to achieve desired results. Grow Marketing & Sales business writing communication email communication writing

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Israeli startups raise close to $1 billion in September alone

VC Cafe

Israeli startups are on track to raise $1 billion in September alone. According to the latest Israel fact book published by Pitchbook, not only has deal volume risen, but other interesting trends. This is a content summary only. Click on the post title to continue reading this post, share your comments, browse the website and more! Uncategorized fundbox Israel venture capital perimeterx tipalti trigo vision

5 Blunders To Avoid With Your Real Estate Website


by Charles Mburugu. Whether you are a property manager, real estate agent or property owner, a website is very crucial tool for marketing your property or business. When designed properly, a real estate website can be useful for lead generation and building client relationships. However, here are 5 blunders to avoid with your site: 1. Poor usability. When it comes to web design, usability is very important.

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26 Entrepreneurs Explain What They Love About Being An Entrepreneur


Being in love is great. Being in love with your business, when you’re an entrepreneur, is even better. Waking up each morning knowing you are getting to do exactly what you love is more than most people could ever say about any “job” they have had. Although there are days when tossing in your hat seems like a viable option, remembering how much you love your “job” can quickly snap an entrepreneur out of that mentality.

Mental Health Is Not A Dirty Word – Let’s Stop Ignoring It At Work

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People desire to work in a safe and protected atmosphere. Here’s why mental health and wellness should be a priority for your business. Lifestyle company culture health and wellness lifestyle mental health personal development

Quick Tips to Grow Your Souvenir Shop Business

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It isn’t all fun and games for tourism-based retailers. Despite the fact that the World Travel and Tourism Council reports that tourism brought in $8.8 trillion and 319 million jobs to the global economy , there is one glaring disadvantage to being a tourism-based retailer: Your customers are usually only in town for a few days. .

Gift-Giving Etiquette In Business


If you a business owner who likes gifting your corporate clients for the holidays or as a way of thanking them, getting the best gift is usually a challenging task. Coming up with the perfect gift idea without breaking business gifting protocol is not always easy. Most companies have strict rules about the type of gifts they can accept. If you are ever in doubt, it is always best to consult with the company’s management before buying the gift.

Forget Returning The Fund. What Investment Can Return The Firm?

Hunter Walker

There’s an expression in venture capital called “returning the fund.” ” It simply means that an outcome in the fund (out of say 20-30 investments in that specific fund) makes enough money to return 100% of the principal. For example, in a $100 million fund, an investment which makes you back $100m “returns the fund.” ” $200m would be “2x the fund.” ” And so on.

New Podcast Episode On The Twenty Minute VC


The third interview I’ve done on Harry Stebbings ‘ “ Twenty Minute VC ” was just released. You can listen to it here. Frankly, I am surprised by the response to it. This particular podcast covered quite an arcane topic — how to learn how to manage investment funds.

Q3 2019: Portfolio News and Activities

Version One Ventures

Before we head into the last quarter of the year, let’s take a few minutes to highlight some notable announcements made over the summer in the V1 portfolio. Launches and product updates. Jobber launched several new automated sales and marketing features to help home services companies (like landscapers, electricians, plumbers, painters, and cleaners) grow their businesses.

5 New Construction Technologies That Are Shaping The Industry


When you are looking to boost your construction capability, it is important to get your hands on the right technology. In this day and age, there are a lot of brand new construction technologies that you can rely on for better productivity and more cost-effectiveness. So which sorts of construction technologies are on the rise? Here are a few that you’ll need to understand: 1. The Advent of Augmented Reality.

14 Entrepreneurs Discuss Whether or Not Business Success is Overrated


Working hard to fuel your business vision and great perseverance brings much-desired success. The idea about success remains popular but its definition means different to everyone and so is it’s measure. But is there any truth behind the business success hype? Well, to some it’s a gateway to happiness, work-life balance while to to others, there’s nothing too exciting about it.

Wind Farm Business: Startup Considerations

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If you have a desire to start a technical business and you have the necessary capital and technical capacity, you might consider wind farming. The power generated from renewable sources isn’t harmful to our environment and governments around the world, from the US to Australia have recognised the importance of going green so there are many incentives offered for green energy startups. Image by PublicDomainImages from Pixabay.

Tools and Resources to Help You Write Your Business Plan

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Working on writing your business plan and looking for some tools or resources to make it easier? You don’t have to start from zero or reinvent any wheels. Here are some tools and resources that can help. . Some will get you started, some serve as examples, some are pushes and aids that will help you proceed with confidence. . The tools and resources you choose depend on your preferences. .

Overcoming Fear As A Modern-Day Entrepreneur


It is never smooth sailing for an entrepreneur who is just starting out or still at the early stages of establishing a brand that the market will love. The truth is that actualizing those ideas is never as simple as one might expect, but at the same time, it is never impossible to live your wildest dreams. All the success stories of the mentors you look up to had a starting point, and this was where they set out to do the actual work.

Beyond Passion: Nonprofit Board Member Criteria

Board Effect

Passion. It’s the favorite first ingredient in recipes for cooking up a great nonprofit board member. Commitment to mission” or “passion for the cause” is included on almost every list of criteria for prospective board members. Amidst numerous other preferred qualifications, passion counts above all. Except it doesn’t. Passion should not represent the pinnacle of board member qualifications as much as the basis.

10 Startup Challenges and How to Overcome Them

The Startup Magazine

Starting your own business is not nearly as intimidating as some people may believe it to be. After all, about 97 percent of Australian startups have less than 19 employees (some have as few as 3 or 4). These teams aren’t hard to run efficiently and the organization itself isn’t hard to manage. However, even with this on your side, there are so many enterprises that fail every single year.

The F*ck It Fund

Eric Friedman

(No, I am not starting a new venture fund that doesn’t care about making a return on its investments – but great name for that!). I wanted to share the story of how I came to create my own personal F**k It Fund, which is a cash reserve that is setup for when things go wrong and you don’t want to blow a gasket getting mad or stressed about things.

10 Benefits Of Remote Support


Many corporations, government departments, small businesses and home offices do not have all of the critical IT services or even a dedicated IT department available to resolve potential technical issues on their computers, laptops, tablets, or smartphones. Similarly, the same scenario includes computer and WiFi networks.