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Stop Selling Like It's 2004 (Infographic)

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Content marketing is a good substitute for old-fashioned ads, if you know how to do it right

Ted Rheingold Founded Dogster in 2004: Five Questions About Building a Startup, Selling a Startup and Whether SF Is Still a Good Place

Hunter Walker

Dogster launched January 12, 2004 (Happy 12th Birthday Dogster!) Photo Credit: Christopher Michel. How did the site come about?

Take the Friction Out - VCball


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Your Founder Got Strategy? - VCball


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1990s Redux? Nope, just Free Telephone Conferencing - VCball


October 05, 2004 in Cool Technology | Permalink. VCball. A New York based VCs quixotic search for new knowledge in early stage venture capital and entrepreneurship. Become a Fan. Subscribe via Email. Subscribe via Feeds. Subscribe in a reader. Twitter Updates. follow me on Twitter. Books Worth the Reading. John R. Get a Kindle! David G.

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The Hard Raise

A VC : Venture Capital and Technology

Sometime in the spring of 2004, someone got it. And by the summer, we had a group together and we were able to build to a first close in November of 2004. But that fund, USV 2004, has been one of the very best venture capital funds ever put together. Without FOIA, I am not sure we would have gotten USV 2004 done.

10 Things Entrepreneurs Didn't Worry About 10 Years Ago

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Startup founders had a lot less to worry about back in the good ol'' days of 2004. Here''s a list of what''s new since then

Losing Money

A VC : Venture Capital and Technology

Our first USV fund, our 2004 vintage, has turned out to be the single best VC fund that I have ever been involved in. I doubt it will be as good as our 2004 fund, but it will be a very good fund. In our 2004 fund, we invested a total of $50mm out of $120mm of total investment in our nine losers. I am not proud of those mistakes.

Indeed Plans to Hire 1,000 Employees in Austin


By LAURA LOREK Reporter with Silicon Hills News Indeed started out in 2004 to build a better search engine. Today, Austin-based Indeed is the world’s largest job site attracting 200 million unique monthly visitors. Indeed is focused on how people will find jobs in the 21st century, said Chris Hyams, its president. Austin

How a Hacking Stunt at the Academy Awards Launched a Mobile-Security Startup

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

John Hering and his friends discovered a security vulnerability in early bluetooth technology in 2004. They proved what kind of mobile device breach was possible at the 2005 Academy Awards--and turned the concept into a company called Lookout

Two Austin-based Companies Acquired by j2 Global of Los Angeles


j2 Global bought, a digital media company based in Austin and MX Toolbox, founded in 2004, which provides managed IT services for small businesses worldwide. j2 Global, based in Los Angeles, announced this week it has completed the acquisition of two Austin-based companies. The terms of the deal were not disclosed. Austin

Pandora Founder Tim Westergren to Return as the Company's CEO

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

He served as Pandora's CEO and president from 2002 to 2004 and as its chief strategy officer from 2004 to 2014

Let Your Winners Run

A VC : Venture Capital and Technology

USV 2004 is instructive. Between 2004 and 2008, we made investments in 21 companies. But there are at least ten companies in the USV 2004 portfolio that we would be happy to own for the rest of this decade. So we are supposed to wind things up in the 2004 fund in another two years.   Then I took questions.

"After moving his small Facebook team to Palo Alto in the summer of 2004, he turned much of his."

Mark Birch

“After moving his small Facebook team to Palo Alto in the summer of 2004, he turned much of his attention to building a file-share product called Wirehog. Facebook was going gangbusters, but Zuckerberg wasn’t sure it would last; this was his hedge.” - “ The Maturation of the Billionaire Boy-Man ” by New York Magazine.

The Industrialization of Mobile

Feld Thoughts

When we invested in NewsGator in 2004 , RSS was just starting to emerge as a protocol and wire up much of the content on the web. At the time, it was impossible to anticipate how the web would evolve, as 2004 was a particularly low point in the evolution of venture capital and tech companies. What do you think?

Mobile 107

A Decade Later, a Look Back at Google's Industry-Shaking IPO

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

When Google went public back in August 2004, the company began its march toward being of the most powerful and innovative brands in the world


Mark Cuban’s New Passion is Open and Honest Communication Through Cyber Dust


By LAURA LOREK Reporter with Silicon Hills News Mark Cuban invested in a Canadian Internet company in 2004 that eventually got in trouble with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.’s founders then used emails from Cuban to try to convince the SEC he was a “bad guy.” Austin


A VC : Venture Capital and Technology

That means if your company raised money from USV 2004, LP (the name of our first fund, a $125mm fund), it will be hard for us to invest in your company out of USV 2008, LP (the name of our second fund, a ~$150mm fund). This is not true for angel investors, seed funds, growth funds, and strategic investors. VCs raise money in discrete funds.

