How Aggregation Can Greatly Enhance Your Business


This is where content aggregation can prove to be enormously beneficial. By making the switch from manual content creation to aggregation, you’ll be able to simplify the process, while also speeding it up significantly. Aggregator tools will help you collect a lot of relevant data.

Aggregation is the New Virtualization

Peter Levine

Virtualization has been a key driver behind every major trend in software, from search to social networks to SaaS, over the past decade. Instead of divvying the resources of individual servers, large numbers of servers are aggregated into a single warehouse-scale (though still virtual!) In fact, most of the applications we use — and cloud computing as we know it today — would not have been possible without the server utilization and cost savings that resulted from virtualization.

Specialists Become Specialty Aggregators

It seems inevitable for the niche gorilla to continue to add new products and more niches, becoming an aggregator like the one they might have initially displaced. Search is--as big as it is--a finite market (number of people x avg number of searches). You'll see in the upper right of this blog, under my Office Hours, is a search box supplied by Andy Weissman of USV posted about the unbundling of all things web--apps become APIs, and.

Search: Not Provided: What Remains, Keyword Data Options, the Future

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In late 2011, Google announced an effort to make search behavior more secure. This encrypted their search queries from any prying eyes, and kept from being passed on to websites the users visits after seeing search results. Implications of Secure Search Decision.

NextView Investment Themes: A Search for Authenticity

View from Seed

Snapchat and Periscope just scratch the surface of what’s to come as far as aggregate viewing numbers and programmed or live event-based content are concerned. The post NextView Investment Themes: A Search for Authenticity appeared first on The View From Seed.

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Access, Aggregation, and Other Big Data Challenges for Startups


Elbaz identified several major hurdles that companies face around data: Findability Access Rights and Ownership Economics and Business Models Standards Integration and Aggregation Trust. In some ways, the term "big data" belies the challenges that startups face in tackling the subject.

Two Amazing Bar Charts: % Content Consumption, % Share of Search

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In the second example there is no site analytics data, that bar chart will tell you that you might be celebrating success too early when it comes to Search while pinpointing for you how high the upper limit is. 2: Quantifying the Missed, Search, Opportunity. Search Impression Share.

Google's Search Based Keyword Tool: Monetize The Long Tail of Search

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The Search Based Keyword Tool (SbKT) was that for me. I can tell you know that you'll never think of Paid Search the same way! UPDATE: Recently Google has folded the Search Based Keyword Tool into the core AdWords Interface. A quick recap: The Search Long Tail.

5 Ways to Improve Local Search Results for Business

Duct Tape Marketing

5 Ways to Improve Local Search Results for Business This content from: Duct Tape Marketing. ” Increasingly, when folks turn to a search engine, they aren’t looking for something around the world, they’re looking for something around the block.

Verticalized mobile search wins over horizontal mobile search.


Dkhare on Looking for: Utility App for User-generated Local Content Aggregation. Arjunram on Looking for: Utility App for User-generated Local Content Aggregation. Arjunram on Looking for: Utility App for User-generated Local Content Aggregation. Looking for: Utility App for User-generated Local Content Aggregation. Verticalized mobile search wins over horizontal mobile search. How will mobile search evolve different in carrier-controlled markets (e.g.

Small Business and Startup Tips: Analyzing Your Search Data

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Virtually every business relies to a certain extent on where they will appear in an online search for their service, product, or company name. for any relevant search and most spend a significant percentage of their marketing budget to define the best keywords, optimize their websites, and execute on their strategies. Get your list together now, because you’re going to use it as you follow these steps to track your search results! Aggregate. SEO is simple.

Burnham's Beat: Search + State + Metadata = A Search Application

Burnham's Beat

Search This Blog. « Search Applications : Search Startups Are Dead, Long Live Search Startups | Main. | Search + State + Metadata = A Search Application. The major search engines have all built incredibly impressive and expensive infrastructures with one main goal in mind: finding the one result or small set of results that enable a user to find the specific information they are looking for amidst the vast forest of information that is the Web.

