Startups and IP Ownership Issues

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For many startups, intellectual property (IP) is their most valuable asset. Below are the three most common IP-related mistakes that startups make — the first of which I discuss in this brief video with Jason Calacanis. Any IP created or acquired by a founder (e.g.,

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When Old IP Comes Back From the Dead

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What does that have to do with your IP strategy? Although shot and killed 15 years ago, Shakur—or, rather, a hologram of him—appeared at the Coachella music festival in California recently. There are multiple types of IP in this example.

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Someone Stole My Startup Idea – Part 3: The Best Defense is a Good IP Strategy

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Early on in my career I took a “we’re moving too fast to deal with lawyers” attitude to patents and Intellectual Property (IP.) Type of IP. _. Under California law, employers may own inventions that are “related to employer’s reasonably anticipated R&D.” That changed when I joined the board of a startup, and we sued Microsoft and Sony on the same day for patent infringement – and won $120 million.

The 5 Biggest Legal Mistakes That Startups Make

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Mistake #2 : not buttoning-down IP ownership issues (at 10:20). Mistake #2: Not Buttoning-Down IP Ownership Issues. CA exception – CA Labor Code Section 2870: (i) different space, (ii) not using employer’s facilities and (iii) idea/IP is not based upon work done for employer.

The 4 Questions You Need to Answer About Your Blog’s Privacy Policy

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We also collect potentially personally-identifiable information like IP addresses for logged in users and for users leaving comments. California’s Online Privacy Protection Act (CalOPPA) requires websites to “conspicuously” post a privacy policy.

LawPivot: Crowdsourced, Confidential Legal Advice for Startups


Mandal was the lead of Apple's mergers and acquisitions team, and Gupta was an IP attorney at a several national firms. And it's restricted to questions that address California law (so, California companies and California lawyers.)

How to Work with Lawyers at a Startup

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Shame about not getting it in legal writing that you owned the original IP. Founded it as a California LLC but your potential VC wants a Delaware C-Corp? He mostly covers Southern California. Anyone who does IP law in Southern California seems to use Knobbe Martens.

The Boston Surprise

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I think most people assumed the company was based in California (surely, it must be from California). As a remarkable IP powerhouse Boston always has and will continue to produce hard tech innovation that produce meaningful outcomes.

How to Find the Top VCs for the Investment You Need

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Southern California. One look at sites like socalTECH, which covers tech news for Southern California, and you can see that there’s an ongoing flurry of startup and VC activity in this region. They invest in strong teams, massive market opportunities, and novel IP.

Most Common Early Start-up Mistakes

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To the best of my knowledge US law allows you to work on your own resources and in your own hours and let you personally own your IP. I don’t know 100% that this is true in all 50 states (if any lawyers read this please put notes in comments section) but I’m pretty darn sure that this is statuary law in California. Make sure you own your IP.

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Compromise vs. Problem Solving

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A great panel full of engineers titled Tech Tutorial Backdrop: An All IP Network and Its Policy Implications came next, followed by a talk from Colorado Senator Michael Bennet. I spent all day Sunday at Silicon Flatirons’ Digital Broadband Migration Conference. This is a key national conference held in Boulder at the intersection of technology and public policy with a particular focus on the Internet.

Welcome to Summoner’s Rift: Why a Free Start Can be Better for Business

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While that might sound like an impossible business model, it’s the exact model of “League of Legends,” the competitive battle arena game from California based studio Riot Games.

LawPivot Takes Its Q&A Legal Advice Site Nationwide


Up until now, this service has only been available in California, but LawPivot announces today that it's opening availability nationwide. Mandal was the lead of Apple's mergers and acquisitions team, and Gupta was an IP attorney at a several national firms.

Making the Mobile Shopping Experience Smarter

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This Big Data Start-up Has Some Ideas Tracking the desires and habits of people browsing the Web from a desktop is relatively easy because of all those cookies websites leave behind that allow companies to track a computer''s IP address all around the Internet.

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Dear China: Stop Stealing My Intellectual Property, Or Else

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It was formed by business and technology experts to more aggressively counter IT and IP theft whether resulting from piracy, counterfeiting or the stealing of trade secrets. Competitors in emerging markets can't be allowed the advantage of pirated technology.

Startup Resources

IP Location Tools. British Library Business & IP Centre : Funded by the London Development Agency, the British Library supports inventors, small businesses and entrepreneurs from that first spark of inspiration to successfully launching and developing a business. About VC Cafe.

How to Protect Your Small Business When Advertising Sales and Discounts [Part 2]

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As well as that information, some of the unique types of information that you may collect online (that you wouldn’t collect offline) are: customer’s internet domain; IP address; when your website was accessed; type of browser and operating system used; pages visited; and.

Your Road Map to Going Global in Uncertain Times

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Our distribution centers are in California, and we could distribute from Mexico, but the security issues in Mexico" outweighed the value of outsourcing there, Kline says. When it comes to IP theft and espionage, things get trickier.

D-Wave's Dream Machine

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We need to sign away our IP? All of that seeded what is now the biggest IP portfolio in the world in quantum computing. round, transforming D-Wave''s mission in the process: The company was no longer just looking to gather IP in the hope of flipping it down the road.

Do It Right The First Time, Part II: Visit the Doctor or House Call?


