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How to Raise Money – It’s a Journey Not An Event

Steve Blank

Every year I teach classrooms full of students who leave class understanding the basics of how to search for product/market fit—and thinking their next goal is to “get funded.”. That’s a mistake.

6 Benefits of Outsourcing and Freelancing In Startups

Startup Professionals Musings

One of the most stressful and unanticipated challenges that comes with starting a new business is hiring and managing employees.

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Building the Best Seed VC Syndicate in 2020: Navigating “Leaders” & “Fillers”

View from Seed

In previous blog posts I’ve written about the two main approaches to building a seed round syndicate – the subscription method (where an entrepreneur presets a structure with a convertible note or SAFE and recruits investors who subscribe to the round, all without a term-driving lead investor) and a term-driving lead investor approach.

[Interview] Troy R. Underwood, Author Of “How To Launch Your Side Hustle”


Once you’ve dug up enough pennies from between your couch cushions to start a new business, you’re going to need a plan. In the new book “ How to Launch Your Side Hustle: Start and Scale a Business with Minimal Capital “, serial entrepreneur Troy R.

Building Healthy Innovation Ecosystems for Your Projects

Speaker: Nick Noreña, Innovation Coach and Advisor, Kromatic

In this webinar, Nick Noreña will walk through an Innovation Ecosystem Model that he and his team at Kromatic have developed to help investors, heads of product, teachers, and executives understand how they can best support innovation in their own ecosystem. He'll also go over metrics we can use to measure the health of our ecosystems as we build more resources for innovators.

Two must-read series of posts

deal architect

Most of my writing tends to be about technology vendors and most readers enjoy that. However, I also like to share my podium with many others. I wanted to highlight two sets of interviews/guest posts you may have missed Global. Globalization and Technology Industry Commentary

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7 New Dimensions Of Market Value In This Digital Age

Startup Professionals Musings

As a startup advisor, I see too many entrepreneurs get distracted by technology or their favorite cause, and then wonder why they can’t find an investor, attract customers, or build a long-term business.

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Ways To Make Your Website More Secure


Cybersecurity is of utmost importance to anyone who runs a website. With each passing day, we hear of new leaks of information over the internet, including IDs and passwords, top-secret classified government data, credit card information, personal nude photos, and much more.

5 Powerful Ways To Monetize Your PR Efforts

YFS Magazine

If you know how to monetize your media coverage, public relations can become a major profit driver for your startup or small business. Editor Picks Grow Marketing & Sales media coverage PR public relations publicity

PR 132

7 Ways For Businesses To Work Less And Enjoy It More

Startup Professionals Musings

Successful businesses are all about getting results, not just working hard. As a new business advisor, I hear facts all the time about how hard an entrepreneur is working, but often have a hard time getting them to quantify results.

YC’s Guide to Series A

VC Cafe

There are many good startup resources out there, and it can be confusing for founders to know which one to pay attention to. Well, here’s a good one for you! Y Combinator ‘s Aaron Harris and Janelle Tam created a great resource for startups – a 70 page guide to raising Series A.

Guidelines In Starting A New Business


Running a business has many advantages. It will give you additional source of income and once successful, it can even become your main source of income. It will give you the opportunity to learn more things and most of all, it will allow you to showcase your talent.

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These 5 C’s Will Help Entrepreneurs Ride Out Tough Times

YFS Magazine

Business leaders have expressed worries about a global economic slowdown. As a result, businesses hope for the best and brace for the worst. Lead business challenges personal development starting a business

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8 Guiding Principles To An Enviable Employee Culture

Startup Professionals Musings

With today’s interactive social media and the real-time Internet, both customers and employees see inside your company easily, so you can’t hide your real company culture. At the same time relationship perceptions have become the biggest drivers to customer loyalty and employee engagement.

Plenty of Dry powder for Europe and Israel VC funds

VC Cafe

The markets have been taking a beating with Coronavirus and startups that were valued in the hundreds of millions have been folding at what seems like an accelerated rate, prompting journalists to post articles about the bubble being burst. Are we heading into a market correction in 2020? Who knows.

Israel 119

2 Marketing Trends That Have Staying Power


The importance of marketing your business effectively cannot be ignored. Below, we assess two marketing trends that have not gone anywhere, and won’t be going anywhere. . QR (quick response) codes. QR (quick response) codes have taken the online marketing world by storm.

For Startups, Software Team Extension Solves Product Development Challenges

YFS Magazine

If you need highly-skilled developers for your next software project, discover key benefits of leveraging a software team extension. Grow Technology outsourcing product development recommended software development software team extension technology

7 Leadership Strategies To Rev-Up Your Team Vitality

Startup Professionals Musings

Most startup ideas begin in the mind of an individual, but an idea is not a business. It takes a team, with effective leadership, to build a business. Many aspiring entrepreneurs default to team leadership by domination and control.