Build Trust and Authority in Google Search

Inc Startups

This increased brand authority earns higher search engine rankings. The key word to note here is "authority," which has appeared frequently in recent discussions around upcoming changes to Google''s search algorithm.

iSideWith: Personalize Your Politics in New News Feed

Wired Wired West

What Aggregator Candidate digital news feed Facebook Facebook features Fox News Fox News Channel Gary Johnson ideology isidewith Jesse Jackson journalism Libertarian Mitt Romney news online news partisan personalized news political news political views politics Republicans Romney Ron Paul Search engine optimization Startup tech startup United States Web feedYou’re pro-open carry in classrooms and pro-Big Bird as long as your taxes aren’t paying his pension.

Burnham's Beat: Search Applications : Search Startups Are Dead.

Burnham's Beat

Search This Blog. Search + State + Metadata = A Search Application » 10/26/2006. Search Applications : Search Startups Are Dead, Long Live Search Startups. A couple of months ago I had the pleasure of moderating a panel at TIECon on the Search Industry. The costs to compete in core search , are now simply to high. Start-up Salvation: Search as Infrastructure So where does this leave search start-ups? Enhanced Search.

Brain Alliance And Sanoma Launch Aggregated Sales Service


Earlier in the launch event, Mikko Lehmuskoski from Sanoma, stated that receives 500 000 shoppers weekly to their site and they do an overall 7 million search queries for products. Writing this as the presentation is still on going at stage here in the launch event.

Christine: Lijit Displaces Technorati as Best Search Widget

« New Facebook Apps Review: Batting.400 | Main | Kwik-E Mart Meets Sugary Expectations » Lijit Displaces Technorati as Best Search Widget Several months ago, I ran a complete review of easily available search widgets for my Typepad blog. Christine (.net) Unifies Your Social Networking Profiles And Contacts

YoungUpstarts ( ) is a social communications platform that is aimed at providing a simplified social media aggregation and management tool. Japan online social communication social media social media aggregation tool social media management social networking web app

5 Ways to Stand Out in Google Search

Inc Startups

Does your brand stand out in search results? These five reasons may account for why your brand is not showing up at the top of search queries. Fresh and relevant content attracts users as well as search engines. If a search engine can't read your content, you are irrelevant.

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Christine: Technorati Searchlet Wins the Typepad Search Bar Death Match

« New Link: Job Board | Main | Word-of-Mouth Drives Brand Awareness, Not Sales Conversion » Technorati Searchlet Wins the Typepad Search Bar Death Match In the year-plus that Ive had this blog, Ive been frustrated by the lack of a decent site search.

Why Facebook Graph Search Is Huge for Start-ups

Inc Startups

Rather than using filters to sabotage search results, Facebook lets you use them to find exactly what--or who--you need I’ve been worried for a while about the so-called filter bubble--the process by which search engines tailor their results based on what they already know about you.

WayTooEarly: Finally, searching is a snap (.com)


How Long Is The Honeymoon » Finally, searching is a snap (.com). In this spririt of way too early, lets talk about my history with search. This was one of the first truly easy to use search engines. We aggregated the edited content of hundreds of magazines, thousands of books, tens of thousands of images, and made it easily searchable under the initial name "Homework Helper." com) : » Overture Search Term Tool from Overture Search Term Tool.

Search: The Rise of Specialization

Will Price

It is no surprise then that the search market, as it grows, is seeing the emergence of specialized, vertically-oriented search algorithms and companies. Searching for good answers wrt the types of search companies starting today and how an investor might want to participate in Adam Smith's prophesy of specialization, I attended today's Under the Radar conference in Mountain View. If you search on Google for "Red Sox," the first listing is, appropriately,

Oppex Raises $2.3M For Its Search Engine For Public Tenders


Oppex , the world’s largest search engine and database of public bidding contests, announces closing a $2.3 Oppex aggregates tenders from every possible industry. Popular searches on Oppex are goods and services related to healthcare, security and construction industries. “We

Compete with CLOSED-LOOP DATA, not software - NextWala


Dkhare on Looking for: Utility App for User-generated Local Content Aggregation. Arjunram on Looking for: Utility App for User-generated Local Content Aggregation. Arjunram on Looking for: Utility App for User-generated Local Content Aggregation. Lijit Search. NextWala.

Burnham's Beat: Persistent Search: Search's Next Big Battleground

Burnham's Beat

Search This Blog. Persistent Search: Search’s Next Big Battleground. A whole new type of search that is destined to become the search industry’s next big battleground: Persistent Search. The Search That Never Stops. Simply put, Persistent Search allows users to enter a search query just once and then receive constant, near real-time, automatic updates whenever new content that meets their search criteria is published on the web.