Take any steps needed to qualify Newco to conduct the business it plans to conduct wherever it’s located (for example, a filing made in California qualifying a Delaware corporation to do business there if the management team is located in San Francisco). In Part I , I gave a quick summary of the who, when and why of forming and documenting a new startup company.

Get Inside the Mind of an Angel Investor

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TCP/IP (Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol) : network transfer protocol, basically it defines requirements for network communications.

How to License Great Technology

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The perennial powerhouses such as MIT, Northwestern, and the University of California system are expert at generating licensing deals and launching startups, so they’re always attractive partners.

Social Media, CrossFit Style

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Now working full-time at the CrossFit offices in Scotts Valley, California, the Russes fight its social media battles big and small, from an effort last summer to ward off a takeover bid from a venture capital firm, to more mundane matters.

Venture Capitalists, Super Angels and the State of Startup Funding

San Diego, California) Jobs Comentum is a dynamic and cutting edge company.Be Unfortunately, none are very focused on Florida (California and New York are the top two destination). SCVNGR Makes Major Enhancements to iP.

The Forgotten Founder: YouSendIt’s Khalid Shaikh

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But there's something peculiar about the drawing hanging in the colorful lobby at YouSendIt, an online file-sharing service based outside San Jose, California. About a month later, they married in a religious ceremony, and she moved to California.

Venture Capitalists, Super Angels and the State of Startup Funding

Unfortunately, none are very focused on Florida (California and New York are the top two destination). SCVNGR Makes Major Enhancements to iP.

Made in USA (Again): Why Manufacturing Is Coming Home

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Otis Elevator Company has returned to South Carolina, Buck Knives came back to Idaho, Karen Kane relocated to Southern California, G.E. Mismanaged supply chain decisions sent manufacturing overseas. But the industry has changed direction.

7 Incredible Web Design, Branding, Digital Marketing Experiences

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They use geo/ip to work out where I am. ", and the page is exactly the same for me in California or someone in London? They also make it clear they only serve California, rather than telling you after you click the Submit button!

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Crushing It With Competitive Intelligence Analysis: Best Metrics, Reports

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Switch your IP to the first opportunity from #1. Half-way through this post, you'll seriously wonder why you've spent so much time obsessing with Adobe/Google Analytics/Chartbeat or other web analytics tool.

America's Coolest College Start-ups 2012

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Teague Egan, hailing from the University of Southern California, founded 1st Round in 2009 with Zack Johnson, Sterling Brewster and Riley Egan. In the social media craze, Patrick Ip, Sonia Chokshi and Kavya Shankar, saw more than a means to network and build on relationship.

Conor gets an exit as Linköping's AnaCatum is acquired by Gothenburg's Fingerprint Cards


The company has been around since 2009 and is headquartered in Linköping with offices in California.

The First Rule of Stealth Mode Is.

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In April of 2012, a six-month-old Web security company in Mountain View, California, took $6 million in investment from two big-name venture capital firms. They can play games--whether it''s to protect their IP or gain publicity," he says. You definitely talk about stealth mode.

11 Trends in Web Logo Design

San Diego, California) Jobs Comentum is a dynamic and cutting edge company.Be SCVNGR Makes Major Enhancements to iP.

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Startup Blog: Don't Confuse Your Team

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Look at Biotechnology in Massachusetts, California, and North Carolina and see where startups were created and exist near centers of experienced personnel. Think Ahead When You are Negotiating IP Rights A Few Great Links to Startup Articles ► April (11) Beyond Rumsfeld by (Stephen A.

Meet the Online Mischief-Makers

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No research has yet been conducted showing how effective online protests are compared to on-the-ground campaigns, says Jennifer Earl, a professor of sociology at the Univeristy of California Santa Barbara and co-author of the 2011 book Digitally Enabled Social Change: Activism in the Internet Age (Acting with Technology). There's ample chance for mischief, especially since Twitter allows you to create up to five accounts in one day from one IP address, she said.

How to Start a Startup

But its hard to raise money with an IP cloud over your head, becauseinvestors cant judge how serious it is. Before you consummate a startup, ask everyone about their previous IP history. If I were going to start a startup today, there are only three places Id consider doing it: on the Red Line near Central, Harvard,or Davis Squares (Kendall is too sterile); in Palo Alto on Universityor California Aves; and in Berkeley immediately north or south of campus.

Check Out These Rad Mobile Tech Companies at SXSW

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The company was founded in Menlo Park, California, in 2011 by Imri Goldberg and Nadav Gur, and has raised nearly $2 million in seed funding from Horizons Ventures. OneTok was founded in 2011 by Ben Lilienthal and Jerry Norton, two "Voice over IP" industry leaders, and have raised about $1.5

This Man Fought an Online Stalker Off His Company

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For four years, Veritas Prep, based in Malibu, California, had been embroiled in a legal battle with a competitor, Maple Leaf International Consulting, or MLIC. Troutwine did some investigating and found that many of the reviews originated from the same IP address, which he traced to MLIC.

The LeanLaunch Pad at Stanford – Class 8: Key Resources, Activities and Expense Model

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Davis , a German applied Laser research group, a California organic farm er who wanted to be an Earlyvangelist , four service partners and three weed/pest management consultants. Any IP you need to license?

Lessons Learned in Diagnostics

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This post is part of our series on the National Science Foundation I-Corps Lean LaunchPad class in Life Science and Health Care at the University of California San Francisco. It includes reimbursement, regulation, IP, validation, channel access, etc