Announcing our investment in Halcyon Health

Version One Ventures

Last week, I outlined our current areas of interest in healthcare : patient networks, digital therapeutics, patient care management, new diagnostics, and disrupting health insurance. .

Great Free Business Tools To Help Grow Your Online Business   


Whether your business is already established or still a startup, you are certainly using the internet to manage, run, and market it. By streamlining and simplifying some aspects, you are also able to invest more energy and time in its growth.

The Hardest Part Of Leadership Is Asking For Help And Taking It

YFS Magazine

Leaders who learn the art of the ask perform at a higher level than their peers who don't. Every leader should practice asking for help. Lead collaboration delegation leadership personal development

Get The Startup Way ebook for $2.99 for a limited time

Startup Lessons Learned

No company can succeed long-term without a culture of continuous innovation and systems of entrepreneurial management that encourage and support change and the visionaries who make it happen.

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Founders Create Easy-To-Use Sunction Tool


Mother-daughter entrepreneurs and Bug Bite Thing founders, Kelley Higney and Ellen McAlister of Port St. Lucie, Florida first appeared on ‘Shark Tank’ in October and had all the sharks biting with offers.

Budgeting Tips For The Entrepreneur


The idea of starting up your own business is an exciting one, and sometimes that excitement can cloud the judgment of an entrepreneur, especially when it comes to budgeting. Let’s face it; business finances aren’t all that interesting or that fun. There are, however, necessary.

For Entrepreneurs, Your Smile Is A Social Asset

YFS Magazine

Did you know that thirty percent of people hide their smile in photographs? For many entrepreneurs, self-consciousness can hinder business growth. Lifestyle health and wellness lifestyle personal brand recommended

Gaming is Eating the World

VC Cafe

Guest post by Kevin Baxpehler, Managing Partner at Remagine Ventures. Yes, the title is “click-bait” but there is some truth to it, bear with me. Computer gaming has been around for decades and there are some interesting articles about the history of gaming, e.g. here or here.

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Founders Create Easy-To-Use Suction Tool the Bug Bite Thing


Mother-daughter entrepreneurs and Bug Bite Thing founders, Kelley Higney and Ellen McAlister of Port St. Lucie, Florida first appeared on ‘Shark Tank’ in October and had all the sharks biting with offers.

10 Things To Know Before Starting A Luggage Storage Business


Starting a luggage storage business is not as easy as it sounds. However, being an entrepreneur is exciting and challenging at the same time. A business plan for luggage storage is an excellent opportunity that you must explore. But do you know how to start a luggage storage business?

Naming 180

Founder Series: 5 Steps for Turning Your Passion into a Business

The Startup Magazine

As part of of our Founders Series , The Startup Magazine presents the following first person feature by Judah Parness, aka Skeeter Gumdrop, Co-Founder of Rent-A-Christmas, an entrepreneurial venture disrupting the way consumers decorate for Christmas.

Israel’s talent crunch detailed in new report

VC Cafe

A new comprehensive report on human capital in Israel by the Israel Innovation Authority and Startup Nation Central found there’s a shortage of tech employees for Israeli startups and scale ups. What about the solutions?

How much can you pay yourself as a founder?

This is going to be BIG.

The answer is easier than you thought: Anything you want. No, seriously—that’s the perk of running your own business. You select your salary. Now, if you want to have investors and potentially maximize growth for the company, that’s a different story. Investors are going to want their investment dollars to be going towards growth than going directly into your pocket—but what does that mean for how much you can actually pay yourself.

Cluttered Inbox? 6 Hacks To Organize Your Email


Office workers, as well as freelancers, receive a bunch of emails every day. Whether it is a promotional email from another business, an urgent task from the boss or an inquiry from a potential client, the typical worker’s inbox can be quite a mess.

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UTM Parameters: A Complete Guide for Traffic Attribution


Traffic attribution identifies which sources drive visitors to a web property. And it’s impossible to credit a conversion to the correct source without first knowing how a visitor got to a website. In other words, the foundation of conversion attribution is traffic attribution.

5 Startup Tips for All Entrepreneurs

The Startup Magazine

There’s an extensive number of things to consider when you’re an entrepreneur; no matter your business category, these five startup tips can help you find your feet. Don’t Let Fear of Failure Stop You. Deciding to put an entrepreneurial idea into action in the first place is a very scary decision.

Top Tips to Increase Website Conversions


Measuring website conversion is actually a very simple formula. All you need to do is look at the percent of visitors to your website that complete one of your desired actions or goals.

Do You Have What It Takes To Make A Success Of Your Business?


Some would say that when it comes to being an entrepreneur you simply either have it or you don’t. Many would argue this point and say that there are necessary skills that can be learned and attitudes that can be adapted, especially if you are entering into a business that you feel passionate about.

The Business Hierarchy of Needs

Mike Michalowicz

?. The entrepreneurial journey is an exceptionally peculiar one. We start our businesses with a clear vision of personal and financial freedom. Yet, that goal of freedom – the primary reason we have our own business – is never realized.

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