Save and Print These LumaScapes to Get a Grasp on Digital Media [Infographics]

VC Cafe

LumaPartners , a US-based consulting firm, has created a series of infographics that chart the various vertical of the digital media industry including display advertising, mobile, commerce, search, social, and video. Videosurf – Video > Video Search. Search Lumascape.

Why You May Be Missing the Boat When It Comes to Local SEO

Duct Tape Marketing

People need to be able to find you in local search results, and businesses near the top of the search engine results pages don’t show up there by accident. Google relies on hundreds of data aggregators and directories to help them keep all the local businesses straight.

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Smarter Data Analysis of Google's https (not provided) change: 5 Steps

Occam's Razor

Let's go… In an effort to make search more secure, on Oct. The search queries by these users would hence be encrypted and not available to website owners via web analytics tools such as Omniture, WebTrends, Open Stats, Google Analytics etc. Search engine visits: 27,534.

@altgate » Blog Archive » Viridus Launches Green Business News.


Keeping all the news organized and being able to categorize and go back and search has been a pain (I have 100+ RSS feeds pertaining to green business) and probably a dozen or two daily emails. The feature I personally value the most is the ability to search the news stories.

Green 36

7 Data Presentation Tips: Think, Focus, Simplify, Calibrate, Visualize++

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Focus on Economic Value from your search advertising. Focus on Profit from your search advertising. And because all data in aggregate is crap , segmented trends are even better! In this case: Search Opportunity.

Google Base + Vertical Search + RSS = Death of Walled Gardens

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Search This Blog. Google Base + Vertical Search + RSS = Death of Walled Gardens. The primary value-add that most paid listings sites offer is that they aggregate, structure, and index similar content into one coherent “site”. Pervasive Search : Sophisticated index search has become the glue that ties the entire Internet together. With search, no site is an island (or a Walled Garden) unless it chooses to be. Enhanced Search. Lijit Search.

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How To Determine Which Online Channels are Delivering Sales Online and Off

Duct Tape Marketing

Google is now making that information a lot less complete with the encryption of search terms for organic clicks, so it’s more difficult for website owners and their marketing agencies to know which keywords drove the organic traffic to their site.

Crushing It With Competitive Intelligence Analysis: Best Metrics, Reports

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Search/Keyword Competitive Performance. The post outlines eight sources vendors use to collect data: Toolbars, panels, ISP data, search engines, self reported, scraped/indexed, hybrid, and external voc. Search/Keyword Competitive Performance.

Eight Silly Data Things Marketing People Believe That Get Them Fired.

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1 Search Results Ranking = SEO Success. 1 Search Results Ranking = SEO Success. When you search for a brand or a category term, most companies, small or big, want to show up number one in the search results. Do the search wherever you are, do you see me or a unicorn?

Excellent Analytics Tip #24: Obsess About Real Business Profitability

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As is common in these types of educational companies, aggregators rule the roost. The above image only illustrates three segments and their conversions – search, referrals, and aggregators – purely for the sake for simplicity. The answer is simple: Aggregators.

Excellent Analytics Tip #26: Every Critical Metric Should Have A BFF!

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at a level of aggregation or granularity you need, and send it into your digital analytics tools. Bonus: For later reading, when you are attempting to be an , see this post: Excellent Analytics Tip #25: Decrapify Search, Social Compound Metrics ].

Benchmarking Performance: Your Options, Dos, Don'ts and To-Die-Fors!

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Any big changes in your marketing/customer acquisition strategy over the last time period (more money doing Search, less money in Email, elimination Facebook as it does not work, etc., and Organic Search Traffic (can't ever have enough of that!)…

Multi-Channel Attribution Modeling: The Good, Bad and Ugly Models

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MCA-ADC covers the challenge of attributing credit to all digital marketing channels (Social, Display, YouTube, Referral, Email, Search, others) that contributed to a particular conversion (or multiple conversions).

Empowering Analysis Ninjas? 12 Signs To Identify A Data Driven Culture

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11: Close to zero aggregated analysis exists, everything's segmented. #10: Collection of end-to-end Paid Search analysis reports. #11: 11: Close to zero aggregated analysis exists, everything's segmented. All data in aggregate is crap.