Age of companies when they achieve $1bn valuations

The Equity Kicker

I just saw the above chart in a post about exponential organisations from Salim Ismail of the Singularity University. Startup general interest

A Different Approach To VC

A VC : Venture Capital and Technology

Neither did Brad and I when we raised the first USV fund in 2004. I wrote this to my partner the other day. I’m not going to provide the context. It doesn’t matter. It could have been about almost anything in the startup sector right now. He posted the transcript of his talk this week. It’s a good read. VC & Technology

What Is A Many To Many Business? (And How Can This Model Produce Billion Dollar Outcomes) by Yaro Starak

Attitude Lessons From Multimillionaire Fashion Mogul Justin Herald by Yaro Starak

He was named Australian Entrepreneur of the Year back in 2004 and has written a stack of books on… Read the rest of this entry » Entrepreneur Profiles attitude clothing clothes business justin heraldA few weeks ago I attended a seminar for entrepreneurs held by Justin Herald.

IBM Buys Austin-based Gravitant


The company, founded in 2004, has raised a total of $40.3 […] The post IBM Buys Austin-based Gravitant appeared first on SiliconHills. IBM Tuesday announced that is has acquired Gravitant, a cloud-based software maker based in Austin. The financial terms of the deal were not disclosed. Austin

Rethinking Restaurants for the Web

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Matt Maloney and Mike Evans founded GrubHub, an online restaurant delivery service, in Chicago in 2004.

Kindred Spirits – Our Investment In Founder Collective

Feld Thoughts

When Union Square Ventures’ 2004 fund was on fire, Fred and Brad raised their next fund at the same size. It starts with the people.

The past, present and future of Work

deal architect

Tom Malone of MIT wrote the seminal book The Future of Work in 2004. When I interviewed him for my book about ways work has changed in the years since, he honed in on the phenomenon of communities and. Industry Commentary

Is History A Guide In Business?

Feld Thoughts

I was at a fascinating dinner with a bunch of founders and investors last night. Until I was 35, I was often the youngest guy in the room.


A VC : Venture Capital and Technology

Brad had been looking for a search engine for jobs and I saw this post on John Battelle's blog in late 2004. The first great investment we made at USV was Indeed in the summer of 2005. I forwarded it to Brad and he reached out to Paul and Rony. It took two tries before we could convince them to take our money. They have it all.

Loss Ratios In Early Stage VC

A VC : Venture Capital and Technology

Our first fund, USV 2004, has an "names" loss ratio of about 40%. When I was early in my career, I casually mentioned to an older VC that I had yet to lose money on an investment. He replied "that's not good, you aren't taking enough risk." " I have gone on to lose a lot of money over the years. It is not.

Investing in and Joining the Board of

Feld Thoughts

Seth and I worked together on ServiceMagic in the 1999 – 2004 time frame (IAC acquired it in 2004 for $180m) so we had a deep understanding of how a heavily metric-based buy/sell marketplace worked. We just announced Foundry Group’s investment in this morning. I’m psyched to be an investor.

Bringing Culinary Tourism and Social Entrepreneurship Together – Interview with Adlyn Teoh of Hias Gourmet

Startup Noodle

I came here in December 2004 to sign up for a Mandarin course. Thanks to Thomas Wicksteed for conducting the interview! What first brought you here to China, Adlyn? So long ago! I’ve been here 9 years now. Before that I was living in the States. China General Interviews

China 17

Adding the Google +1 Button :: Small Business Marketing Blog from.

Duct Tape Marketing

The Referral Engine – Teaching Your Business to Market Itself – by John Jantsch. Note: There have been some updates since I published th.

Why I Don’t Have To Follow VC Blogs Anymore

Feld Thoughts

When I started blogging in 2004 I think I was the third VC blogger after David Hornik and Fred Wilson (if you were, or know, of another pre-2004 VC blogger, please tell me so I can update my historical recollection.). Two words: Mattermark Daily. I remember lots of people asking me why I was doing it. Today, hundreds of VCs blog.

How Fnatic Became a Leading E-Sports Brand

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

In 2004, Sam Mathews decided to not only start an e-sports team, but build a brand


Encore Entrepreneur Is The New Baby Boomer Lifestyle

Startup Professionals Musings

Some people are calling entrepreneurship the ‘new mid-life crisis’ for the 76 million-strong demographic once thought to be over the hill.

5 Reasons to be an Amazon Affiliate.

Blogtrepreneur | Entrepreneur Blog

A Brief History In 1994 Jeff Bezos left Wall Street and set about building the business we all now know as Amazon.He They set out to offer everything.

Seed is the new Series A, but who’s supporting founders pre-launch?

The Equity Kicker

I’m going to quote his definitions in full: 2004 definition. — In 2004 it took until Series C to scale your product because it took a lot of money. Jason Calacanis just published a good post on the changing definitions of Seed, Series A, and Series B investment. Pre-funding: You talk about your idea & write a business plan.

Consumer Confidence (Data: November 2016)


It was the highest reading since January 2004, as consumers expected a favorable impact of Trump's policies on the economy. in November.

7 Inspiring Stories From Facebook's Early Days

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

First legal coverage By Fall 2004, Facebook was being sued by students who said Zuckerberg had stolen their idea. 4, Mark E.

You Can Do Too Much Due Diligence

A VC : Venture Capital and Technology

Back in 2004, early in my blogging career, I heard about a service that had just launched called Feedburner. It's Monday, time for another lesson I've learned in the venture capital business. Today I will tell a story that I love telling. It has some of my favorite people in it. I immediately liked the service and the idea.