Social Networking and Business Value


Just a quick note that I'll be moderating a Technology Council Event : Social Networking as a Business Strategy May 19, 2009 - Culver City Social networking media are used on a daily basis to grow businesses and expand career opportunities. Individuals use social networking sites such as LinkedIn and Plaxo as career-advancing tools, even more useful in a down economy. Can social networking be a money-maker for companies?

TechCrunch / Quora on Jobs, Zuckerberg’s “I’m CEO, Bitch” | Fun Social Network Clip

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As I have been following Zuckerberg for years and truly enjoyed the Social Network, I’m glad to see it is drawing attention for its bending of reality into great entertainment. But yesterday, Bryan Veloso, a Facebook Designer from 2005 to 2006, gave a more more interesting and enlightening answer on Quora. When Aaron Sittig and I were the only designers in late 2005, he would hold his design meetings with us in that classic “aggressive” Steve Jobs-style.

It’s a Family (tree) Business: My Herritage Acquires Polish Startup

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Bliscy will help MH increase reach as the acquisition brings MyHeritage family network to 56 million registered users and approximately 762 million profiles, 18 million family trees and 116 million photos. Also in 2010, acquired the Dutch family network

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ProfessorVC: Is There Any Truth in "The Social Network"?

Professor VC

Is There Any Truth in "The Social Network"? Got around to seeing The Social Network this past weekend. It was early in 2005 and the company was Facebook. Don't Stop Believin' Is There Any Truth in "The Social Network"? ProfessorVC.

Blogging Nostalgia and my 30 day Challenge

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I started blogging in December 2005. Blogger in 2005 (courtesy of Internet Time Machine) . It was a social network for the blogger community (later acquired by Yahoo in 2007), which when installed, showed where your visitors come from, what they read and where they go.

Prevailing Wisdom

Mucker Lab

2002 – “the social network fad is over”. 2005 – “Sales cycle is too long for software companies selling to government and educational sector”. 2011 – “There is no network effect in the enterprise software business; it’s not a category we invest in anymore”.

Don’t Be Afraid to Hire Your Critics

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Facebook’s Head of Product Chris Cox is, gasp, in his 30s and joined Facebook in 2005. Finding those with strong points of view who want to change the social network from the inside could be the difference between magic and stagnation. Myopic groupthink kills more companies than constructive criticism ever will.

There’s Something Abuzz With GoodBuzz


Peer-To-Peer Referral Network. This would inspire him to start GoodBuzz in 2005, a free web-based peer-to-peer referral network that would allow artists, bands, associations, public organizations, event promoters and organizers to help promote each others’ events.

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4 Founders & Harvard MBAs on Finding Startup Traction & MBAs-as-Entrepreneurs

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million raised, per CrunchBase): It came from my deep frustration renting as an undegrad at Oxford for the first time back in 2005. With domain expertise and a background in aerospace, we reached out to our personal networks (and essentially anyone that would talk to us).

Cybersecurity: What Every Small Business Owner Needs To Know


No matter how you look at it, there is a high price to pay for not protecting a company’s website and network. This helps determine the risks that a website and/or internal network might be facing. by Matthew Edenhofer, Director of Information Technology, Balboa Capital.

This Week in VC with Mo Koyfman of Spark Capital

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We had a special edition of This Week in Venture Capital this week shooting out of the Next New Networks offices in New York. Social network app developer and ad network. RockYou (US) was founded in Redwood City in November 2005 by Lance Tokuda and Jia Shen.

Google+ Offers Great Business Potential :: Small Business.

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Headlines wonder if this is their answer to slow Facebook’s growing dominance in the social space. Facebook is a social network, built from the ground up for that purpose, by a company that does nothing else.

Why I’ve Shifted More Attention to Facebook

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I signed up for Facebook before many – in 2005 – when I first moved back to the US. So throughout 2006/07 when I had really young kids Facebook was truly a social network for sharing family moments. So by the time people started using Facebook for more business purposes or general “social networking” in 2010-2015 I really didn’t have any interest. I’ve been spending a lot more time on Facebook as a blogger than I ever did.

Send Share or Like Facebook Is Getting It Right

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The unfiltered nature of sharing stuff on Facebook and other social networks remains a business challenge.

20 Best TED Talks For Students Of Social Media


As a student of social media, you undoubtedly know the impact that social media has had on the world. Be sure to check out these TED talks for a unique look into the world of social media: James Surowiecki: When social media became news.

Google Adds Reputation Management to Dashboard :: Small Business.

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It also appears that this is another way for Google to place emphasis on creating and using Profile pages – something that likely plays heavily in their plans for a social network of some sort.

The Future of Transportation

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Between 1991 and 2005, the capacity that could be bought with $100 went up by a factor of 11. The following year, twenty-two of twenty-three entrants in the 2005 Challenge surpassed the 7.3 William Hertling is one of my favorite science fiction writers.

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Weekend Favs June Eighteen :: Small Business Marketing Blog from.

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Trumpia – All in one messaging platform that includes email, text, IM and voice broadcast as well as social network integration.

The Single Most Powerful Use of Social Media for Small Business.

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So, here’s my advice: If you’re looking for the single most powerful use of social media in your business follow this simple plan. That’s right, you can derive immense benefit through social media tools without actually doing much more than listening.

What Jonah @Peretti, CEO of BuzzFeed, Sees in the Future of Digital Media

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I began asking around who the smartest people in the online media industry were and two names came up again and again — Jonah Peretti (social & viral content) and Ze Frank (social video). BuzzFeed.

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Knowing When It’s Time To Sell Your Startup


The founders sold the two year old company to eBay in 2005 for $2.6 Just 18 months after this photo sharing program and social network was launched, Facebook offered to purchase Instagram for $1 billion in cash and stock. Unique social networking product.

Google Finally Weaving Local Strategy :: Small Business Marketing.

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Both of these moved signal a renewed focus on making both Profiles and Places pages more important in their ecosystem and perhaps ultimately in a social network of some sort.

5 Practical Tips for Getting More from Facebook :: Small Business.

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To me there’s no such thing really as social media marketing or Facebook marketing, it’s simply a matter of marketing in a world gone social. Keep the Wall interesting by mixing content Network It’s kind of ironic how little traditional networking goes on inside many social networks.

5 Creative Ways to Use Text Messages in Marketing :: Small.

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Related Posts: Are Small Private Social Networks the Next Layer? Posted by : John Jantsch on Jun 17, 2011 | 9:50 am Categories : Mobile , Social Media , Web Marketing Tags : Cellit , eztexting , GroupMe , mobivity , Poll Everywhere Popular Posts Adding the Facebook Like.

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Should You Get Rid of Your Website’s Lead Forms?


True, some companies experimented with social media as a sales channel as well. Then came the second wave with Skype (2003), Blackberry Messenger (2005), and Google’s first incarnation of its messaging app, Google Talk (2005). billion MAUs for the top four social networks.

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The Big VC Thaw – Why The Market is Moving Again (part 2 of 3)

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style euphoria that swept the Valley beginning in 2005. The growth of Facebook and social gaming led by Zynga – Another obvious trend is Facebook. Notice that I didn’t say “social networking.” Luckily the social and casual gaming companies showed them the way.

LinkedIn Explores What It Takes To Be an Entrepreneur [INFOGRAPHIC]

Sign in All Social Media Tech & Gadgets Business & Marketing Video Mobile Dev & Design Media Social Good Startups Classifieds Mashable Infographics Prev Next How Are People Using Twitter? LinkedIn was curious, so the business social network decided to find out.

Top 29 Startup Posts May 2010


Now, thanks to social media, you don't have to outspend. A FB ad targeted at one person (my wife) - Gabriel Weinberg , May 14, 2010 The other day I gave a presentation with Steve Welch on the use of social media in politics. While Google fights on the edges, Amazon is attacking their core - Chris Dixon , May 22, 2010 Google is fighting battles on almost every front: social networking, mobile operating systems, web browsers, office apps, and so on.

9 Big Businesses That Began In College


Some of these businesses are still with us, including Google and the social media behemoth Facebook. What began as first a college hook-up site, and later morphed into a social study tool for an art history final, has recently become a billion dollar publicly traded company.

Was Launch the right platform to Launch?

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SocialParent is a social network for those who have moved beyond the Bang with Friends stage, have settled down, had a family and are looking for a social network that mirrors their real life social network.

I Have a Web Site, What Else Should I be Doing Online 4 :: Small.

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Lee Odden Lee Odden is the CEO of TopRank Online Marketing , a digital marketing agency specializing in strategic internet marketing consulting, training and implementation services including: Content, Search, Email and Social Media Marketing.

Okay, I'm Creating Content How Do I Get Someone to Read it 3.

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It’s not called social media for nothing. It’s easier to establish these relationships than ever, thanks to social networks. And since social networks are where content sharing happens, it makes sense to begin making those relationships early on.

Entrepreneurs are Everywhere Show No. 19: Carmen Medina and Don Burke

Steve Blank

She began the CIA’s Lessons Learned program and led the Agency’s first effort to address the challenges posed by social networks, digital ubiquity, and the emerging culture of collaboration. In 2005, while at the CIA, Don helped found Intellipedia , the Intelligence Community-wide wiki, with his colleague Sean Dennehy. Both of us were very highly respected, we were both managers, we both had really large networks of people that we knew. … .

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LinkedIn: The Series A Fundraising Story ? AGILEVC

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Online social networking is a concept still being evangelized even in Silicon Valley… Friendster is in private beta (wasn’t until Oct 2003 they received Google acquisition offer which they turned down for Kleiner/Benchmark round). How to Evaluate Firms for a Seed VC.

How Investors Are Increasing Their Returns Through Collaboration and Technology

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Panel 1 – How Social Investing is Disrupting Traditional Investing in Public Securities. Howard Lindzon is Co-Founder and CEO of StockTwits, a social network for traders and investors to share real-time ideas and information.

Yahoo! vs Facebook: Lame Lawsuit, Good Timing ? AGILEVC

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In the early days of LinkedIn we jointly acquired an issued patent of the defunct which directly pertains to social networking as well as acquiring a nascent startup in part for its in-process patent filings. owns a bunch of patents around email, IM, etc), and yes E) social networking. Regarding social networking, Yahoo! It was filed in 2005 and issued in 2010 which means there was a good deal of prior art around SNS before Yahoo filed.

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This Week in VC Episode 6 with @Jason Calacanis: Best One Yet

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StackOverflow is a free Q&A site for software developers, blending functionality from wikis, blogs, forums, and social voting (similar to Digg/Reddit); 7.1mm unique visitors per month; new funds will be used to build out engineering team and build out product.

Data is the Next Major Layer of the Cloud & A Major Victory for Startups

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dealing with how digital or analog signals are actually transmitted for point A to point B), the network layer in the middle that deals with routing packets of information, to the presentation and application layer at the top end. And what about our social graphs?

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Transcript of Sonic Branding and the New Rules of Marketing and PR

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The strategies are: understand your buyers and create great content to reach those buyers, and reach them in real time using social networks and things like newsjacking. So the first edition was funny, I wrote the first edition in 2005 and 2006.

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Startup Investor Makes a Deal: Engineers for Equity

With more than 40 million monthly pageviews, Mashable is the most prolific news site reporting breaking web news, providing analysis of trends, reviewing new Web sites and services, and offering social media resources and guides. ); // Welcome to Mashable!

How to Plan Your Social Integration Strategy

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Meet Bryce Roberts: The Man Who Challenged AngelList

Roberts is in the news this week because of his high-profile critique of Angellist , the hot new investment network Robert Scoble has called the new Silicon Valley hype machine.

Seth Sternberg – Meebo

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Before we filmed the segment we had the chance to chat over lunch over the direction of the Internet and how social was changing the fabric of the web. He remarked, “It’s true that with Facebook connect all websites can immediately have access to your social graph.